Ascension Truths

Published May 16, 2023 by tindertender

Written by Ascension LightWorkers:

The Truth about your Ascension is you get to a point on your Ascension journey where the closest you want to be to anyone or any thing is to the Creator, the most high, the creative source of God, your connection to the highest divine realms, this will become your incredible and powerful driving force.

You will in time develop a very close connection to this supreme realm of light, and become very loyal and protective of it. As you are Sovereign beings, this is your true and authentic alignment. Your goal in your Ascension is to return to your original vibrational frequency and alignment.

You will prioritise it above all else, and this is our goal to release attachments and to stop attracting people with avoidant styles. In order to be a mirror to show us what we need to heal we are no longer being codependent with anything or anyone as we ascend it becomes the highest intention.
Seeking the most high in self is what does connect you to source Light energy.

In order to achieve this, we have to strip layers of the false ego self, and this takes time as they are complex layers involved in your Ascension in each layer resides far more negativity and density to release. Healing and Ascension is in each and every layer.

It is the ego mind that thinks it must happen in a particular time and in a particular way and this is not true. As we are all unique, ascending beings are Complex in their own right and your fingerprint, is always the reminder of your uniqueness it resides in each and everyone of us however.

There are many commonalities and stages and steps along the way in Ascension that does apply to all of us, and these things all reside in the universal laws and how vibrationally aligned we are within these laws. This is what makes the difference when we go with the flow and we understand, the process takes the time it takes while we initiate into higher ascended aspects of self.

This is always a gradual process. It is more about the journey more than it is about the destination. The ego self is impatient, it is frustrated and what this does is trigger and activate in you what still needs to heal and clear, at times the ego will create distractions, such as avoidance, entertaining false perceptions as it avoids facing the deeper shadows.

When you think about how long the conditioned mind has taken to be corrupted, just imagine the time it’s going to take to eradicate the false beliefs in one self.

Ascension can be many things perceived as negative, this is the ego aspect wanting control, it shows all things of despair along the way with only brief intermittent moments of relief, it’s never fully satisfied or fulfilled and only seeks more for its own gratification.

It is not a faithful servant occupy your mind. Always Know who and what controls your mind, because if you don’t then something or someone else does know. Reclaiming all lost higher aspects of self is the goal along the way.

Beyond these veils of false belief resides the truth in all things, this is the seekers work, to seek the truth within self first. Regardless of how threatening this is to the ego. Acceptance in truth is the true freedom you are ultimatley striving for.

Without truth there is no ascension in any thing or anyone. It is the very key that opens the many doors of our minds to discover more and explore in more depth. The truth is Ascending Starseeds did not come here on Earth for a holiday. We did not come on this earth to have it always easy, we came to work. There is work in all things spaces and places beyond 3D reality.

Perceptions of what work is also needs to extend into your soul work as it is the most important investment you can ever make within self as a human and your Ascension on this planet is an example of liberating, self, of false beliefs and programming beyond the lowest version of self is the highest version of self, that we are all striving to attain and connect to this is the bridge we cross to the higher realms of creative source love, light, truth, honesty, loyalty, compassion, kindness, caring these attributes are high in value and this is found in self, without connection in self there is no going higher in any thing else, not in a true, authentic or genuine way.

Truth starts with you being honest in self without judgement or inner criticism to know more in self also means you must eradicate all that is not true or in ascension alignment.

The unlearning in your Ascension stages is far more important than the learning right now, because by removing all that is false, you are creating vast energetic spaces within your holistic being to allow truth and higher light source energy to enter in.

Ascending Starseeds Know that even when you feel you are not making progress, you are Infact making constant progress, beyond the realms of 3D reside Quantum fields of all creation, as we remove negativity and density from our corrupted blueprint, we then access these Conscious quantum fields. You are always making progress on your path.

The ego mind tricks us into believing our lives need to look like a constant holiday somewhere in the sun with nothing to worry about ever. This is a common trauma response in the wounded collective and in many. The rescuer must come to save us from others and ourselves. Always looking outside of our self for some kind of rescue or respite possibilities.

This is the resistance in self to mature as the ego self will always put up a fight and resist the changes.

Regardless as we ascend we over ride the lower Conscious influence in self and others. The truth is we are our own ancient, ancestor, healer, provider, master and much more. The ego aspects lingering and residing in the mind resists surrendering its control.

Ascension means connecting to our inner mastery, connection with God supreme energy means fully trusting this loving source to guide you, protect you, provide for you in all ways ever possible, just as a loving parent would not want harm to their children, your loving Creator wants only Love and the best for you. You were created in supreme Love and Light therefore why would your loving parent that loves you unconditionally want doom and disaster for you? Again this is the fear that wants to keep you in control. Ascension in self removes you from the paralyzing state Fear and anxiety keeps you in. This is what state ascending beings are in, removing the false fearful paradigm in self thinking, being and doing. Intentionally confronting and removing the fear from the template.

Unconditional love is exactly true in its essence of what the loving Creator feels for you. As you strip away the darkness in self you connect to this loving source. This is the ultimate goal in your ascension here on Gaia Earth.

The darkness in self will always hold you back from this experience as it is the absence of Light in all things that bring it all out of balance.

As you Ascend You are Recalibrating into your highest vibrational alignment to connect to your highest potential and reach the highest timelines possible.

Each time we experience shadow aspects in self and find ourselves in the darkest and shadows in self is most important, these steps cannot be rushed, allow all things good and bad, positive and negative in you to come up, face all and any fears because as you do you strengthen tremendously in self, you free your self from the control that fear has over you, one day and one step at a time leads you to the liberation of all that is false in self, others and in the world.

Ascension equals Soul Work and Soul work never ends, we are not linear, there is no beginning and no end…

We are the Alpha and the Omega and we are eternally ascending and evolving into more.
Channeled to all Ascending Souls with Love.

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