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They’ve Seen The Future

Published February 23, 2021 by tindertender

That is why they are here, trying so hard to thwart it.

Spoiled, overgrown children with too much power, rotten to the core, used to getting their own way.

One way or the other, there WILL be an end to this.

And it won’t be another false matrix.

Keep Loving, my beautiful Soul Family.

You are what makes the difference.

Time to Rise

Published January 12, 2021 by tindertender

Some uplifting words – and don’t forget: THIS is what we ALL wanted and for what we came here. End the Darkness and bring the Light and Love of our all Source.

It is now time for the American people to take part in the lies and the enormous fraud that has been going on for a very long time. There have been very large and difficult acts against people in this country and also in the rest of the world, but especially in the United States. The Illuminati has had to rule with very great power and over the years has brought with it a lot of the people who due to difficult financial problems and therefore had easy to fall for large gifts in the form of money, among other things. This fraud against the rest of the population must end now.

These Illuminati have infiltrated Congress, every conceivable corporation and higher authority. The incumbent president has tried to mitigate the actions of these people in ruining the lives of the people who have a very difficult balance between their livelihoods and also between the various groups in the population. This must be given immediate priority in order for the population to continue to live a better life and to make America great again. There will be a period of severe contradictions between those who shoe themselves at the expense of others and those who want to survive and have a better life for their families.

Due to the prevailing pandemic and continued shutdowns, this year will also be difficult for many and we call for calm and caution while the rulers of the country are given the opportunity to tackle this big and difficult problem. It is very likely that there will be many arrests for those people who, with their position in Congress, have, among other things, used their position for their criminal acts. This will affect the whole world, not just the United States. These actions have put the president in a very difficult situation given that not all election fraud has been presented to the courts and which in turn is corrupt to keep quiet.

This work of getting these creatures within the Illuminati to leave the planet for good, is working hard to eliminate the Illuminati matrix for this planet. Much has been done, but there is still some work to be done to get all the underlings to make decisions for arrests.

There have been very large abuses against the entire population in the form of war against the good in society and attempts to eliminate the entire population of the earth. This will not happen. The light has won this battle and the dark ones will not be able to cope with the high light that now exists on the whole planet.

These dark ones who still think it’s their planet will fight by all means they can to stay, but it’s only a matter of time before all of them are taken care of and passed from our planet or arrested and sentenced. You people must be prepared to stand in your light because this will be a turbulent time with very upset feelings and also a big shock for many. You lightworkers, light warriors have a big task ahead of you to help these people who have had no idea what has happened or is happening with human ascension to the fifth dimension. This year is the year of the light workers to help their fellow human beings and keep calm for everyone else. This will go down in history.

To my Devine Goddesses “out there” – you are pure energy and you can “light up” the whole damn town around you!!!

Source: @Karina89350882

The Gods need not money

Published November 11, 2020 by tindertender

It is man who needs the money while the Gods divvy up what is more precious to them, the Gold or the Soul. With taxes taking 40% and church taking 10% what is one to do about the baby? The religion of Christianity has done enough on its own for anyone with a keen eye to see something may need to be questioned. Even the scripture says “the proof of wisdom will be within the type of people it produces”.

As I often say many of those who are in church are only there because of the “con”viction of the “Lord”, whatever that statement really means, it sounds more like a jail sentence. Anyone who does not see religion as simply stairs to the top will often get stuck on one level or another thus never entering complete enlightenment and only perceiving its premature phases. Enlightenment itself comes with having a firm foundation of truth, unshakable, not able to be moved as it is fortified in exactness. That exactness comes when the real truth of whatever faith you elect falls upon your ears.

In 1999 a movie titled the Matrix was released and made its way to the top as the box office churned the propaganda machine with numbers rivaling Star Wars. The city of freedom they gave the name Zion, blatant Zionist propaganda as even churches pride themselves on being called Mount Zion. Just as Bob Marley heads sway to the tunes as he sings about Zion the city depicted as having no worries and this is anything but true. The defeat of the mind of the masses was subtle, not by force, when the flutes, cymbals, and lyres play then the formidable human force is lulled to sleep.

There were of course many things hinted and eluded to in the movie the Matrix itself that we now in fact find to be true from various levels. It leads one to ponder the exact design of what we are really faced with currently and in our not to distant future. What kind of force would show us in something we are supposed to find entertaining, that it has us trapped in an Oz like mechanical Netherworld where our senses and abilities are limited and our energy harvested? It beckons one to ask “Are we really in a Matrix”? Can we be pulled out of the Matrix?

Is there an actual Code to the Matrix? This book will show beyond the shadow of doubt that the answer to the questions being proposed above is yes, and that is not all.

Another ploy is the fight we get dragged into all the time with these Two Brother Archetypes that appear in many religious texts whether it’s the Astrological Jupiter Vs Saturn, Sumerian Allalu Vs Anu, Egyptian Osiris Vs Set, Hebraic Ishmael Vs Israel, and my all time favorite classic mind job Cain Vs Able. This is the roots of Duality

Luciferians vs Satanists……

The deepest and darkest part of Spiritual knowledge lies within the Art of Goetia and Necromancy. Apparently this ancient knowledge from Sumeria eventually spread to the Western schools of thought creating multiple offshoots. The Necromicon, the Sumerian Spell book of Marduk/Ra was the Initiated Doctrine of dark occults, few Initiates knew this. What I find even more interesting is Marduk had three main enemies one was Tiamat. Tiamat was the old Name for Earth before Earth had its last encounter with Nibiru also called Planet X. One of its orbiting Moons slammed into what is now Earth but was then Tiamat. This indicates even more that a war took place in the past involving these invaders who had some issue with the Planet we now call Earth.

Even known powerful Adepts like Eliphaz Levi who many believe along with himself was the thrice born Hermes/Thoth in his last incarnation advised to stay away from Goetia, and this comes from a man who practiced almost all forms of dark magic. He purported that this was the worst and had extreme negative results that were far reaching extending into the Spirit planes of past and future.

This is the Seal of the Necromicon of Marduk the sworn enemy of man, if you see it, head the other way. Necromancers are lower life forms looking to gain energy. They are distorted and not fully developed thus they know not what they do and have no guidance save their dark lord who is blind. The sigil is a series of imperfect pentagrams meaning flawed.

Necromancy as a game entered the U.S. through the Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley who where Illuminist themselves. First it came as the Ouija board and then the game Séance. Once the organic portals, “Humans that sometimes have unknowingly formed pacts with Spirits per game instructions” were open, it became something of a greater proportion. This was the knowledge of the Ghost World which was populated with lost dismembered souls looking for answers and various other 2 dimensional Spirits. These were those who had spent life in vain and thought death was the end, many Warners we sent to them and they rejected them. As you notice in Christianity they speak of a Gospel (Ghost Spell) and entreat the Holy Ghost. What business does the church have with these Ghosts? Someone call the Ghostbusters.

Most never questioned why these games entered the U.S, who brought them there, and for what purpose? This dark Art was made to look like fun and was everything but that. All the tools were in the box to open a portal to the lower dimension or your money back.

Correctly and often the most dangerous tools are sold as “fun and games”. Just all the computer games that only care about killing consciously and deliberately change a person’s entire consciousness. And not for the positive. Real “killer zombies” are created without empathy. Only through frequencies of tones and colors

Again the only one really responsible is the individual person. There is definitely a point of no return and that point is reached at times within the first ceremony. If you could see the spirit world, which some already can, you will see that many are watching and waiting for the opportunity to weave their way into your world. These days many have already let them in. Look around your whole habituation and see how much evil is resident manifesting in the forms of skulls, guns, horror, harsh music, and killing games.

All this carries energy and at a certain point it can overwhelm your atmosphere unknowingly if you don’t keep balance. Why do you think media is still stored on magnetic disk? What do you think happens when these disks are stacked or even spun at high rates of speed? Negative magnetic information generates and emits a field of binary aura that fills large areas.

On another note ~

Karina: You know who Ashtar REALLY is and what*s the “Ashtar Command Evacuation Project Earth” REALLY is??? And he is for sure NO Pleyaden….Lord Ashtar or Astartis/Astarte belongs to a MUCH DARKER GROUP OF ENTITIES….

LionessAware: Yes—recruiting/mind control to get people to follow them off planet at the Harvest.

Karina: 100% EXACT!!! Humans should also use some logic and ask themselves: ” When I am an INTERDIMENSIONAL SPIRITUAL BE-ing, why should I need a SPACESHIP for ASCENSION?? Would this make REALLY sense in any way????

LionessAware: Yes! Thank you for sharing this! We have been warned that we do NOT need ships for ascension, yet many will still not understand.

Karina: I know – because they still “stuck” in the Illusion of the matrix and running the path of a “false ascension matrix” or value the Vessel more than their conscioussness and highest Source…. They still don`t know WHO THEY ARE…..Stasis chambers.

LionessAware: It’s challenging to navigate, as expected! Getting labeled as “playing god” or being told unconditional love is “false light” when I share the Law of One is ironic. So many are stuck in their bodies, exactly!

Karina: You know that the “head of the Ra-project” Don Elkin committed suicide at the end of the “channeling” and the others officially never channeled “Ra” again, or???

In conclusion, this is an extremely volatile year which defines the many conflicts raging in the interdimensional planes over controlling timelines, recovering stolen creation code, and mass psychological operations being carried out against the public to maintain inverted systems programmed in Artificial intelligence.

The Krystal Star Guardians have returned during this cycle to reclaim their creation code that was hijacked in the phantom and assimilated into the NAA artificial intelligence systems and False Timelines. Effectively, the Family of RA has become more visible this year while organizing this project to help recover the Law of One records that were assimilated into the AI systems, which the black hole entities use to holographically project the upside down world of inverted systems that we have come to know on the 3D earth.

The Blue Avians are extensions of the Family of RA, and have been in contact with many of their human lineages on the earth since Egyptian times to help catalyze this revelation of truth. Hence, they also have allowed themselves to become more visible to the alternative and truth seeking movement recently.

The inversion of the Law of One creation code was given by the NAA groups to power up these reversal networks and Inverted Systems. This is the foundation our current civilization is based upon, and it is what the secret societies and usurped mystery schools are based upon. Further, these inverted systems were built upon the reversals to hide the mass harvesting of human Loosh for the negative entities.

Source: @Karina89350882


Published November 2, 2020 by tindertender

There is a possibility that cannabis has been made legal only because by using it, you lock yourself into the 3D matrix. Using any drug, smoking or abusing alcohol can potentially cause a “hook” which will ensure the soul remains in 3D.

Foods also have a particular affect on the ability to ascend …

It is a challenge to be kind to self when self has been taught to be so destructive toward its own nature.

It is difficult for me especially because my roommate always bakes these delicious processed foods, which I eat most of, because he does not.

Meats can be a triggering aspects of remaining hooked into 3D too … in particular, pork.

I go through waves of being kind to self, and being self-destructive.

I hope some day while I’m in a mode of being quite kind to my body and life that it ‘sticks’ and stops swaying between the polarities.

Oh how I would love to rise, to leave behind this 3D matrix.

Do I have what it takes to leave behind all habitual patterns which weigh the body, spirit and soul down?

Who knows … I guess we’ll find out … although I’m ‘told’ there won’t be any recollection of the struggle.

It’ll be what it’ll be.

I think Ivanka Tump is already in 5D … no one in 3D appears so perfect. How many others are already ‘there’?

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