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Journey Of Nature Communion

Published October 5, 2019 by tindertender

Me and my shadow go walking through the woods. Following the rivers edge, breathing is so good.

The trees and the churning waters take anything that is negatively churning in me and tumbles it back to life, back to goodness, continuing toward wholeness.

Trees live in the dirt, and while they live rooted in the earth they cleanse the air. Someday they will fall over for whatever reason, ‘becoming’ the earth, and it’s young ones born of its shedded seed will thrive in it, the earth, which is them.

Truly going back to the earth

Smelling the soil and listening to life as it flows by. There really is a lot to be said about a good pair of hiking shoes.

Deer clover, tangy, sweet, green as can be – Rain coated, damp and free … for my tongue and tummy that is.

50 Degrees, No Threats From The Sun

Published October 2, 2019 by tindertender

We know now that the spraying going on is not due to threats from the heat of the sun. It is 50 degrees and quite chilly this morning, yet here they are.

Hard at work making haze. They cannot say it is to reflect the heat of the sun, they’d be lying, again.

“Below you will find information about and references to 31 patents related to GeoEngineering. It is estimated that there are over 100 patents that have been discovered to date. Each of the patents below relates to weather modification, atmospheric aerosol spraying, or weaponization of the atmosphere.”

“The new technology injects salt crystals with a titanium dioxide nanoparticle coating into existing, convective clouds with the hope of making rain particles denser, and more likely to fall. The UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement (UAEREP) has been testing the method in the lab with much success.”

“Attenuation in RFID usually refers to the reduction in energy emitted by the reader or in the energy reflected back by the tag. If less energy is able to reach the tag, then the tag must be closer to the reader to be read. The energy emitted by the reader naturally decreases with distance; the rate of decrease is proportional to the inverse square of the distance. Passive UHF RFID tags (those with no batteries) reflect back a signal at very low power levels. A tag’s reflected signal decreases as the inverse fourth power of the distance between tag and reader. In other words, the signal emitted by the reader attenuates natural with distance, and the signal reflected by a passive tag attenuates at a much faster rate. ”

Hence 5G towers going up, quite close to each other. RFID technology combined with Cloud Seeding technology ought to be everyone’s concern. When the 5G towers are activated, and all bodies have been implanted with the ‘raining’ down of RFID, all humans will be tracked, and their thoughts may even be monitored by these tiny computers in their brains. Sad day folks. Amazing to me how so many are unwilling to put 2 and 2 together.

I am so sorry. I wish people knew what was about to happen. I wish it was as important to them as ‘who scored the highest in the game’, because this is no game.

Detox please. Heavy metals via cilantro tinctures, chlorella for toxins, and lemon water to dissolve the antennae of the RFID nano-technology being absorbed through the skin and lungs. Apple cider vinegar can be mixed in, or taken as a shot and chased with the lemon water. Don’t forget high levels of vitamin C, as much as your body can stand. It’ll help keep your nervous system in tact.

Barry Trower is a wealth of information on electromagnetic warfare. Link to one important video below.

Took a few pictures this evening and adjusted so we can see detail in the chemical haze formations. They are below:

And one without adjustment:

Could THIS be “skynet”?

Now And Again

Published October 1, 2019 by tindertender

I am so grateful I do not stay upset for long. Now if I can only refrain from sharing the fact I am upset before it eases. My goal is to not involve anyone else in these things, at least until I am calm.

One scenario after the other …

I once wanted to learn to play piano, however that was not possible at the time. I do not know any instruments besides the drum and rattles and such, and then it’s just play. No, for me my only true instrument is my vocal chords, and I am grateful for this instrument.

I’ve gotten back into singing love songs. I LOVE love songs! It is amazing how many of them I know all the words to! I asked myself earlier, “How Old am I?” Because it amazes me how many I really do know.

Of course, it takes it playing for the words to come spilling out my brain and mouth. HA! I never said instant recall without some lead in was a skill of mine.

I discovered some things are stationary. At first I got a brain cramp about it, then I decided it is okay, I’ll revamp around it, and all will be good and right in the world.

I often balk when someone gives advice. Perhaps I should try to be a better listener, instead of barging full steam ahead all riled up. More information, another mind thinking on subject, can never hurt a situation. It is a habit born from a life of standing alone for the most part.

I am hoping this will all shift soon.

If it does not (and I believe it will) I will simply find the good in delay and prepare for the time of alignment.

Until then … LOVE songs it is.

And candlelight …


Published September 28, 2019 by tindertender

mission guide | 9/25/19

I was alerted to this strange fact that Dicyanin (Aniline dye) that allows you to see deep into the ultraviolet spectrum is more moderated by the government than heroine, LSD and cocaine, even though it is just a simple dye like you use to make your hippie shirts.

We are not marching on Washington for the right reasons people; we’re bringing bullshit concerns to our congressmen and bullshit concerns to our town hall meetings. That goddamn pothole in main street will get fixed but your access to truly useful technology isn’t as long as you sit idly by and allow them to have sections of libraries that are “restricted”.

Restricted and reserved only for who exactly? WHY IN THE WORLD would a certain dye be prioritized by Homeland Security or the NSA or CIA or one of the other clandestine alphabet agencies? Will access to seeing the auras of people (and invader race beings) really pose a security risk? The answer is HELL YES it will if your government are invader race beings.

Dicyanin is a real thing. Those who research this subject and then come out with a product that emulates its effects disappears immediately. Of all the online encyclopedias there isn’t a single entry for it. No Wikipedia page, not even to discredit it. If there were whole books written about this one element in the past by a credited medical bioelectric physicist (Walter John Kilner, M.D. B.A., M.B. (Cantab.) M.R.C.P.) ask yourself why the very existence of this very special crystal is so flatly discounted where there is a 100% complete blackout on the subject except for a quick mention on the scientist’s Wiki page that he was a kook.

You can dismiss me all you like on this subject, but I am telling you after thousands of hours of research and years of personal one-on-one education by beings from dimensions where they have total access to all of these technologies that the subject of Aniline crystals (the quantum anionic reagent surfactant at the base of Dicyanin) is the most important subject on this planet because it is the aether itself.

Unless you take the time out of your busy schedule and educate yourself about the tools of enslavement your invader races have used against you since your planet went into quarantine as revealed in the human handbook series with the direct assistance of the highest level members of the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds, you simply will not know until this transition window is closed.

And I don’t care if you choose to continue in enslavement for the next trillion years or not to be quite honest. What you choose to do is totally your own business, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit here silent while the truth is being OPENLY censored from the public under the guise of national security without at least letting you know what’s what before we leave for the last time from your 3D plane.

Don’t let them continue getting away with using the incomprehensibly asinine excuse that your being kept in the total dark is somehow for your own good. Its not. It just leaves you ignorant and uneducated, bowing to the exact same gods as you bowed down to in Egypt where your rulers literally drove hovercraft “speeders” while everyone else dragged their sorry butts from home to work and the market on foot or on the back of asses. Yeah, it was for your own good back then too. (And by the way, this is not my own theory, this fact has been verified directly from council.)

Here’s an inside fact that those who hold every single card in the deck when it comes to your transition know and deal with everyday while determining who moves forward and who goes on with Antiparticle Tara: You WILL stand up and fight for your birth rites of absolute unfettered freedom or you won’t have any freedom. It is as simple as that. Form a group. Hold meetings in your living room every week. Mobilize them to bring your concerns before the town council. Join together and bring these issues before the local media. Start petitions. File class-action lawsuits against the DOD and expose corrupt officials being paid off by big interest groups to keep you in the dark. That is my very best advice.

This is a war. You’re either fighting it or you aren’t.

mission guide

Decoding The Hive Official (FB)

Mathematics of the Universe and War on Consciousness

Published September 28, 2019 by tindertender

Most music worldwide has been tuned to A=440 Hz since the International Standards Organization (ISO) promoted it in 1953. However, when looking at the Vibratory Nature of the Universe, it’s possible that this pitch is Disharmonious with the Resonance of Nature and may generate Negative effects on human behaviour and Consciousness. Some theories even suggest that the Nazi regime had been in favor of adopting this pitch as standard after conducting scientific research to determine which range of Frequencies best induce Fear and Aggression.

432 = 144 x 3. 144 is a fractal of the 144,000

Truth #Gno #Vibrational #Freq #Consciousness #Fear #Aggression #Behaviour

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