You’ll Have Nothing, and Be Happy

Published April 16, 2022 by tindertender

As a child I was beat up, a LOT in the 5th, 6th, and especially the 7th grade … nearly everyday of the school year. After most of the school year was over in the 7th grade, I nearly had a complete mental breakdown. I accidentally set the house on fire and we had to move.

We moved into the wilderness. We had nothing more than a very small trailer, the kitchen table folded down for my bother, stepbrother and I to sleep on. No running water, no toilet, no outhouse.

We had nothing but this small roof over our heads and what little food we could get.

It improved with time, but every winter without fail our pipes would freeze and I’d be melting snow for water and sponge baths, shared by all. It was cold, and I was in charge of the fire … (that’s where my self-imposed nickname Fire Queen came from).

Yes, we had very little.

But those years are indeed my most happy memories.

The city hurts. The people there are hurting. And they hurt others.

Trees are our friends. They heal us. The earths water (used to be) pure, and it heals.

I’m not worried about having next to nothing. I know that it will be rough, but that with work and fortitude, improvements can be made. And even with so little, being in side the life of a forest is SO MUCH …. true wealth in Union with the glory of Creation.

So when they say we’ll have nothing and be happy, I believe it!

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