Ascension Pathway

Published August 28, 2022 by tindertender

Written by @shiftingtimeline

There is a dark polarity to spirituality which exists on multiple dimensions, but this can only ever mimic true source intelligence. This power is wielded by running inversions through exploiting and siphoning creation energy to power artificial grids that feed a parasitic consciousness that has severed its own source connection due to deep fragmentation. They have become dependent on others vitality.

This corruption gradually infiltrated earth and its leylines to collect quanta through the lunar matrix and saturn control base by manipulating the earths magnetic field. This distortion has severely regressed our DNA and led to the formation of shadow selves that can be exploited through the unconscious so that we continue to fuel the phantom reality and its parallel timelines that digress from God.

To break out means to first know what is happening and to be able to witness it from a place of neutral objectivity, without continuing to invest our fear and unresolved emotion. This is the lifeblood they require in the first place. When we reclaim our life-force the false reality matrix dissolves, leaving only whats pure and aligned. This can be destabilising for those that are still clinging to false identities as the timelines correct.

Purity is our natural state. It’s not something we go looking for on the outside. It’s something we need to remember, and that means stripping away the false layers of programming to unveil whats authentic beneath. When all is said and done, it’s love that prevails, because this is the force that unifies all of creation. Self love is the gateway to extending that to others unconditionally.

We have been conditioned to unconsciously judge ourselves in a negative light and so we keep self sabotaging and projecting that self loathing onto others, caught in the victim-perpetrator web. Our light fades and heart blackens, outsourcing the purity of our essence to those that are even more fractured.

It’s time to reclaim our inner light and let this emanate into the field to uplift others. This isn’t a self-serving conquest to gain an advantage over others by manipulating the occult laws. This false light can be alluring, but no temporary gratification is worth the soul bargaining cost.

Knowledge derives value from how it is applied, either in service to the demands of ego or in service to the collective evolution. One is the true ascension pathway, the other is the path of the false light.

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