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Real, Or Fantasy?

Published February 12, 2018 by tindertender

Years ago I entered the Twilight Zone.

Twilight zone

It was quite frightening! I previously had no idea that it was a real place.

Now, I realize that this twilight zone is only an entryway into Star Trek.

Star Trek

There are plenty of folks in the world who actually believe these two examples are only a made up story, fiction which was born from the mind of people who were quite creative.

The writers of these series were indeed very creative, but more than that, they were open to receiving insights most people are not aware of.

Until humanity comes in tune with reality, they will dwell in the land of denial and blame. I’m pretty certain by now most people are aware that this is not the most comfortable situation.

There is so much more to living than what we’ve been told, what we’ve been led to believe. I think this is why people like to watch television so much. It is a great escape, a place where fantasies can be played out, where people can live vicariously through the stories told.

But not everything we see on the screen is fantasy, now is it? I think we could agree on that point.

The Team

Published February 6, 2018 by tindertender

Team of One

As a youngster in school we had sports. Instructor would call out captains for the two sides who would then call out their pick for their team, one row on one side, one row on the other, huddling together as the team grew to make a group decision when their next choice came. Always, every time, I would be the last one called. No one wanted me on their team. It really hurts to be that one.

In the unseen realm there are others who watch, they determine who is who. The only difference here from before is they are unseen, and they can hear the inner workings of all mankind. It’s not about whether you play sports well, but about how sturdy the mind, how gentle the heart, how strong the will. The test is in the capacity to endure, yet maintain compassion.

For so long no one wanted me as a team member, today, I expect the same. No matter what I will continue to try, not to please others, but to test myself. Team of one, holding my own, wearing a smile that is genuine. For in trying, I have given my all, and am quite satisfied with just that. No one else need confirm or deny, whether seen or unseen, my ability … they are free to think what they like … and so am I. We are connected, anyway.

I Thought I Knew …

Published February 4, 2018 by tindertender

scattered mind
I lay here, mind spinning, wondering if this is all there is. Why is it that everything which starts out so beautiful ends so crappy? It seems everything does. Bonds created where love was shared deeply would be broken, even shattered, every time. How is one able to maintain a sense of personal value when they are continually left behind?

I find that this life is easier lived as a solo human being. Sure, there are others here, but my heart is worn very close and it doesn’t travel far any more. As a fairly young woman (still), I am disturbed by this at times, but I keep coming back to the fact that this is MY time. Time for me to heal before I exit this journey … I wonder if healing is even possible.

I thought I knew what it was about, yet I now acknowledge I do not. The truth is, there is so much more to life than I knew, it blows my mind and makes for a very intimidating and confusing situation. I continue to bounce between acceptance of this and denial of it … an embracing of the truth of it, and a need to swim to surface and just float there, ignoring the depth of what is.

Some times I cry and feel like life is creating victims of us all, over and over again. So much pain has been inflicted on the masses … someone must be gleefully proud of themselves as we humans swim in this mess. Again I bounce to the polar end of this spectrum and am determined to live each moment to the best of my ability, practicing to emit peace into the world ~ surrounded by suffering.

Examine What You TolerateI rise from my chair and retrieve a 7 watt light bulb for my salt lamp. I am hoping the stronger light will generate more negative ions in my room. I just need things to calm the heck down. Purchase of another salt lamp is on the horizon, along with an indoor water fountain … or two.

I intend to do all I can in order to alleviate this electromagnetic radiation. “Exposure to high levels of nonionizing energy, such as radio wave frequencies, can damage the structure and function of the nervous system.”  From breaking strands of DNA in the brain, to inducing panic, disorientation and deep fear, as well as causing seizures and death, this is not something to be taken lightly.

There was once a time where one could just “Cowgirl Up” and move on, and still this is the case, however the effort to do just that must be intensified if one is to be successful. There is so much more happening now, and the affect it is having on our bodies, our brains, hasn’t really been studied that long … the findings that have been concluded are hidden from us by the majority.

As I observe chaos in the streets I try to remember who I am, yet I realize I never actually knew, not in ‘time’ anyhow … perhaps before time …

What They Knew

Published February 1, 2018 by tindertender

She is suffering

There is a hole in my heart
But you wouldn’t know it,
For it is held high with hope,
Sturdy, in a lie.

Long face held still as a mask,
Right next to friends behind glass.

Billowing wind blows all awry,
Scattered now …
Yet clouds stand still,
Eerily aglow behind faces, amidst ashes,
Near trees in cages.

What they knew …
I tried to use them,
I’m putting them back now.

Sometimes it works.
Life, and the care given it
Can create miracles
All around.

Pharmaceutical Effects On Brain & Body

Published January 25, 2018 by tindertender

Energies rise, energies become lower. It is interesting to observe the different effects of certain foods and drink on the energetic output of mind and body. Different medicines, too, have varying effects for the mind and body.

I listen to my mind and body as I take a pain medicine, I listen to my mind and body and I add Vitamin B-12 (for instance) to the days agenda. I listen to my mind and body when I alter any input at all, paying attention to the feel of flesh, the reaction of muscle, the performance of memory, the energetic impulses at my core.

3d rendered illustration of an active receptor

Antidepressants: decreased alertness; sexual problems; suicidal feelings (among many other side affects).
Pain medicines: interrupts the bodies ability to combat pain naturally; disrupts the chemical process of the brain and body.

Drugs, legal and illegal, alter the balance of the neurotransmitters. It is unfortunate that people are medicated so young since drugs severely impact the development of the body & minds ability to naturally come into balance, for life. This is not an imbalance that can be corrected by more medicine. Once neurotransmitters are damaged, and the chemicals the brain produced thrown out of whack, the only thing more medicine can do is mask the variation so a person can function ‘properly’.

If at all possible, it is wisest to choose a natural medicine rather than a chemical, lab created one. The use of pharmaceuticals literally alter the balance of the mind and body, used long enough, these imbalances will last a lifetime, requiring the use of same substance for remaining life to feel normal.

One should take care and investigate to their best ability medicine prescribed before allowing it in the body for any prolonged length of time.

As a younger person it never occurred to me that certain concoctions might be harmful, after all, they were sold over-the-counter. Honestly, I did not think I would live this long … there are probably many people who were of the same thought. So from experience, I can honestly recommend a more careful investigation into concoctions sold before trusting in their benefit for mind and body.

Just because it is allowed to be mass produced and marketed, does NOT mean that it is safe. Time, decades … have proven the science behind products needs a trial before true determination can be produced … unfortunately, it is the people who use OTC medicines for a number of years, who report the affects from this use, resulting in many items being removed from the shelves.

Know your ingredients and their effects … google is a great resource for most people with access. Take care what is put in the body, it will most likely need to last another several decades. The healthier it is going into midlife, the easier old age may be.

Surprise Adventure

Published January 14, 2018 by tindertender

Narrow-PassageCoasting through the star studded sky, she comes upon a male. She laughs, comfortable and so happy. She looks to the invisible floor where a hole opens and she sees a trail, in a green meadow of tall grasses, on the edge of a forest. She sees two very large boulders, face to face. Where they meet is a flat edge leaving no more than 3 feet of space between. She says with excitement, “Let’s go for a walk down there!”, and so she goes, the only possible way … through the human womb.

Upon arrival, she forgets all about wishing for this walk, tempted by the absolute beauty. She lives her life, never quite fitting in, always feeling there should be so much more. She becomes lonely, hurt after hurt has drained her, stripping away her joy. After a time, her life becomes dark, confused, utterly painful, she loses her mind.

She begins to see more clearly once the fright passes. She sees the darkness signified by the boulder on the left. She sees those cheering and wanting her to make it out to the other side, wanting to come too, they are signified by the boulder on the right.

The connection has been made.
She remembers joy.
She remembered asking to come here.
She understood, finally, there IS the other side.

Spies Among Us

Published January 13, 2018 by tindertender

Spies among usDreams visited, watched. A thought every morning, first question asked upon coming into consciousness, “Why have you determined this is okay?”

This technology, these practices, go to show that there is someone they seek. In order to find them, the inner most hidden things must be watched, hence decades of patents and practices.

Do you not know that many of us are here to take hits for the one you seek? This game you play is countered by one even more astute than you, and we are with this one. Try as you might, make us crazy, push us to harm ourselves and others, poison us and broadcast your signals … whatever you do is futile in the end … and oh yes, there will be an end to this.

This is only a tip of this iceberg.
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