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What’s Your Name?

Published August 3, 2022 by tindertender

“They” knew who you were the moment you were born, anywhere in the world via “birth certificate”.

You wonder why your life has been so difficult? There are rulers and principalities who are fully aware of our potentialities.

Some folks have a very easy life, while others have challenge after challenge, and may feel like those spirits in this world want us dead.


It’s the dominators who have an iron grip over life on the planet. And they know their time is coming up.


Worth and Potential

Published April 16, 2022 by tindertender

I want to explain something to those who are in the habit of judging whether someone is “ready” or not for growth, for teachings.

Too many times I’ve heard this in life, about myself.

It happened when I wanted to become mother. My partner told me repeatedly I was not ready, I was not prepared, that I needed to wait. He wasn’t the only masculine who refused to parent with me. Hence, I am 56 and no child of my own.

In my profession, too many times I was told I was not qualified, or had to learn something else before promotion … always ending with advancement never being offered, even after a decade of service.

I wanted to learn piano as a child. My mother refused to spend the $5 a week on lessons. All while going out and partying every weekend, paying abusive babysitters to “watch over” us.

You, who deny teachings and refuse to share knowledge are part of the reason we are in this state. You have chosen not to be of service, you have chosen not to give benefit of doubt, you have chosen not to uplift your fellow human being.

I take this very seriously.

If you refuse to share your teachings because you deem someone unworthy, unfit, not ready, then you effectively take part in stunting their growth, and life potentials.

It is a shame to refuse a brother or sister, eager to learn and grow, when you have the knowledge to facilitate.

See potential in people.
Not lack.

And so what if they don’t absorb or resonate with the teachings. You’re sole purpose is to share the gifts which have been bestowed upon you.

Do not fall into selfishness, or pessimism.

Worth and Potential

Oracle Reading 9-1-2020

Published September 1, 2020 by tindertender

Shed old skin

Cast off the old. Reveal your true colors, talents and gifts to the world.

The energy of renewal is washing over your life at this time. If for some reason you feel that your true self hasn’t been recognized or if you’ve been misread by others, know this energy is now leaving you. As you’ve been working through your old stories and all the self-limiting beliefs that you’ve accumulated along the way, you’ve been peeling away a shield of skin that has created limiting experiences. Your own personal commitment to growth has been recognized and now the external world will begin to reflect all of the work that you’ve been doing within. If you feel someone you love has misunderstood you recently, they will be able to see beyond that if you’re willing to recognize your own challenges. This is a time for renewal, abundance and connection. Let yourself be reborn and celebrated.

Stay rooted and grounded

Take time to connect deeply with the energy of the Earth so that you can feel supported and make decisions based on strength and integrity.

It’s important for you to take a grounded approach to your current situation. If you are rushing ahead or making a decision based on your more fearful responses, you will miss out on the growth you deserve. Take some time to calm down and get grounded before proceeding further. Breathe, relax and connect with your center. Then consider what to do. It’s important to plant seeds that are going to grow into something beautiful rather that turn into a weed you have to deal with!

Reading from the deck “Angels and Ancestors” oracle cards created by Kyle Gray

Lotus Heart

Published December 12, 2019 by tindertender

We are connected in more ways than one … the groove, the sway, the musical tones as they make their way through our bodies.

Rock with it …. feel it …

Know that as you do, others in this world are rocking and swaying with you.

The energy of the sound reverberates through the body. Some folks are afraid of this feeling generated in you … they attempt to squash you …

For you are Powerful … a Powerhouse of Potential.

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