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I Am, I Will

Published June 2, 2022 by tindertender

I cultivate my goals, setting intentions and applying energy and emotion to my dreams. I visualize what that may look like, what it will feel like.

I examine my accomplishments. I’m a survivor of extreme challenge, knowing experience grows in intensity the further along I go upon the path.

My life has been transformed. The old transmuted and released.

I rest now, receiving the abundance gifted me by my Divine Family. I am happy to know my goals will benefit not only Self, but those I share environment with.

This Earthly Pilgrimage has been long, but the finish is near. My “tools” are worn and broken, but they still work in my favor.

This is the final test of courage and resilience which will result in a much needed Celebration of accomplishment.

I release the burdens of others perceptions and fantasies about my life.

I consider the Greater Good in my Self, and continue to refine my goals. My most cherished desires and dreams will be my reality.

I plan, and move steadily forward, viewing my Creation as the Eagle, a well placed perspective of the whole.

I have gained Great Wealth through hard work, much more valuable than mere money or power perception. I watch as my dream grows, and connections expand.

I focus on what can be done, not those things currently out of reach.

One step at a time,
One foot in front of the other,
Moment by moment,
Day by day,

And I avoid those tempting “short-cuts”.

Item Maiden Of Mystical Lightning Native American Indian Royal Doulton Franklin Plate

Believe It Or Not

Published June 2, 2022 by tindertender

Just because I say it doesn’t make it so, unless of course you believe it does.

Some folks are satisfied with crumbs, all while calling it the whole cake.

Some folks steal cake rather than bake it themselves.

What does it matter?
The cycle ends.

The type of music we listen to is the “program” we most enjoy running through our essence. It can mean ensnarement into a particular vibration, or freedom from it.

Quick wit and quick action are very beneficial in this particular “Land O’ Plenty”.

How long is 3 days in “the Heavens”? How many of us are “Walking in the Valley of the Shadow of Death” right now? Come from other star systems to expose the workings of “death” to our otherworldly familial connections?

By “death” I mean those who squeeze the Life Force Essence from human, and otherwise, living, breathing physical and energetic forms, “batteries”.

You ever wonder why “human” life on this planet is so revered? We are essentially the Secret Service of the Universe. Hahaha. “Programmed” to remain small. But gathering intel, just the same.

Shout it out! Prayers Up! Conversations with unseen Guides, Guardians, Creator. Let them hear you. Tell them ALL about it.

The below art has me thinking of Light People and Shadow People. When we come together we are “brighter”. Which is why I believe certain Beings with too much power want to keep our relationships separate, desperately trying to stop this Light gathering.

The Event

Published May 16, 2022 by tindertender

On an ordinary day, everything will change..
On an ordinary day,while people are going about their daily business, clouds will fall from the sky and “fire” will rain.

On a very common day,when people fix their eyes on the earth’s floor, the heavens will begin to open above them.

On an ordinary day,the impossible will begin to unfold, the Divine Proclamations of many millennia will arrive, and at night, nothing will be like in the morning.

On a very ordinary day in space-time, the Forces of Light will emerge and become visible to all who see, audible to all who hear, to the reality that has already opened to this knowledge in the time of darkness.

On a very ordinary day, while the media is still spreading their lies, and while the financial mafia and politicians are pretending that the whole world is still imperceptibly tangled in their spider’s web, a Heavenly Sound will come that will put an end to this activity. what has happened will come so suddenly that even those who are well prepared will be impressed.

On an ordinary day, the change of the world will take place and all underground facilities to undermine ephemeral life will no longer be able to be protected by darkness;and even so those elites who believe they have taken the best possible precautions will be caught by the Time Force and plunged into nothingness.

On a very ordinary day, Earth will fall into silence like nothing else and Inner Earth Terrans will take command of the Earth’s surface for a short time, until the new Illuminati of Time return to Earth and their chosen holograms. give new impulses to a happy life.

On an ordinary day, the worlds will be parted in a spectacle that no human has ever seen and no creature on Earth has ever experienced.

On a very common day, birds will fall from the sky, mountain ranges will appear that did not exist before,and water where there used to be arid landscapes.

On a very common day, the “Guardians of Earth”, the Masters of Many Worlds, the Angels and Archangels of Creation and God Himself will appear in Heaven, and many will distrust this vision as they are unable to see the Light of the Ascended Realms to distinguish.

On a very ordinary day, the veil between the worlds will be lifted and everyone will meet where they choose to be.

On a very ordinary day, time will spin out of space and space will be stretched,then warped again until the timeless, spaceless being is achieved.

On a very common day, all the TV stations in the world will be reporting the EVENT and, before they reach the end, the reports will stop because the time for the “report” has expired.

On a very common day, the lies of the rulers will be revealed and at that moment the wheat will be separated from the chaff, and at that moment some will cry for help in disbelief and will be frozen in fear, and others will tread lightly with the “Guardians of the Worlds”, leaving for new lands.

On a very ordinary day, everything you have known will come true, but everything will remain the same for those who have not trusted or served the Light; for those who are little more than involuntary slaves to those forces that have endlessly enslaved and tortured them, so that their lives are not lives, but only a slow death.

Indeed, on any ordinary day, those who are ready and awaited by Heaven will ascend. Because really big events announce themselves for a long time, only to erupt when people least expect it – surprisingly and suddenly.

On a very ordinary day, a great multitude of people will go to bed at night and never wake up, while for you who have chosen the Light, the Rebirth will be completed in this one night.

One night, one ordinary day.

Beloved humanity, the remaining time is good to use. It’s time to become a “master in your own house” and let go of all fears because truly:
The world conflagration will start on a very ordinary day.

With infinite love for you humans..

A Pondering

Published May 8, 2022 by tindertender

Could it be that “people” are the sun, the moon and stars referred to in this passage? Some folks shine brightly, others like the moon, and some twinkle like the stars.

What if something was done to the people to darken their light?

The day and the night no longer shine for them as it once did.


Published April 30, 2022 by tindertender

You are a courageous traveler on a journey toward ultimate happiness. Be grateful for how far you have come and how much you’ve been given. Be grateful for the companions found along the way. Remember, you have been placed on this earth to discover what you really want to do. Be true to yourself. You will find your own way and live your dream.

You have access to the infinite source of love and resources provided by Mother Earth and the Universe. There are no demands, requirements or conditions that affect your ability to access this supply. This is a wonderful reminder and the absolute truth pertaining to the abundance that is available to you. Grant your abundance the opportunity to flow into your life. It will reshape your perspective. It will strengthen and nourish you. You are lucky and blessed.

Give thanks for knowing you are on the right path. Look for signs in the animal world: pathways in sacred geometry, patterns and prophecies coming to pass and the ongoing spiral into futures unknown. A quickening awareness comes, subtle signs and synchronicity appear everywhere. Thought and memory are evoked, bringing healing opportunities to the past and joyous momentum towards the future. Acknowledging the message in the moment and giving thanks will allow both processes to occur without struggle.

You are blessed with the ability to create with thought, intention, action and emotion. Be conscious of your power and aware of what your actions and reactions create within and around you. Cherish this gift and use it in both a wise and productive manner. Create beauty, and inspire a desire within others to do the same. Create a future that both fulfills and delights. Do what you were born to do.

Release all of the pressure and expectation weighing you down. Shed it all so that you can recover before moving into a time of renewal. You know what is heavy, what is holding you back. It is time to let it go. When you hold on, you try to control reality, and that never works. When you let go, you make space for the new to enter your life. Release whatever is stopping you from moving forward. You can do this. Look for something to shift in Autumn.

Aim toward your highest vision. Be poised for success. You are in charge. No one else can think your thoughts for you. People can offer suggestions, ideas, teachings, but you are the bottom line. You are the final authority. You accept or reject everything you hear, see, and experience. You give it its value. You claim it and thus give it its power to affect your life.

As you aim high, your Higher Self or Soul is called to assist you. She is the magical Mother who brings plenty to your life. She is that part of you that possesses the wisdom of the ages. This higher portion of yourself is trying her best to activate you toward providing well for yourself and others. Listen to her now.

Cherokee Rose

Published April 26, 2022 by tindertender

So you can still find the Cherokee Rose growing and rambling wild throughout the southeastern United States, the Cherokee rose (Rosa laevigata) got its common name from its association with the Cherokee tribe. Growing wild along the path the Cherokee people took to the Oklahoma territory during the 1838 Trail of Tears, the white flowers of the Cherokee rose were said to represent the tears of the Cherokee people who were driven out of their homelands. Still a common sight in the South, Cherokee rose is an easy to grow plant.

However, one will find , that it’s actually native to China, Taiwan, Laos and Vietnam, and was brought to this country. Where Cherokee Rose plants had come to naturalized in the southeastern part of the United States. Which is a climbing rose. In the wild, one can find, that its stems can grow up to 20 feet (6 m.). In the home landscape, the plants are usually pruned to about 6 feet (1.8 m.) and grown as hedges.

Here are some other facts about the Cherokee Rose.

One can say, that the Cherokee Rose is often overlooked as a symbol of the state of Georgia by many for the peach, the state fruit. However, one will find that the Center for Georgia Studies decided to incorporate the Cherokee Rose into their logo because it offers something new and unique at the time.

We have had said, that the story, legend about the Cherokee Rose, was first told around 1881, then later brought up around 1891-1892, then it was brought up in 1895and then around 1910-1911, it started growing as an idea to make it the Georgia state flower.

So the Cherokee Rose became Georgia ‘s official state “floral emblem” by virtue of a joint resolution of the General Assembly and approved by Governor Nathaniel Harris on Aug. 18, 1916 . One reason, why the Cherokee Rose was selected as state flower , was because it had come to represent the removal of the Cherokee from the state in 1838 on what is now known as the “Trail of Tears.” The white petals represent the clans of the Cherokee and the yellow center represents the gold for which the land was stolen. The Cherokee Rose still grows along the route the Cherokees followed westward to the Oklahoma Territory .

You will find , that it’s a high-climbing shrub, the wild Cherokee Rose frequently has stems up to 20 feet long. It is excessively thorny and has plentiful vivid green leaves. Each blossom is borne singly on a lateral branch. However, one will find, that the Cherokee Rose has a short blooming season, which usually starts in late March and April. The fruit is pear-shaped and bristly. It can occasionally be found growing along roadsides, on fences, and waste places in the Coastal Plains and Piedmont of the deep South. Its blooming time is in the early spring, however, if there are favorable conditions in the fall , it will produce a second flowering . In color, this luxurious rose is a waxy white with a large golden center. The petals are of an exquisite velvety texture. Because of its hardy nature, the plant is well adapted to hedge purposes and has been used extensively in this fashion throughout the South.

Just as the Cherokee Rose, is a plant which is a sturdy and strong with stickers on all stems, which it will defy anything which tries to destroy it. So just as the plant protects and has protected it blossoms , it goes present how the Cherokee women and mothers have had and have the courage and determination to protect their children, who would
Andwill lead the Cherokee people, Cherokee Nation in the years to come.

So the Cherokee rose is not a miracle. However, it’s a symbol of strength, hope, prickly beauty and determination of the Cherokee People. However, there will be sadness. There will be death. There were and will be the times, when they did and there will be those times in future, that our people will need courage to keep going. The Cherokee rose , is just one thing that helps to reminds t

So the legend came about and according to legend, the white Cherokee Rose, grew everywhere a Cherokee tear fell on the sad Trail of Tears. Today, the flowers continue to grow wildly along many of the trails that the various American Indians-Native American tribes took on their long journey westward to Oklahoma reservations.

So just as the Cherokee Rose, plant is a sturdy and strong with stickers on all stems, which it will defy anything which tries to destroy it. The Cherokee Mothers and Women, do the same.

Just as the plant protects and has protected it blossoms , it goes represent how the Cherokee women and mothers have had and have the courage and determination to protect their children, who would and will lead the Cherokee Nation in the years to come.

So the Cherokee rose is not a miracle. However, it’s a symbol of strength, hope, prickly beauty and determination of the Cherokee People and especially, the Cherokee Women. However, there will be sadness. There will be death. There were and will be the times, when they did and there will be those times in future, that our people will need courage to keep going. The Cherokee rose , is just one thing that helps to reminds them of that.

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