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Published November 29, 2022 by tindertender
  1. Get up with the sun to pray. Pray alone.
  2. Be tolerant of those who have lost their way. Ignorance, presumption, anger, jealousy and greed come from a lost soul. Pray for them to find guidance.
  3. Find yourself, by your own means. Do not let others make your path for you. It is your path, and only yours. Others may walk with you, but no one can make your way (or walk your path) for you.
  4. Treat guests in your home with great consideration. Serve them the best food, give them the best bed and treat them with respect and honor.
  5. Do not take what is not yours, whether from a person, a community, from the jungle or from a culture. It was not given or won. It is not yours.
  6. Respect all the things that are on this earth, be they people, plants and animals.
  7. Honor the thoughts, desires and words of all people. Never break them in, or make fun of them, or imitate them rudely. It gives each person the right to their personal expression.
  8. Never talk about others in a bad way. The negative energy you put into the universe will multiply when it returns to you.
  9. All people make mistakes. And all the mistakes can be forgiven.
  10. Bad thoughts cause illness to the mind, body and spirit. Practice optimism.
  11. Nature is not FOR us. It is PART of us. She’s part of your family in the world.
  12. Children are the seeds of our future. Sow love in your hearts and water them with wisdom and life lessons. When they grow up, just give them space to grow up.
  13. Avoid hurting the hearts of others. The poison of their suffering will return to you.
  14. Be true (transparent ) all the time. Honesty is the test of one’s will in this universe.
  15. Keep yourself balanced. Your Mental person, your Spiritual person, your Emotional person, and your Physical person: they all have the need to be strong, pure and healthy.

~Indigenous Civilization

This is Sovereignty – this is enlightenment – this is Mastery – this is Ascension.

Published November 16, 2022 by tindertender

With each degree of expanded awareness, you move away from the world you once lived in. Your awakening has meant that you are no longer in the same dimensional space that you used to occupy. Your expanded awareness has started to reveal more of the world around you as you feel and see and become to know a world that you have never experienced before. ​

Your family and friends will appear identical for they are indeed a version of themselves but you are not the same version of yourself that you were before your journey started. Your version will be present in a greater level of dimensions then they will experience themselves. You will see a world that they do not – you will feel and experience energies that they do not.

To expand your awareness, you must be prepared to severe all the lower vibrational ties that bind you to the lower versions of yourself. In time you become a higher energised, higher dimensional being that will replace the third dimensional version that used to fill the same space. People who knew the previous version will begin to wonder where on Earth YOU came from. Your ‘friends’ will no longer have the same vibration – they will not be able to relate to you or you to them unless they too are prepared to change.

All the day to day worries that occupy so much of your time WILL eventually fall away from your thoughts. Conversations that you once joined in with will sound like the twittering of birds – you will dismiss them as irrelevant, you will ‘literally’ alienate yourself from them, you will not relate to them for indeed you are no longer related to their versions.

The higher energies create larger aura’s – your vibrations will be recognised by those that are similar – you will attract far more to you that is conducive to your advancement.

All that annoys you, worries you, scares you, angers you and upsets you – must be accepted and its control released by you. You cannot take these with you or advance with these present within your Light Body. These are the weights of your beliefs that you have chosen to carry, to keep you heavily anchored to the Earth that you love so much. These are the sacrifices that have to be made for you to advance. This cannot happen if you do not accept their power over you.

Be happy to send Love and Light to those that shout at you.
Be happy to recognize those that believe that you should act the way that THEY see fit.
Be happy to act subordinately to those who feel the need to show domination.
Be happy to understand a bad situation that someone else has put you in to make them feel better about themselves.
Be happy to choose to lose to those who only settle for winning.
These are all choices which demonstrate awareness of YOU.

Now, choose whether you want THESE people to remain in your life, for they will continue to present their version until your version no longer allows a resonating match for them.

This is Sovereignty – this is enlightenment – this is Mastery – this is Ascension.

Loving Blessings 💜

Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB

Always, Do unto others 💟

Published November 15, 2022 by tindertender

Tell people how good they are, highlight their acts of love, mention how they made a difference to you, let them feel appreciated, loved and special, allow them to fall in love with themselves, make their day brighter with good words, because at the end of the day we are all struggling, we are all fighting things we don’t say even to ourselves, we are all running from our own demons, so be gentle, be kind, because one good word from you could change someone’s mood and the opposite is true, leave a good trace in someone’s heart it might be his savior.

–Yasmine Lasheen

Art | Corine Ko

Surviving Grief

Published November 2, 2022 by tindertender

Living with a Broken Heart

Remember what the Tin Man said in the “Wizard of Oz” after he finally got a heart….

“Now I know I’ve got a heart because it’s breaking.”

If someone you love died, your heart is probably broken. So how do you live with a broken heart?

The answer isn’t how you fix it or move beyond it. The skill is learning to live with your grief as an ongoing way of being in the world. It’s the way you honor that which you love.

What I’m proposing is that, with enough healing, living with heartbreak can become natural, and very normal.

From my personal and professional experience, I can tell you that as you embark on your healing journey, you’ll start crying a whole lot more. Not just to clear pain, but for the simplest of everyday reasons, and out of nowhere. You’ll cry when you see a bird, a can of paint, an apple, or even the shape of a cloud.

Random things will make you cry.

The heart is designed to grieve, it wants to grieve… has to grieve!

Especially when it’s broken.

This is the price you pay for love. The loss of the life you thought you had, the life you once knew and held so dear. Loss of a dream you believed was true.

But you can also find and feel grief in opening your heart.

Opening it to love and to new possibilities. Opening it to what the future holds.

Isn’t that what life is all about? Endings and beginnings, closings and openings? The heart was designed to navigate you through this forever winding adventure called life. But you have to be willing to feel…..and to live with a broken heart.

Here’s the thing… can learn to live with your broken heart by befriending your grief.

You can discover the love that still exists around you…..and share that love with others who are also living with a broken heart.

  • Gary Sturgis – “Surviving Grief”

Dark Night of the Soul?

Published October 30, 2022 by tindertender

Must accept 100% responsibility.

Life constantly reflects back to us what we put into the world.

Meditate. Stop complaining. Take action. Double your goal. Think bigger.

Waiting until there’s no fear? It doesn’t work like that. Feel the fear, take action anyway.

That’s called courage.

Courage to:

Acknowledge mistakes

Lower pride, don’t make yourself more important than others, make them equally important.

Fear cannot be suppressed or denied. It must be embraced. Our society has become “feeling avoidant”. Go to the center of the energy and really feel into it, breathe the breath of life into it.

Gain emotional competence.

Go to the center of the most intense portion of the energy.

“Not useful” emotions create a cloud around us. It’s only a projection of “what might happen” into the future.

Having fear of the future potential calamity holds back the possibility of “more”.


A compassionate feeling and caring for another human being.

Whatever you want … give it first.

The One: A Quick Reminder of Where We Are

Published October 28, 2022 by tindertender

Hello again! In an unexpected message, I’ve been asked to release this generally and everywhere within the next several days. Today was the first opportunity to do so. This conversation took place on the 20th of October. I will get right to it below and ask you to share wherever like-minded souls wander.

I was not given specifics.

Please know that from One’s perspective, as compared to ours, “time” is quite a different thing. Use discernment and trust what resonates.

Thank you for being here. We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

Many blessings and much love.



It is the One.

Events transpire for you on your planet right now, that will alter the course of your life. These are hidden from your eyes, as they must be, in order to assure that they can be completed.

They are not all captures. Some of these are rescues. What is being retrieved is not just people. What is being retrieved is also property. Property of the people. This has been stolen and hidden and kept by those who held the power here.

There are many things to which you will now have access. These will alter the course of your life.

Things like free access to energy and highly advanced medical technology are only a start. Methods for food preparation are available that will guarantee an end to hunger. There are advances in virtually every aspect of society. These will astound the senses and uplift as well as simplify your existence. Much has been kept from you, dear human.

You’ve been raised and bred to be work animals for a non-human species. This is the awful truth of it. Once you accept it as truth, everything that you’ve suffered through makes sense.

Religion was a tool used to instill in the population a reason for “suffering”. Many teach the fact that you are born with sin as part of your soul. You are marked before you are able to hold a conscious thought, and this contributes to the way you have accepted the conditions of your slavery. You are taught, very early on, that you are not worthy.

This life has been a stimulus to a remembering. You are here to remember your truth and to realize your core. You are the most brilliant of lights, favored in all of Creation.

You’ve chosen to be here, and your presence is a gift to Gaia as well as a much-needed boost for the race. The bravest, the strongest, the most brilliant; these words tell the truth of you.

You are about to complete this magnificent mission. You all feel it. There is a sense of peace and acceptance now for your role. It is that moment before stepping out onto the stage, when you take a deep breath, and center yourself.

It’s showtime, dear human, it’s showtime.

That is all.

Thank you.

**Channel: Sophia Love

Angel Numbers

Published October 19, 2022 by tindertender

Message received on 10/19/22 at 10:19a.m.

Number 53

Positive things are about to happen in your life, significant changes. Always think positively to welcome positive energies into your life. Negative vibes will only lead to failure. Let go of all your fears and worries. It is time to be courageous in all your actions.

Take your time in love matters. Explore the amazing qualities you possess with the people who value and love you.

Your destiny is in your hands. You need to take control of your life. Focus on the things that build you rather than the things that bring you down.

Number 08

New beginnings. The strength you have in your faith of divinity will enable you to understand that you are not alone. Be kind to others because the more good you do, the more blessings will come your way.

Believe in your goals. Work hard. Be determined, confident, and consistent. Good things will eventually come your way. What you reap is what you’ll sow.

Your struggles may be drawing to a close. Be grateful for the blessings that come your way.

Four Women

Published October 5, 2022 by tindertender

And the original:

My skin is black
My arms are long
My hair is woolly
My back is strong
Strong enough to take the pain
Inflicted again and again
What do they call me?
My name is Aunt Sarah
My name is Aunt Sarah, Aunt Sarah

My skin is yellow
My hair is long
Between two worlds
I do belong
My father was rich and white
He forced my mother late one night
What do they call me?
My name is Saffronia
My name is Saffronia

My skin is tan
My hair is fine
My hips invite you
My mouth like wine
Whose little girl am I?
Anyone who has money to buy
What do they call me?
My name is Sweet Thing
My name is Sweet Thing

My skin is brown
My manner is tough
I’ll kill the first mother I see
My life has been rough
I’m awfully bitter these days
‘Cause my parents were slaves
What do they call me?
My name is Peaches

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Nina Simone

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