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Published June 23, 2020 by tindertender

An interesting perspective.

Junk turns the user into a plant. Plants do not feel pain since pain has no function in a stationary organism. Junk is a pain killer. A plant has no libido in the human or animal sense. Junk replaces the sex drive.

Seeding is the sex of the plant and the function of opium is to delay seeding. Perhaps the intense discomfort of withdrawal is the transition from plant back to animal, from a painless, sexless, timeless state back to sex and pain and time, from death back to life.

Memories and Excitement!

Published March 29, 2020 by tindertender

I went to the place I was raised today. I parked in a field next to the road behind some bushes. No later did I step out of the car, two trucks with men and a dog rolled in, quite upset I parked in the field.

I explained to them that the road was narrow and I just wanted to walk the crest trail over yonder. I mentioned I was raised here and they asked “where”. I said, “just around the corner”.

They took a look at my license plate and told me to go back to Oregon, that they were tired of us coming to their state. People have been trying to camp in their field I guess. They said I should have asked. I told them I did not know who to ask, and so I apologized, told them it was not my intention to cause them any troubles. They told me to park on the street, so I did.

I began walking the trail and lo and behold I saw this beautiful salamander. I hadn’t seen one in so long, it really caught my emotions off guard.

There was a a herd of elk in the field right next to the trail, they were practically right next to me. My video failed tho, which is sad. It was over 6 minutes of beautiful connection shared between us. They were the most amazing sight I’d seen in at least 37 years, it had been that long since I had seen a herd that close up. They were majestic. Since this is the only video that failed, I must conclude the experience was meant to be a private one. 😉

I sat in the car and watched the rain come down after my walk was complete. I was thoroughly drenched, and it felt so good!

The elk, these deer and the other deer I saw were so relaxed, just chewing their cud, watching me watch them.

Here is the video of the bridge over the Wind River. The river is swollen right now. The rain was coming down like a nice light shower.

I have a few pictures I would like to share as well, but first, baby pine cones and a video of a portion of the river which was once dammed up and made into a lake.

Other than those two upset fellas I didn’t see any people. Well, there were people in vehicles going by, but those were the only two who came to talk to me.

As upset as they were, and at how much angry energy they lost once I told them I meant no trouble, I knew they also did not mean me trouble. And I am glad they are so willing to jump to defend that which is theirs. Their wives are probably feeling some safety.

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