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Belief Manifest

Published January 12, 2023 by tindertender

Look … sometimes you have to pray about it for years. Especially if you don’t do it regularly. You have to align your mind and your emotion with the reality of what you want. I’m not a pro, but I know enough.

I’ve been praying for, and working toward manifesting my blessings for five years, and they are taking form in my life now … don’t give up. Don’t ever give up. Feed the dream. Every single day. Taste it. And remain positive it is in the works. Alignment WILL occur when it’s ready. Keep the faith.

Another very important thing … don’t be rigid or determined the blessing can only be such and such … the Divine know what we need better than we.

Practice seeing the blessing in every little thing. Envision what you love coming into your future. Don’t let fear (of betrayal, or anything) keep you from it. Move forward, first the mind, then the heart and all energies fresh and pure and loving.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable, even while you stand strong. That’s Courage. That is Strength.

My Guardian said something to me once. He requested I practice patience. Since then I’ve realized it is the gift we give ourselves, disconnecting from the hurried way folks move in this world, and with each other. With the practice, we allow ourselves release from demand.

The Bioform ~ Mind and Body ~ Are A Computing Device

Published January 12, 2023 by tindertender

It is true we wrestle with unseen powers and principalities.
They implant thought forms subliminally to the subconscious from other “realms” or vibratory levels. Surely you remember the Angels on shoulders, one telling you to do wrong, the other telling you to do right … or the story of the two wolves.
Fortunately, we have free will to choose which thought forms we entertain.
Many of the thoughts we experience throughout the day are we, picking up on the thought forms in the ether which surrounds us. The body and mind are a connector to worlds. An antennae.
We can reject the thought.
Simply say to Self, “this is not my thought. This is not a thought process I’m willing to entertain. I command my thoughts, and the emotions they create. I will not allow another, seen or unseen, to manipulate my thoughts or my emotions.”
Take charge.
Create a world in mind which brings you peace.
Don’t allow the powers and principalities (or those under their spell) to program the mind, controlling ones life.
There is power in choice.
Use the gift.
And stop accepting every bit of negative another tries to force you to accept.
Some are crap.
Even if it’s just a sudden thought form of the negative kind.
Learn to say no.
Reject the thoughts which bring harm … to self and others.
No one said reformatting self, commanding self, would be easy.
It’s a daily challenge, where “choice” and “free will” must be exercised.

I’m aware of circumstances beyond our control.
I’m older.
I’ve experience to many degrees in this life.
The above is what I used to practice command of my mind.
It’s a challenge.
Worth paying attention to.

Remember, See, Feel, Release, Move Forward ~ Heal

Published January 5, 2023 by tindertender

It feels as tho my emotional body is being manipulated. I can be happy as a lark one minute and pissy the next. Anyone else noticing fluctuation in the emotional body?

Feels like issues with trust are at the forefront. Like the energy of that and the anger caused by those I’ve loved is still needing release, and it’s clinging to whatever subject is at hand, saying, “This is it! This here! Fix it, run away from it, make it gone.”

Unfortunately, these emotions must be seen, felt, processed, released. And it takes work, intentional work, and owning the reality of it. Maintaining emotional balance and well-being is a continuous process. Those who take it seriously work at it all the time, anyway.

I am aware of many who do not dare face themselves, they prefer externalization, like I just did, but inner reflection in the moment tells me more clearly it’s not about “them”, and so I continue to see, recognize, feel, release. Over and over again.

What a day the last couple have been! Hope you are doing well for yourself. Be kind to Self. We are all purging dense energies now, or clinging to them, one or the other.

Oh how I hope this is the end result of a lot of internal confession and prayer and work, hard work, the hardest …. Remembering, seeing, feeling, releasing, and moving forward… step by step.

This brings “light” to the subject.

I Wish You Heal

Published December 29, 2022 by tindertender

I wish you heal from the things you don’t speak to anyone, from the pains you hold in silence, from the tears that stream down your face before you sleep.

I wish you heal from your fears, fears and insecurities. From the uncertainties that life once placed at you and that you face every day when you get out of bed and move on.

I wish you heal, from those heartaches, wounds and disappointments, that you silenced, that you never complained, but still feel deep inside you.

I wish you heal from the past that is still with you on the emotional scars you carry without complaining.

May you heal from the excuses you have never been given, the appreciation you have not received, the gratitude you have not been given, the fair recognition that was not offered to you, from all the times you deserved to receive the best and it did not come to you.

May you heal, from the pains that you swallowed, silenced, threw inside.

I hope you heal from all the times you said you were “okay” when you were not at all. Sometimes you swallowed your cry, anger, sadness, disappointment and smiled, so that the world wouldn’t see your pain, or so your smile could make someone happy.

May you heal from the moments you felt lonely and believed that no one saw your wounds or recognized your actions.

Believe, life sees, life repays, life heals.

Healing can be slow, silent, sometimes difficult, and it doesn’t come alone. But then it happens !

Healing is a process. Just as many cause you wounds that you bear in silence, others help heal the wounds without you noticing.

I wish you heal: from everything you say, from everything you don’t speak and from everything you need!

~ Author Unknown


Published December 28, 2022 by tindertender

The darkness will be withdrawn whether it wants to or not, public and incarnated living beings that harbor darkness within, will be withdrawn by advanced automata beings that will replace the black-hearted beings and will be at the service of the light.

The beings of darkness who surrender to the light and wish to change will be put to the test to see if it really is a will of the heart or a mirage of their ego clinging to power.

There will be many deaths, but those deaths will be of souls who did not wish to wake up in their soul plan, others who will not be able to wake up, and others who are dark beings whose physical body will be taken away, returning to their soul existentiality where they will have to deal with themselves. for their acts.

The light that will be on the planet will be so strong that the weakest beings of darkness will not be able to resist so much light, where the vibrational level of the earth will rise much more than now, where the wars will end, where humanity will begin to awaken little by little from that state of sleepy lethargy to be able to exercise their right to decide what to do with their lives, if they want to join the changes that will come, or if they want to continue as they are; It is extremely important to respect free will.

Society will begin to fracture because dark secrets will be revealed, there will be no place for black-hearted people, everything will be known, and the world will realize how rotten the apple (the Earth) was.

During 2023 and the following years, the world will enter a kind of dark night of the soul, where everything will be put in order, where whoever does not have to ascend will not be there, who must answer for their actions in soul form in the review of life it will, and where everything will slow down, involute, everything that we know today and is harmful.

Just give yourself time and you will see the veracity of this channeling. Trust more in you. You are a universal channel.


The united galactic federation of planets
✍️Armando Mancia

Love and Light,
Michelle Price,

Taking Responsibility

Published December 24, 2022 by tindertender

By Maryamhasnaa

When you show up in service to the world always balance your masculine and feminine energy.

When out of balance you either become the overbearing rescuer, stepping on people’s toes, or you become controlling.

Remember that our power comes from being in alignment with ourselves

When our power is disembodied we project it onto others. When we project it on others we demand them to become our savior. We then become disappointed when they do not save us from ourselves and our own illusions.

Often we feel actually quite powerless and helpless in creating change regarding bigger humanitarian issues & sources of harm in the world. We feel we have no access to direct our anger towards the aggressors themselves, the puppet masters and the elites who uphold these systems.

So instead we focus our frustrations towards the people we do have direct access to. The same ones we had given our power away to, had elected as our personal saviors, the ones we look up to. And we make them a proxy for our hopes, dreams and therefore fears and disappointments.

The irony of expecting others to do for you what you will not do for yourself. Owning your power is your own responsibility. And by power I mean internal power. Your connection to Creator, clarity, courage, presence, awareness, strength, wisdom, faith and resilience is your work.

How I cope with my own abandonment wounds

Published December 17, 2022 by tindertender

By @Theholisticpsyc

Abandonment wounds are wound we carry from:

  • being emotionally neglected by people we love
  • not being seen or acknowledged by society
  • having loved removed from us when we were “bad” as punishment

Abandonment wounds are carried within the subconscious mind in the of core beliefs.

These core beliefs include:

  • everyone I love will leave or hurt me in some way
  • i must be perfect in order to receive love
  • something about me is broken or unworthy
  • i don’t belong
  • no one cares about what I think or feel

The subconscious mind works to confirm these core beliefs.

Always looking for evidence that we don’t belong, that people will leave us, or that we’re not good enough.

Our abandonment wounds can:

  1. Create situations where we constantly procrastinate: this stems from a core belief that if I don’t get out of my comfort zone or don’t actually show up, I can’t fail. Or be seen as flawed/unworthy.

Obsessive achievement or workaholism: this stems from a core belief that if I’m constantly working or achieving I can bypass uncomfortable emotions and finally be “good enough.”

When my abandonment wounds come up, I’m flooded with intense emotions and racing thoughts.

Sometimes they come out of nowhere.

I can go to worse case scenarios (crisis thinking), or dissociation (shut down, numbness)

5 things I do when my abandonment wounds come up:

  1. Pause: being aware of this helps you understand that these are thoughts and feelings from past wounding, not “truths.” Pause before making any decisions or falling into negative coping mechanisms.

2. I remind myself I’m safe: when I’m having fearful thoughts, I know my inner child is afraid. My inner child didn’t have adults to soothe me or to help me work through difficult emotions. I put my hand on my heart, take a deep breathe & say: I AM SAFE, NOW.

3. I move my body: intense thoughts and emotions need an outlet. When we’re stuck in our thinking mind, moving the body helps us work through the emotions. I always feel better afterwards.

4. I shift my breathing: slow, steady breaths from the body send a signal of safety to the nervous system. I either stretch or take a quick walk with intentional deep breathing. It’s incredible how this shifts the state of mind.

5. I cry: grieving is taboo in our culture. We’re conditioned to “get up and keep going” at all costs. When past emotions surface, I let them come up. I always feel more relaxed and centered when I let the tears flow rather than covering them up.

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Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson

Published December 11, 2022 by tindertender

Once I had myself a good woman
But I just didn’t treat her right
I was always leaving
Livin’ a party life

True love was waiting for me
I was much too blind to see
Till she told me she would leave me
I said that’s all right with me

Oh now she’s gone
Realize I lost the best thing there is
And my pride keeps telling me
Let your loss be your lesson

Heaven knows I miss her lovin’
Heaven knows how much I cry
Just to think she had left me
And I know the reason why
I could tell she had been cryin’
It didn’t seem to bother me
Cause I know there’s no one blinder
Than a fool who just couldn’t see

Now she’s gone
I realize I lost the best thing there is
And my pride keeps tellin’ me
Let your loss be your lesson

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Milton Campbell

Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson lyrics © BMG Rights Management

Doing the Inner Work

Published December 8, 2022 by tindertender

By @Theholisticpsyc

The most important part of doing the inner work is learning how deal with being triggered.


We all get emotionally triggered.

Being triggered is a natural part of being human.

Many of us are on autopilot, reacting to our triggers. Transformation happens when we learn to understand triggers and process them in a new way.

Our subconscious mind stores every experience we’ve had in life.

If you’re like me, and have few childhood memories, it doesn’t mean the memories don’t exist. It means, we can’t recall them. Our body remembers them.

When we’re triggered, we’re experiencing our emotional past in the present moment. Smells, sounds, facial expressions, social interactions, and people’s responses can all create triggers.

I am emotionally triggered when:

  • I have a strong sensation in the body (racing heart, tight chest, feeling like I’m going to cry, feeling shut down)
  • my thoughts become racing
  • shame thoughts come up “I’m an idiot” “I never do anything right”
  • I start chronically comparing myself to others
  • I look for something to numb or distract me (food, social media, alcohol, drama cycles etc.)
  • I feel helpless or trapped
  • I dissociate (physically present but mentally gone)
  • I get defensive


  1. LEARN HOW TO SELF WITNESS: self witnessing is the act of viewing yourself from a neutral place. Notice what you think, how you react to different situations, and what people bring up different emotions in you.
  1. NOTICE BODY SENSATIONS: the feelings and sensations in your body when we’re triggered can be intense. It’s helpful to name these sensations to ourselves to stay grounded during a trigger.

ex: “right now I feel my chest getting tight”

  1. PRACTICE THE PAUSE: we all have “go-to” coping mechanisms when we’re triggered. To create new responses we have to practice having them.

Ex: Your partner makes a comment that brings you back to a shame-based feeling you had as a child.

Instead of habit reacting (lashing out), practice the pause.

We do this by breathing and allowing the emotions and sensations to come up.

  1. GET CURIOUS: ask yourself: “why?”

Ex: You read a post on social media and instantly feel angry and shame comes up.

After practicing the pause, you take a deep breathe and ask yourself: “What about this has me responding so strongly?”

With consistent practice the answer will become more and more clear. You’ll also be able to see patterns of things that typically trigger you.

Ex: Any time you see someone post about their weight or body size you’re triggered because you were made fun of for your weight or physical appearance growing up.


Self soothing is how we regulate our nervous system and calm our body after a trigger.

Self soothing can look like: taking a quick walk, doing some deep belly breaths, journaling your emotions, playing music, or anything else that releases the emotional energy.

Understanding and working through your triggers creates more emotional resilience and empowerment

With consistent practice, you’ll be amazed at how differently you respond to the world around you.

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