Published November 2, 2020 by tindertender

There is a possibility that cannabis has been made legal only because by using it, you lock yourself into the 3D matrix. Using any drug, smoking or abusing alcohol can potentially cause a “hook” which will ensure the soul remains in 3D.

Foods also have a particular affect on the ability to ascend …

It is a challenge to be kind to self when self has been taught to be so destructive toward its own nature.

It is difficult for me especially because my roommate always bakes these delicious processed foods, which I eat most of, because he does not.

Meats can be a triggering aspects of remaining hooked into 3D too … in particular, pork.

I go through waves of being kind to self, and being self-destructive.

I hope some day while I’m in a mode of being quite kind to my body and life that it ‘sticks’ and stops swaying between the polarities.

Oh how I would love to rise, to leave behind this 3D matrix.

Do I have what it takes to leave behind all habitual patterns which weigh the body, spirit and soul down?

Who knows … I guess we’ll find out … although I’m ‘told’ there won’t be any recollection of the struggle.

It’ll be what it’ll be.

I think Ivanka Tump is already in 5D … no one in 3D appears so perfect. How many others are already ‘there’?

7 comments on “Possibilities

  • Yes me 2 and we will be greatly and abundantly essed for it. Our souls will be reunited with those of our kind and that reunion is something I’ve been looking going for ❤❤❤love to you sister🙏

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  • I am my dear and pivoting back and forth is a struggle. We won’t have to be too concerned soon because there’s a rip in the space time continuum that’s happening this week. It will greatly help those of us who have been doing the work. Be careful my dear and watch out for the ones who haven’t for they won’t be handling it well. I’ve been meat fred now for 6 months and my body is much happier ☺

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