Worth and Potential

Published April 16, 2022 by tindertender

I want to explain something to those who are in the habit of judging whether someone is “ready” or not for growth, for teachings.

Too many times I’ve heard this in life, about myself.

It happened when I wanted to become mother. My partner told me repeatedly I was not ready, I was not prepared, that I needed to wait. He wasn’t the only masculine who refused to parent with me. Hence, I am 56 and no child of my own.

In my profession, too many times I was told I was not qualified, or had to learn something else before promotion … always ending with advancement never being offered, even after a decade of service.

I wanted to learn piano as a child. My mother refused to spend the $5 a week on lessons. All while going out and partying every weekend, paying abusive babysitters to “watch over” us.

You, who deny teachings and refuse to share knowledge are part of the reason we are in this state. You have chosen not to be of service, you have chosen not to give benefit of doubt, you have chosen not to uplift your fellow human being.

I take this very seriously.

If you refuse to share your teachings because you deem someone unworthy, unfit, not ready, then you effectively take part in stunting their growth, and life potentials.

It is a shame to refuse a brother or sister, eager to learn and grow, when you have the knowledge to facilitate.

See potential in people.
Not lack.

And so what if they don’t absorb or resonate with the teachings. You’re sole purpose is to share the gifts which have been bestowed upon you.

Do not fall into selfishness, or pessimism.

Worth and Potential

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