Let It Go!

Published November 28, 2022 by tindertender

By @PippaOona

We are encouraged to believe that the present time is intrinsically advanced and superior by virtue of it being here at the end of the long, inferior past. There are many falsehoods in this, including the belief that there is only one past and that the future has yet to happen.

They want us to witness their depravity. It’s part of their foul occult spell. They want us to strengthen that frequency with our attention. They benefit energetically from our pain and outrage. Glance and look away. Keep your eyes lifted, Beloved. The Kingdom is here.

Starve them of attention. Do not say their names. Cut all cording. Rise above all emotion response. Transmute the frequency of fear into love. Be loyal to Truth & steadfastly refuse lies. Align with Divine Creation. Do not give power to the gods of lesser will.

Image via Pinterest

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