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4-3-2022 Never Alone

Published April 3, 2022 by tindertender

Maintain peace of mind. You will persevere and reach your goal. Your work will pay off in the long run and you will have stability and security. You are protected in times of need.

Foster a childlike nature, remain curious and playful. Come from a place of wonderment, innocence and hope. This attitude will get you through periods of discord, disharmony and all things stressful.

A crack of the whip will be exerted by you or against you as reprimand. Bring your forces of attention together, get focused. A false offer of love will be eliminated. This will involve conflict, which will settle.

An element of chance and opportunity arises. A risk you are willing to take. A fun game.

There are no shortcuts to success. Be prepared for a few dead-ends and false turns. Something is keeping you separate from people or goals. A jealous one, a deceiver. One who will betray you in a heartbeat. Be wary, the snake wants to repeat its story in this new cycle of your life.

A lover or mate is coming to assist in process. An announcement may be made which travels quickly.

Success and Victory will be yours. Your confidence and courage is boosted. Remain humble. All that has caused challenges will be cut out of your life. This is a cycle of ease, of love.

Your companion is patiently waiting for your process to be fruitful … a possibility of marriage could arise, sincere commitment. Calm, peace and serenity is what it brings, it will be a long-term relationship. Sexual, nurturing. You may move to a distant location together.

Honor the Whisper of Your Soul

Published March 12, 2022 by tindertender

And the day came when the wish to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~ Anais Nin

What things do you get complimented on and shrug off because it comes so naturally? This is an important question when determining what your special gifts are.

What situations bring out your bliss?

Dreams are important because they speak the language of Soul. They are a compass, pointing you in the right direction, helping to correct your course when needed.

The language of the Soul is different than spoken word. Often it is symbolic, for example: the roof of a house = the roof of the body … the Mind. Learn this language, and you’ll advance much quicker than if you try to take the dreams literally.

Lion In The Sky

Published June 23, 2020 by tindertender

Yet the power resides not in the sky.

The power is in the connection with each soul.

Each soul has a portion of its power.

Each soul is responsible for generating the shift from darkness to light.

Every person has the tools necessary to affect great change.

All benevolence is great in the eyes of God.

Given to you.

Let’s see what you can do.

What you WILL to be done.

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