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Astronomical Family Members

Published November 10, 2022 by tindertender

Grandfather Sun warms us with the power of his energy. Grandmother Moon gives us tides, she assists us with time and gives us good balance. Mother Earth provides everything we need to exist. Father Sky gives us the air to breathe. We humans are blessed with our astronomical family members.

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Living a Transcended Life in Heaven on Earth

Published November 7, 2022 by tindertender

Written by Susan Marie

I see a generation rising in selfless faith, a new stirring of remembrance as we realize the Truth in who we are.

Once dead to the old nature in us, we rise.

We experience our true nature and we are reborn into a heavenly body while in this flesh.

We shall experience the infinite realm fully in every breath, in every thought, in every dream, in every step we take.

Being as One in IAM, we receive all that we could ever want or desire, in perfect love, no longer receiving in our limited expression of love and desire in our human nature.

I stand in ALL of who IAM, for I am worthy, as an heir to the unlimited realm of the Creator.

I align my thoughts to this knowing now, fully. For the former thoughts of who I have known myself to be are no more.

I am created as new.

I am adorned in a new body, a heavenly body.

I am aware of the flesh that was once who I am, and in that, my flesh is lifted, restored and purified and recreated, to bear the frequency of the most high to reflect the “image of God”.

I am that reflection.

A prism of Light.

A diamond made strong in the transcendence of human suffering by trusting in this All powerful Creator within me, as me, and I choose to let go attachments of need, want, suffering that was once known in the form of what was once “me”.

I am Christed. I am already free, simply forgot.

A bride adorned for her bridegroom. Sanctified by the Holy Spirit fires. Wedded within to Truth.

All my thoughts are to the Glory bursting within every cell of my body and the overwhelming awareness as unconditional love, becomes me.

I bless and exalt the Creator, my Lord.

As I stand in the heavenly realm now, I experience increase in all that is for me.

The banquet table was set, awaiting the body of Christ as you, to take their seat, and upon choosing that, the feast is soon ready to be tasted.

The earthly body is glorified in God, and is renewed in every moment as I recognize the gift of Presence, flooding my life.

Your glorified body is glorious!!

It possesses awesome attributes:

  1. Impassibility: no sickness or disease. No worries about doctors or hospitals. Ever.
  2. Subtlety: meaning it will be controlled by your soul in a harmonious partnership. You will have a spiritual body. We can pass through doors as if walking through them. (From the unseen realm (heaven) to be seen on earth)
  3. Clarity: Your new body will shine, free of imperfections, with eternal vigor. Think of it like being 30 forever! With no jealousy or insecurity about how you or anyone else look!

You’re in heaven, after all where no toxic emotions like envy exist.

  1. As well, your body will also have this great Agility! You’ll be able to move at the speed of thought anywhere and everywhere.

God IS up to good things, in the midst of the storm.

We have been witnessing a “war season” in the lower world.

Many are about to cross over the threshold of a world in suffering into the eternal world on earth.

Those in Christ Consciousness.

The mysteries are ready to be revealed to these ones.

The “first born” in Christ.

A GREAT WAVE of God’s Holy Presence will flood the earth as a commanding force of love asking all to choose.

This great wave will lift you to the heavenly realm, that has always been here, as you say YES, to God’s most Holy Presence.

And then, we shall walk the earth together, on earth, but not of it.

The family of God. Living in God upon a new earth now.

For we shall walk beside ALL in the heavenly realm while upon this earth, and move in the gifts of God’s Holy Spirit.

In Christ, we are given the keys to greater works, oh what a joy this is!!

They shall observe angels opening doors of opportunity for them.
They shall see and know the reign (rain) of heaven poured through them.
They shall see signs and wonders, as never seen before.
They shall experience an anointing upon them, that as they give from God’s heart they shall receive the abundance of all blessings.
Their homes, and businesses and family shall be kept in the heavenly realm and shall prosper in Christ.
They shall witness a world without fear in their own life, while observing those navigating great turbulence in their rejection of Truth.
They shall respond as guided within to assist those choosing suffering over freedom, that they may see the great love that awaits them, in us.

I declare the blessings and promises of our God who loves us beyond measure.

For we thank God, for the fulfillment of all promises in your Word.

The way, is the truth and the light that is within you.

The light that never went out, only covered by your denial of it.

Choose this beyond the world you have known, and follow the guidance of the heavenly realm, within.

I choose to follow the highest power of the Most High God, as in that, I am more than a conqueror of the world.

IAM that, IAM.

I ask in Christ, that the most powerful and holy warrior angels assist you in moving whatever is in the way of you knowing Truth and experiencing this freedom, that was ALWAYS yours.

Simply waiting on you, to choose your true nature and identity in Christ, and leave behind all fears, all suffering.

That you may rise in power in God, as a citizen of heaven.

Say Yes, to the Spirit of the Living God within your heart.

Enter the heavens without death.

Eternal love ❤️ all ways.


Published November 6, 2022 by tindertender

You cannot transform that which you have not experienced.

There is a reason for our experiences. They are meant to instill knowledge needed in order to bring about transformation.

How do you transform negatives you say? By changing your mind!

If you want to change your personal reality, you’ve got to change your personality.

Scavengers of Peace

Published October 30, 2022 by tindertender

An unfortunate waste of intelligence.

What you give you shall receive … nothing more … ever.

Which means you must be really happy with what you’ve got.

Have you learned to close your hell?

You could be a healer of life rather than a creator and collector of … tears, fears, anger and argument.

Scavengers of peace.

Consistently covering over truth, perplexing minds.


Published October 28, 2022 by tindertender

Maybe all we’re ever really doing is “projecting” ourselves, our thoughts, ideas and emotions into the world…

But rather than seeing it’s creation as a good thing in and of itself, many see it as deficits and/or benefits in those around them.

In a way, isn’t that what a magician does? One subconsciously, the other purposeful.

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