Knowledge vs Wisdom

Published December 18, 2022 by tindertender

Knowledge is often misconstrued as Wisdom.

“A wise person discerns good from bad, right from wrong, appropriate from inappropriate, better from worse, and favorable from unfavorable, as well as many other differences, in a way that foolish people can’t. And that’s a matter of judgment and understanding. But wisdom, when attributed to a person, has to be embodied in action of some sort, or it isn’t genuine. There are, you see, two sides to personal wisdom, a side that involves understanding, and a side that involves doing. One side without the other isn’t wisdom. Good judgment without good action is surely foolish. And the failure can go the other way, too. Good action that doesn’t come from good judgment is just from luck or habit, and not a direct manifestation of wisdom. For true wisdom to be present, thought and action have to mesh … Knowledge without wisdom, just like action without wisdom, can take a person, or an organization, off the rails as quickly as anything.”

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