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Sunny Day and Huge Lavender Field

Published June 30, 2019 by tindertender

Yesterday was prime time for a scenic drive and visit to lavender fields. It was an amazing day. One vendor sold shampoo bars! I am excited by this as I haven’t had much luck yet making my own and want to eliminate the plastic waste as much as possible.

Hope you are able to find something pleasant to focus on. We all need the pleasant things in life, at least occasionally.

Here are a few pics and a short video from the day:

Veg and Flower

Published July 28, 2018 by tindertender

This morning I had a fabulous time with a friend as we walked along the river and took pics of pigeons, geese, and ducks. Getting a photo of them in flight isn’t the easiest task!

After coming home I decided to plant flowers where my garlic once was. The chamomile harvest is over, so I took the dead stems out and planted flowers in the wheelbarrow too.

My hollyhock is doing pretty good. It seems the growth of things really got a slow start this year. The tomatoes are starting to ripen. Bell peppers are not flowering. I’m beginning to wonder if I got a bad batch of seed. I heard if GMO crop seeds are harvested, and then planted, they will not reproduce. Maybe this is what is going on.


At any rate, I am quite happy with the looks and progress of my little garden, so since it is warm and I was up at 4 a.m., I do believe it is nap time.

It seams the earth has sucked out the amped up energetics of the morning.

ZZZZzzzzz …….

Hello To Calm, Goodbye To Forever War

Published January 29, 2018 by tindertender

Love makes the body wilt and the mind soft. Those who live by war will never accept love, not fully, for they must be hard as nails and be at the ready to end life, forever on call.

Cure for humanity

Medical marijuana has been legalized at the state level in many of our United States. This is the preferred medicine of a lot of people, proving itself to be of most benefit for certain ailments. When people become relaxed and calm, they no longer want to fight, they just want to be happy …

This is a threat to the war making business, this is a threat to privatized prisons, this is a threat to law enforcement as they have fewer crimes to keep busy with. Revenue falters for the prisons, fewer people want war, humanity sees finally that government has a tight grip on what is allowed, reasons kept secret for the most part.

The Federal Judge wants to begin enforcing criminal charges against those in the states with legal marijuana for users. He wants to fill the prisons (which he has investments in), he wants to generate income by hurting those who just want to be calm, who use this plant to lessen anxiety, to treat depression, among many physical ailments which are benefited from its use.

The government needs more aggression so they can enforce their military actions on the public, so they can convince them that this is the solution to trouble.

Trouble is a bred thing, orchestrated by those in power so they can keep power.

Love is the natural state of humanity. With nature on the side of life, embraced by people who want to feel better and do not want to war with anyone, the edges are soothed and peace of a sort arises.

Many people reject chemicals created in the lab which poison bodies and minds nowadays. These concoctions poison the liver, the kidneys and other organs of the body. Of course there is another chemically created concoction to combat these symptoms and ailments. All of which, for the most part, could have been avoided … if government would just let nature do her job.

Hello to love, hello to peace, hello to a poison free world, hello to compassion, hello to shedding the incessant and persistent thumb of those who impose limitation.

Defending Our Health

Published October 28, 2017 by tindertender

We are not fighting for nature
We are nature defending herself.
The earth is a living system and we are part of her.
Just like the cells in our bodies know what to do,
And they collaborate to be our defense system
In the same way, we are cells in the larger body of Earth.
We are the immune system, we are the white blood cells.
We are in service to the life support system of the planet.
~ Atossa Soltani

While we are at it, let’s create medicine which boosts our bodies ability to ward off illness.


Adaptogenic Elderberry Syrup


~4 Cups Cooled Chaga Tea (made with filtered water): Antioxidant, Anti-cancer, normalizes blood pressure, promotes longevity, immunity booster. 

~2 Cups Elderberries: Immune Booster, controls blood sugar levels, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and so much more.

~2.5 Tbs Astragalus Root(Tea Cut): Anti-aging, cancer fighting, Dna revitalizer, controls blood sugar levels. 

~5 Slices Reishi Mushroom: Anti-cancer, promotes longevity, liver regeneration, immunity booster, and so much more.

~1 Tbs Shizandra Berry: Promotes longevity, liver cleansing, increases brain function, beautifies hair and skin, immunity booster, increases libido, combats insomnia, increases stamina, relieves stress and so much more.

~4 Inches of Peeled Ginger: Anti-inflammatory, lowers blood sugar levels, relieves indigestion, reduces menstrual pains, prevents cancer.

~3 Cinnamon Sticks: Anti-bacterial, prevents cancer, anti-oxidant, fights off viruses, relieves menstrual pains, controls blood sugar levels.

~4Tbs Raw Local Honey: Natural sweetener, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, cough suppressant, boosts memory, soothing. 


~Prepare Chaga Tea(Decoction) This can be done night before even. 

~Bring chaga tea to boil and add all ingredients except for honey to create a decoction. 

~Let simmer until liquid is halved through evaporation

~Strain and allow to cool for 20 minutes

~Mix in honey. Pour into air tight jar. Store in fridge.

** This will keep in the fridge for 3-6 Months. 

**After straining, use the mixture again to make a tea.

Human Enhanced Greenhouse Effect

Published July 4, 2017 by tindertender


(Source: Center for Climate and Energy Solutions)

They have destroyed the natural patterns of the earth. If they stop it will get worse before it gets better, however, if they do not stop, life extermination is a definite reality.

Save The Bees By Planting These

Published February 20, 2017 by tindertender


Since the government does not care, and in fact is trying to eliminate the epa, we had better step up our game and do a little more.

The only ones who truly have the power, is WE. If we wish to survive, and have the pollinators survive, we will need to be more proactive. I, for one, will be buying all of these and planting. My sun isn’t great out back, however, the front yard gets plenty.

Stopping at the seed store tonight.


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