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Letting It Go

Published March 28, 2022 by tindertender

There are times we do not understand each other. We may think” You’re a crazy conspiracy theorist!” and when we discover the truth of what they spoke we fell humbled, embarrassed, and maybe ashamed if we treated them harshly for speaking what was truth for them.

At this point, the embarrassment of the past may prohibit us from apologizing, admitting we did not understand, but now do.

Yet we must apologize, mend broken relationships, and move toward harmony.

There are many things in this world which are half-truths, designed to separate and pit us against one another.

It is necessary to investigate before criticizing, and if we still do not fully agree, at least honor our fellow being from the space we are in, showing respect for the space they currently find themselves in.

In this way, we can properly learn from each other, becoming more than we were before.

Storms of Grace

Published December 19, 2021 by tindertender

Storms so wild
Storms of grace
I call your blessing
Into my heart now

May I release and let go
May I be revitalized and grow
I open up my heart
To you now

Storms of grace
I stand my ground
As I allow your magic
To cleanse and surround

Any outgrown energy
Which I no longer need
Anything which will sap
Or deplete rather than feed

Storms of grace
Merciful earth
With your help
I experience rebirth

~ Alana Fairchild

Image courtesy of Lee Junda-Insplash

In the World, Not of the World

Published November 24, 2021 by tindertender

It is safe for you to become naked with life. This doesn’t necessarily mean stripping off and running wild in public. It does mean stripping back your beliefs, strongholds and mental or emotional security blankets so that you can live with less obstruction than ever before. Imagine the conditioning that has kept life away from you, just kept it dropping out of your hands like keys, coins or clocks. Conditioned beliefs about money, time, security, having, locking away, holding and controlling can be surrendered and allowed to fall away. What would it be like to feel as though you were on holiday every day? Perhaps there would be a softening in your way with life, an implicit trust in its flow and a faith in the ability of time to bend and stretch as needed so that all may be accomplished. It is an advanced stage of our spiritual relationship with life that we are able to feel held within it sufficiently enough to surrender our defenses, layer by layer, and to nakedly accept what is.

Sometimes we need our defenses. At other times, it is clear we are outgrowing them. There is something you have outgrown. It has to do with your ideas about productivity, time, control and money. It has to do with abundance, trust and living with the fundamental belief that everything is going to turn out okay. You are ready to be much more vulnerable and exposed to life. You don’t have to hide behind being organized, perfect, in control or financially secure and stable. Nor do you need any other ‘acceptable’ social face. It is time for you to loosen the strings of your own controlling nature. They are too tight and restrictive for you anyway. You were born to live in a much freer way. When you live as you innately are, rather than how you have been conditioned to be, you will experience greater joy, freedom and support. When you are not resisting yourself or resisting life, there is less resisting what you need as it comes to you.

You are shedding. It might be an identity, it might be a status symbol such as a car, home or suburb and it could even be a socially admired relationship. You are shedding because no matter what the appearance of things, those old forms were too constricting for you. It is almost like your spirit was trying to walk about in shoes several sizes too small – they were starting to pinch, the seams were ripping and eventually they would fall apart completely.

Likewise, you are being stripped of internal beliefs that are failing you, perhaps externally as well. Whether this seems to be your choice or not, make no mistake, it is your own spirit in cahoots with the loving spirit of life that has brought this situation about.

You are being guided to trust. Rely on life, and also on your inner knowing because at some point level, you get it. You understand and know that this is all freeing you. After letting go, there comes a temporary emptiness that provides a greater space for fulfillment to come forth.

Healing process ::
Imagine you are running naked into a sea, ocean, river or waterfall. Be cleansed. Feel it happening. Be with it and enjoy the sensation of it. Feel freed of any weight that you no longer need, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Let go on all levels.

When you are ready, just open your eyes and rest for a few moments before going back into your day or evening. You have completed your healing process.

Artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

Sacred Rebels oracle by Alana Fairchild

Who Is God?

Published January 27, 2021 by tindertender

I keep asking people …. who is god?

There are many …..

I view it as “Source” of which we are all a divine segment of … We ourselves are Creator Beings …. so I guess maybe when someone says, “give it to god”, this means, give it to the Collective in the unseen who are able to dispel it better than we, as they are at a higher vibrational level, with ‘other’ skills.

Letting Go

Published October 27, 2020 by tindertender

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We have a full blue moon coming up on the 31st.

It’s time to shed what no longer belongs, if you haven’t already. Spend these next few days tuning into yourself, forgiving and letting go.

As often as possible, stay present. Stay in the now!

This blue moon will illuminate truth and enhance what you focus on, intend and believe.

If you’re focused on suffering, you will create more suffering. If you’re focused on love, you will create more love.

Your commitments will be supercharged. Your harvest will be boosted.

Now, it’s time to ask yourselves. Are you creating the world you desire? Or are you allowing the fear, the programming to create the world for you?

If you haven’t yet, be sure to clear your energies.

Burning Sage Smudge with Spring Flowers

Gift On The Way ~ Blockage Release

Published July 31, 2020 by tindertender

IF you are open to receiving this gift, please …

Remember to drink A LOT of WATER, especially tonight and this weekend …. energetic blockage release on the way … it’s @Zayan09949025 birthday gift/wish for humanity … and when she does this work, it’s powerful.

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