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8/26/19 (MAGIC) MONEY

Published August 26, 2019 by tindertender

forwarded from mission guide

Money is not what you think it is. It is energy. Energy comes from gods who think a unique thought and it enters into an aether crystal on its way to manifesting that thing for them.

The aether are tiny “quartz” crystals who gather up these thoughts that are living strands of energy and they hold it inside their shell like a battery.

Now that crystal called Aniline vibrates your “song” or thought-message to the next Aniline closest to it which hears that song, captures it inside its shell, and vibrates the same song.

Until every Aniline crystal between you and where you want your thought to manifest reality to be all “hold hands” to pass along your message.

Now translate that to tomatoes. You think “I want to raise a garden”. Then you go about planting it, tilling and weeding and watering your seeds. Then a tomato grows and you pick it and take it to town.

That tomato is carrying trillions of Aniline crystals inside that are holding your thought inside their shells. It is thought which is energy. In town you sell your tomato for magic money (magic beans in mythology) and put that into your pocket.

Now you have your energy in artificial paper that you can trade to someone else for their apple, or the fruit of their thought. Equal energy exchange.

If you gather up a bunch of paper on the ground called money and put that into your pocket and try to use it, the trillions of Aniline crystals who are the rightful keepers of the energy that went into the tomatoes or apples that were turned into that money know that you are not the one who raised that fruit. You didn’t plant it, water it, weed around it or pluck it off, take it to town and trade it for paper money, so it isn’t yours.

Here’s where the slight of hands comes in. The rightful owner of the energy that turned into a tomato that turned into paper still owns that paper because he never ate that tomato. He traded it.

So if you take his paper, you steal his tomato and the aether (Aniline) will have no part of your theft. So instead of manifesting good things with the use of that money, it sets about to block its continued migration further and further away from its true rightful owner.

If that is YOUR paper that YOU traded your OWN tomato for, then that is now your energy held inside of your very own Aniline crystals that are devoted to your righteous act of bringing life into this plane eternally until you hand it to someone else in FAIR energy exchange.

It is the FAIR part of that where the whole system of magic money fundamentally fails in today’s society, because the invader races STEAL other people’s money (energy) and then pawn it off as authentic “energy” when it is anything BUT that.

So we take the money that is handed to us from our boss who STOLE it from someone else through underhanded means and then try to use it and it keeps draining out of our hands except for the amount that is truly ours from the exchange that we gave to our boss with our effort.

All the rest of that fake money just blew away in the wind until all that was left was the same amount that the person being paid .50c an hour in China was paid because he’s the one who made that chatzky you bought and put on your shelf at home.

So every single dollar we carry around in our pockets holds the complete memory of every single transaction that has ever taken place since the first original tomato brought its “value” into existence.

The aether never allows you to get more than you have earned, even if it looks like you “just won the lottery”.

In a study done in the California LOTTO in the 1980s of ten people winning at least 10 million dollars each (I believe there were 10 people) over the following 10 years after the windfall.

All but one person still had a single penny of those winnings and he was already wealthy all on his own because he was a self-made millionaire before, since he produced many times more original thoughts (inventions, inspirations, etc.) than everyone else.

On top of this, all 9 of the other winners lost every single penny they had previous to their winnings, all of them were now deeply in debt, each one had lost every possession they had before and every friend and family member were now excommunicated out of their lives.

All because they “won” the lottery.

That’s showing you that even if you struck it rich in some Bitcoin ( $btc ) or other scheme, it will NEVER do you any good because the aether KNOWS what you deserve through your own thoughts and by the work of your own hands.

This is why producing ART (original creations) is CRITICAL to anyone who wishes to have abundance in their lives. Money isn’t evil, but wanting more of it than you are rightfully due, is.

mission guide

Me :: I’m curious why billionaire thieves continue to collect. Especially when they ‘inherit’ wealth they never earned.

Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself

Published August 25, 2019 by tindertender

The left hand draws energy in, the left expels it. These earth stones are beneficial in cleansing energies before they enter body, heart & mind. Chaos stems from negative energies flowing and being amplified by metals, stifling our biological nature from being all that it is meant to be.

Obsidian, Carnelian and Hematite rings.

Tourmaline in pocket, or bra to protect energy centers, assists us especially when we eliminate alcohol and other polluting substances from our life.

A complete body cleanse followed by astute awareness of what is going into body, affecting mind … is an absolute necessity if we wish to maintain mental clarity and health.

There are those whose “job” is to create chaos. Tax payers have been robbed, and the funds actually used to create tools, weapons, to be used in controlling minds and actions of unsuspecting citizenry.

Be aware.

Rule The World

Published August 25, 2019 by tindertender

This is a program put in place by the one who plans on controlling the world. His “chosen one” is currently amassing wealth from around the country and world … and the towers which will be used to put signal through in order to put people in trance are going up like crazy.

And that’s just in the U.S.

The future “New World Order” leader asked his manipulators last night if there were “tears in my eyes” as tho this was a very satisfying concept. I personally informed him there were not.

I was told to “stay away from them” by one who cares.

Jack wagon.

It is best when you do not consume substances which weaken your mind: alcohol, drugs, cigarettes. This allows them access, entry to your mind, and an opening for control. Psychotropic prescription medications do this too.

Protect your sacred space, your mind.

The War In Heaven Is Very Real … and It’s At Our Doorstep

Published August 24, 2019 by tindertender

*italicized portions written by me, other data provided by*

I’ve been listening lately. There is a boy crying in the pits of Sheol. His pain is being utilized as a lure to attract those who wish an end of suffering. I think a Druid priest from long ago is here. They’re seeking, and trying to convince an unsusceptible human race that innocence must be sacrificed in order to appease the “sun god” who is getting ready to scorch us. They kill innocence to see if they’ll be able to accomplish task, going to the pits and ending this pain … but they don’t return … for evil nabs them and tortures them beyond time.

They say their current choice is not ready, that they must be ready, at 100% capacity. They are becoming agitated, talking about wasting time. Crap man. Some actually are giving thanks for the attempt to save them, but this is only a lure, a hook to draw purity. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Here is video of the United States President looking skyward and saying he is the “chosen one”, he’s suffering the same delusion as many others. But now you know that Mental health issues are not necessarily a “chemical Imbalance”. No … the war in the unseen is very real, and it looks like one portion of the battle has “chosen” the United States President as their guy. No … not crazy, although you will feel crazy if it happens to you.

Many will scoff at this news, many others know exactly what I’m talking about because the influencers of the unseen are trying to nab them.

One of those individuals has stated they are CIA. They speak to each other about the need to be careful because some of us can go deep and hear their conversations about their plans. They are looking to fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah … they are not your friends, and you are not the savior …. it is a trap, do not believe what you hear.

They will pray on those of weak faith, on those with grandiose perceptions of themselves, the confused and the naive.

Creator was before these others. He dwells in a land far away, which nears our orbit every several thousands of years. The battle star of Creator will have no options but to cause catastrophe, to stop this evil, if we refuse to come together, to stop the cycle of terror being utilized to power-up evil.

The ice age is a purposeful event, not because there is a global agenda to kill you, but because when the population rises and the majority are causing pain and suffering, Sheol master gets stronger …. manufactured ice age strips him of his potency. (Simply by eliminating much of the pain the chaos makers get power from – meaning life forms, human and animal).

So no, government does not hate us. They work hand in hand with those who limit the power of Sheol. Space Force is much needed for it must be utilized to end this latest threat.

There are others here, stating to “stand firm, hold your ground”. Do not let fear grip your heart. This battle, even tho it looks like some of your fellow humans are destroying life (chemtrails) it is necessary. The sun is so hot lately that if they did not lay the barrier, we would cook.

Personally, I’d rather die in another ice age than permit Sheol to burn the planet, gathering innocence for its entertainment and torture habits.

Get ready folks … it’s the final count-down.


He murdered his mother Tiamat (left in above pic) on behalf of the other gods who had come to planet Urth for mineral harvesting. You call him to your prayers by uttering his name as the blessing of your words.

Your energy fuels his continued reign over this colony which is still his.

Though his title today is best known as Bel or Ba’al, his father Enki and brothers Thoth and Ares refer to him as Lord Marduk, deity above all other Urthly gods.

Yes, he is a person just like you, still alive and still here.

It is important to understand that nothing is finished yet, except for Tara’s path to ascension. I got the impression that this is something that will happen, but there are no humans or hybrids who can assume that they will accompany her.

If anyone intends to make the trip with her, they will be actively establishing the foundations of the next dimension now. That means eradicating the old factories and ways of raping and polluting the planet and replacing them with harmonious principles that benefits both them and the Urth.

No one is accompanying Tara on this journey who is simply sitting back and awaiting their arrival. Tara’s frequency relies on the lifeforce almost as much as the Carbon 7 assisting the transition.

While you might only be 1 of 5 billion living plasma fields now adding to the collective frequency of the whole, therefore not very “important” to the overall process, your one frequency is 100% pivotal to whether or not you will be there to see the completion of the process.

Because Tara isn’t going to deliver a cargo full of apathetic, entitled stowaways to the Aqueous Sun Matrix no matter how much we would like to fantasize that’s how this is supposed to work because “we deserve it”.

No one “deserves” anything more than what they themselves have brought into reality. And that one thing is the hardest concept of all to pass along to this evolution. The entitled are only going to one place and it isn’t with Particle Tara.

mission guide

Stand your ground. Those who speak to you from the ether are not angels with your best interest at heart. It is a covert operation, put in place to lure the brave, the weak, the uninformed to their lair under the ‘pretension’ that you will be saving or serving humanity. It is a lie. Do NOT permit them to grip your mind or convince you that Creator hasn’t got this handled.

You just hold firm, and practice patience.

It will be okay.

Learn what you can. Prepared for attack, for if they haven’t gotten to you audibly, they are working on manipulating events around you. Pay attention please, guard that jewel in your center called soul … understand that those speaking from the unseen intend to use you … there are others in our surrounding aether as well, who are silently watching, helping you to be strong, waiting for the proper moment to forcefully assist life on the earth (they will absolutely NOT clutter your mind with confusing babble) … and they will bring destruction if necessary to contain this evil. Welcome the cold, for the beast brings fire.

Anyone, or anything which disrupts the peace in your mind is the enemy. Act accordingly.

For your knowledge … they will release a suffering child long enough to connect to you, then throw them back in the pit while another will “mimic” the innocent one, attempting to lure you into the pit. Be aware please, and do not attempt a solo mission. Strength in numbers. We can not afford to allow our action be delegated by triggered emotions … even those caused by the constant sound of suffering.

Do not be lured even by those who proclaim their love, or admiration of your beauty or strength … they will play your heart strings and your ego to their advantage. Listen, and apply the 2 second rule before action. Pause … evaluate … respond.

You must assume that all you hear in the invisible are lies, for those in the unseen who actually love you, and are rooting for you, would NEVER cause these disruptions in your mind.

One thing these ones really get off on is the tears of innocence. Do not let those bastards feed on your salty tears, make them starve. It will weaken them as you firm up and live your best, connected, empathetic, and strong life, despite their shit.

Observation and Orchestration

Published August 23, 2019 by tindertender

Last night I lay in bed and half sleeping, a dialogue began in my mind. Conversation of “yokes” and “choices” … those burdens we choose … yet somehow always expect others to ease us from, making us “heal” or become “better”.

This is no one else’s responsibility. If you choose to stay bound to something that hurts you, or those you love, then you have chosen to carry the weight of the consequences of whatever actions you take, or not.

You are free … but your mind tells you you are not. Who do you suppose is whispering these not so sweet nothings in your ear? In your subconscious? In your dreams?

Be aware of these subtle influences, and reject them. Replace harmful that which proliferates harm in the world with its polar opposite.

You have the power. How will you wield it?

The Kybalion by Three Initiates

The Ring Finger Program

Published August 23, 2019 by tindertender

The human body is a bioelectric energy processor that works on electromagnetic current. This current is coming in to the body from the aether as well as coming in from the foods we eat.

In fact, the right hand is the energy transmitter, and the left hand is the energy receiver.

When you place your hands together, your electric current runs down your right arm, out of your right hand, into your left hand, back up your left arm and then back to your heart, where it starts its journey all over again.

The epicenter of the left hand energy receiver is the fourth finger, or what you call a “ring” finger. It is connected directly to the immune system of the body. In fact, the ring finger is associated with Apollo, the sun god, one of your captors.

Perhaps he knows something about this finger you don’t know. And maybe even about the ring you are placing on it? Just a guess.

The fourth finger of the left hand is connected to the pelvic floor, and is the meridian of the liver which gives a person patience, serenity, hope and vision for the future and is called the “triple warmer” in sacred spiritual teachings.

It rules the immune system and the DNA cells of the body, not to mention is the RECEIVER meridian of your energy flow, meaning it is the most sensitive acting force of the human body when it comes to moderating and modulating the human functions and health.

Gold is a deadly poison to human physical bodies. To reptilian bodies coursing with blue blood, it is part of the secret of immortal life when it is powdered and ionized, and that is why it is the number one most important natural resource on earth.

The Luciferians stationed on Nibiru can aerosol it into their atmosphere, so they can live in perfect health and “forever” as long as they are in manifestation.

They also wear gold jewelry here on earth, and you emulate them because usually they are the wealthiest ones alive. So your wedding band is gold.

Now that you have heavy metal poison leaching directly into the one most important energetic meridian of the human body on your ring finger, you can expect that gold to disrupt the organic flow of the aether coming into your body.

Plus it is directly feeding the liver and immune system with toxins, removing your patience, your serenity, hope and vision for the future.

Gold is radioactive. That means Radon.

It is a fundamental sub particle of Bismuth which is a known radioactive carcinogen which has been found in dozens or hundreds of products in courts of law to cause cancer.

But because gold is so “precious” and has been since Sumer-Ur and Egyptian times, it, along with silver and other “precious metals” found on the periodic scale (every single one atomic elements of Bismuth), it is something science simply doesn’t talk about.

But the atomic elements are there:

“Gold-198 (198Au) is a radioactive isotope of gold. It undergoes beta decay to stable 198Hg with a half-life of 2.697 days. This isotope has also found use in nuclear weapons research and as a RADIOACTIVE TRACER in hydrological research.”

There are no metals that are safe for humans to wear other than possibly surgical stainless steel. Otherwise they have all been reduced through Redox processing that removes all the oxygen from their elements.

This turns them into cation ions that continually draw in energy to them and then dispense it into the aether. Which means like a vacuum they draw out the oxygen you are trying to get into your body through photoreactive elements we call magnesium or iron.

Magnesium is secretly oxygen and therefore secretly orgon bioelectric (Cold Fusion) energy and is not just similar-to, but has exactly the same elemental structure as healthy blood cells. Without oxygen it turns Dextrorotation cationic (catatonic) and goes into shut down.

-mission guide


Published August 23, 2019 by tindertender

Photo by Genava Leigh
Written by Maria Palumbo

If you are finding yourself in painful situations with a romantic partner, over and over, feeling emotionally exhausted, sad, and frustrated, there is a KINK here for feeling/being abused, hurt, For domination, submission. You just need a healthy way to scratch that kink, without having to create chaos in your relationship.

There are HEALTHY ways of getting that itch scratched and not so healthy ways.

You can create hell. Really stir shit up, to get attention. Or, you can create a container with full consent, about how you can “abuse” each-other. Without it ever having to negatively impact your emotional well-being or the well-being of others around you.

Or you know. Break up. And save yourself and everyone else the agony.

If you are leaning more towards owning your shadowy desires and staying in relationship with your partner, know how to practice kink.

Recently I created a membership on Fetlife, hoping to find an intellectual and emotionally mature community of people who understand consent, know how to build trust, and do not use kink as a way to mask trauma (or continue to traumatize themselves).

What I found was mostly objectification, unsafe s*x practices, and an inability to communicate, from mostly numb people. I found people who hold their KINKS dear, and then the people in their lives, including their partners, fall second. Treating people as tools for kinks. This can happen among people with trauma who are not actively working on healing it. As kink CAN be a great tool for survivors of trauma, to heal and embody power that they did not once have, if used properly.

Kink is not just for people who have had trauma, it is for everyone to move through and own all parts of themselves. The pitfalls of practicing kink can be the fact that it is re-traumatizing, numbing, and risky, if it is not done in full ownership of personal power, agency, and self-respect.

I saw my own desire for kink play out in a shadowy way with many of the partners I was attracted to, as my husband and I opened our marriage. People who would forget me, not prioritize me, want to hide that we were together. People that would break our agreements, and then get angry with me when I was hurt. People who I would let talk me into unprotected s*x (because it was an unconscious kink of mine to push boundaries and be dangerous). People who did not want to build relationship, but pretended they did to get s*x (and I knew, deep down, they were pretending). People that were not impressed by me, and could treat me as a thing attached to a v*gina. I noticed I needed a level of cruelty, in order to be turned on. I actually LIKED that I had to call my partners out, to emotionally connect with me. As emotionally PRESENT partners brought on a whole new level of vulnerability and presence, that I was not yet ready for.

Though power play is fun, we can get lost in it and disassociate if we ALWAYS choose emotionally cold s*x over emotionally in tune intimacy. And power play is not actually void of intimacy, it must be built on it. Otherwise, it is just another tool for hiding. We can even associate disassociation with pleasure (because of how we reacted in sexual trauma) and then see s*x with a partner that treats us as a FULL human being, as boring and limiting.

It is important if you are practicing kink, to personally vet your partners for:

– emotional intelligence

– healthy sex practices

– respect for you and your other partners

– the ability to move slow and at a pace that works for you, so you don’t fly out of your body

– people who have and continue to do their own healing around kink, outside of the bedroom

– people who will communicate to you directly about their s*x practices and any risky sex they might have elsewhere

– people who channel their kink to situations that are in full CONSENT

And always do your healing outside of the bedroom. As it illuminates what is really going on, everywhere else.

To your total s*xual freedom.

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