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Wisdom On-line

Published November 11, 2022 by tindertender

Written by Maryamhasnaa

The original heartbreak we all share, the one we are all trying to heal from, is the belief that we were rejected, abandoned and split from God. Once we realize we were never forsaken, we recognize the presence of love all around.

People will come in your life and try to test you to see if you love them more then you love yourself.

Pray for all. But surround yourself with others who love God and those who are also seeking paradise.

Light Body Expansion

Published November 11, 2022 by tindertender

Written by Sami Richard

The negative agenda play both sides. They are master manipulators playing out the same tactics over millenia across multiple empires, and likely off planet too.

Whilst they lack divine creativity, the social engineers are experts in divide and rule through orchestrated polarisation. They achieve this through the Hegelian Dialectic of problem-reaction-solution, so in the end both sides feed the outcome they desire.

The aim of the game is always your attention and energy. This is the fuel they feed off to sustain their existence and power the artificial architecture. When we withdraw and reclaim this outsourced life force, their matrix starts to collapse and we step onto a higher timeline outside of their grasp.

We are being triggered constantly into emotional projections, often aimed at one another, as we seek to prove the validity of our knowledge over those with a different perspective. This keeps us locked within the hive net of separation consciousness, whilst the engineers manoeuvre the chess pieces to push forward their singularity.

This external division represents an internal conflict that requires synthesis through union of the opposites. This brings us into neutral observer awareness where we preserve our energy and can be guided by our own internal compass, rather than attachment to external belief systems, which all become deliberate or self induced psy-ops that divorce us from truth in alignment with spirit.

These battles are also representing parts of the collective consciousness that require integration. Are we able to find common ground despite our differences? Can we accept where we don’t have the power to alter someones soul path, and learn to love them anyway?

At this point most people are fixed in the belief systems they have identified with. No amount of ranting or forcing them to look at information will change that. It’s all already out there for those with the curiosity to go looking. This has to be a personal decision triggered by their own life experience.

There will be progressive waves of people waking up to the control system as this matrix continues to disintegrate and tries to bring people down with it. This grants everyone a choice about whether they want to go down with the sinking ship or start to think for themselves and reclaim sovereignty.

This isn’t just about becoming aware of the external control system. It means accessing and resolving the parts of ourselves that are contributing to it. Where do we still have blind spots and how are these being exploited to keep us ruled by negative ego?

We have a tendency to prefer to outsource the blame to avoid taking personal responsibility and so we never get to the root of the problem, continuing to cycle through the same karmic patterns until balance is restored.

All nature strives for reintegration and so we are seeing our shadows reflected outside as an opportunity to learn something about ourselves and heal the disconnection from within. We are at that point yet again at the end of another cycle where we have the choice to determine the direction of our fate.

Memory of all our previous incarnations and ancestral/collective history is still embedded within our genetic record. As we access deeper self-awareness these memories come back online, and we are able to see the truth of how we got to where we are now, so that we can learn from the past, so not to be doomed to repeat it.

Whatever the collective chooses, we always have a personal choice to move in the direction of true embodied ascension, which always involves extending service and compassion where we can, even if it might feel futile. This expansion of the heart is what connects us back to source and brings miracles into our lives.

When we reclaim our connection to spirit and trust in our path, no matter what, we are liberated from the fears generated by the lower mind that tries to convince us we are powerless to change our circumstances, so that we give our power away to others to govern our lives for us.

This is why there is fear pushed from every direction to exploit our unresolved unconscious wounds to keep us tethered to lower timelines that reflect that vibrational state. We have many subliminal programs running through the subconscious pertaining to crucifixion implants and armageddon software installed in our collective memory through the genetic/karmic record as a result of past suffering and devastation.

These can be transmuted from within by accessing the layers of trapped emotion buried in the shadow/pain body that are still being played out in the outerscape. By feeling through the vibrational spectrum, we can restore the associated memories and clear the their karmic imprints to liberate ourselves from unconscious identification.

This dissolves shadow, evicting imposter consciousness from our field and sealing the lightbody to prevent further infiltration. This is how we free ourselves from consciousness enslavement so we can live according to the will of the higher mind back in congruence with divine law.

Honouring our highest truth and soul expression is the greatest gift we can give to others. It inspires people to better themselves, and with this conscious intent they will receive deeper gnosis about the nature of reality and can commit to their own process out of this restricted vibrational bandwidth. This way free will remains intact and we can honour one another with respect to where we each are on our evolutionary journey.

There are a spectrum of soul groups incarnated on the planet right now, each with different learning requirements and it all matters as part of the grand evolutionary journey back to source. There will be those who don’t want to help themselves and those we just don’t resonate with and that’s okay. It’s all permitted.

My focus at least will be on nurturing connections with those who are on a similar wavelength, to open new doors of co-creative potential and harmonious living, as free from external interference as possible. I don’t know what that will look like yet, but it is an unfolding process and the seeds have already been planted.

I’m not attaching to the idea of a collective awakening, or any particular future for that matter, because it is all being written in each moment, and that’s where I want to place my focus. The idea of a unified awakening doesn’t sound the same as it once did anyway. Expecting the whole of humanity to conform to one unified way of living is unrealistic at this stage.

There is so much beauty within the simplicity of intimate connection within soul groups in alignment, who can construct their shared vision and make miracles happen through the divine creativity of their own consciousness. This will birth new time streams founded on more love, joy and creativity.

Our souls are infinitely expanding. The journey doesn’t stop here, but this dimension is teaching us the importance of these forgotten values. I hope that heaven will return to earth for all living beings and creatures in a true golden age, but once our souls have found one another and forged a quantum entanglement through love, there can be no loss as we become the creators we were always meant to be.

Cherokee Medicine Man – Ayunini (Swimmer)

Published November 11, 2022 by tindertender

Swimmer (1835-March, 1899), Cherokee traditionalist and storyteller, was born in the Cherokee country of southwestern North Carolina. His Cherokee name, Ayunini, meaning “swimmer”, was trained by the masters of his tribe to be a medicine man, a doctor, and the keeper of tradition, he never learned to speak English but instead maintained his Native culture and heritage throughout his life. In fact, as it was intended he should be, he became the conservator of the history and traditions of his people.

As a youth he learned the Cherokee Syllabary from the elders of his tribe and began early to keep a notebook in which he recorded the sacred rights as well as the facts and stories of his people. He also made note of their ways of doing things and identified plants, roots, and barks whose use had proven useful or effective in one way or another.

During the Civil War Swimmer enlisted on 9 Apr. 1862 and served as second sergeant of the Cherokee Company A, Sixty-ninth North Carolina Confederate Regiment in Colonel William Thomas’s legion.

Cherokee Medicine Man, Ayunini (Swimmer)
Didanvwisgi (He Heals Them) 1888

Moving Energy

Published November 9, 2022 by tindertender


Raise your arms above your head.
Touch your thumbs together, make connection.
Arch your back while inhaling slowly.
You’ll feel energy at the root chakra.
Arch, continue to breathe in slowly.
Feel the energy rise up the body.
Continue inhaling slowly until you feel the energy move up head and arms.
Release the breathe.
Lower arms.

Do at least once per day.

Before or after, whichever is most effective for you, make a metal note of things you have gratitude for. Gratitude consumes negativity of all kinds.

Surviving Grief

Published November 2, 2022 by tindertender

Living with a Broken Heart

Remember what the Tin Man said in the “Wizard of Oz” after he finally got a heart….

“Now I know I’ve got a heart because it’s breaking.”

If someone you love died, your heart is probably broken. So how do you live with a broken heart?

The answer isn’t how you fix it or move beyond it. The skill is learning to live with your grief as an ongoing way of being in the world. It’s the way you honor that which you love.

What I’m proposing is that, with enough healing, living with heartbreak can become natural, and very normal.

From my personal and professional experience, I can tell you that as you embark on your healing journey, you’ll start crying a whole lot more. Not just to clear pain, but for the simplest of everyday reasons, and out of nowhere. You’ll cry when you see a bird, a can of paint, an apple, or even the shape of a cloud.

Random things will make you cry.

The heart is designed to grieve, it wants to grieve…..it has to grieve!

Especially when it’s broken.

This is the price you pay for love. The loss of the life you thought you had, the life you once knew and held so dear. Loss of a dream you believed was true.

But you can also find and feel grief in opening your heart.

Opening it to love and to new possibilities. Opening it to what the future holds.

Isn’t that what life is all about? Endings and beginnings, closings and openings? The heart was designed to navigate you through this forever winding adventure called life. But you have to be willing to feel…..and to live with a broken heart.

Here’s the thing…..you can learn to live with your broken heart by befriending your grief.

You can discover the love that still exists around you…..and share that love with others who are also living with a broken heart.

  • Gary Sturgis – “Surviving Grief”


Published October 29, 2022 by tindertender

“They” are limited. They cannot allow the full expression of a humans life force without purposefully keeping it in a constant state of flux.

Too much happiness causes humans to grow expansive. So there’s chaos, and war, and manipulation of consciousness, to keep the state of suffering alive.

Yes, they are limiting the expression of life for others, willingly, purposefully. Yet they want all the glory at the same time. And they need humanity to give it to them, rather than humanity claiming it for themselves. And so many do. Willingly “vote” for their “leader” or the commandeer of their lives, rather than accept their own rightful positions.

I for one wish to be my own boss … as my father puts it. Choosing my work every day on my own accord, living as I see fit and am capable of producing, without interference from so called commandeers. Living in peace, within a collective that knows how to barter and trade in their communities for what they need, rather than being sustained on wages from “rulers” in exchange for my time, my life.

It was once this way, and I foresee it will be this way again … for some of us.

Awareness Is Key

Published October 27, 2022 by tindertender

I say we ought not to take things personally, yet at times, I do. I’m not perfect.

Change cannot occur without awareness. I am aware.

When speaking about things that make me uncomfortable, I vow to keep it impersonal … no names mentioned. I understand this can often times be considered gossip, even if what is said is the truth.

Hard to believe, but even at 56 years old I have a lot to learn still.

The last twenty years have been spent unlearning what I was trained to be, and altering habitual patterns to be of some benefit, to self, and the way self is presented in the world, hopefully affecting others in a good way.

This past weekend I identified in my communication methods something that needs to be adressed, and I’ll work on this one aspect until I feel I’ve got it under control. Wrestling ones personal methods of communicating can be a challenge, for certain.

It is my hope we can share patience with each other as we navigate our own issues, and hopefully deal with them in a good way so we are less likely to hurt each other.


Published October 27, 2022 by tindertender

Written by https://t.me/shiftingtimeline

The nervous system is undergoing some radical changes at the moment. This can feel destabilising as our body attempts to manage electrical energy to establish homeostasis.

An influx of plasma energy is being countered by electromagnetic disturbances which are altering the earths surface charge and interfacing with our body. This can feel like an energetic assault and translate as turbulent emotional/mental states. One minute we may be feeling energised, optimistic and inspired, followed by a wave of feeling sluggish/drained, restless and anxious, which can be confusing.

The worst thing we can do is to condemn ourselves for feeling this way. These fluctuations are natural in the current climate and simply being conscious of how we are feeling without judgement will help to manage our energy field. When we identify with negative states we get pulled into lower timelines that become self-perpetuating.

Our body is highly intelligent and adaptable to change, but this recalibration can take some time. No matter what is going on outside of us, we always have the control. Patience is key.

It may feel like there is an urgency to get things done given the rapid acceleration of external change, but slowing down and trusting in divine timing will attune us with higher guidance so we don’t get pulled into chaotic frequencies and can more easily find our centre and align with our optimal flow. This way we can more easily discern between our organic personal frequency and artificial ones.

Some of these shifts are part of our ascension to higher consciousness but these frequencies need to be grounded in the body to be integrated, otherwise we will experience over stimulation and burn out.

Each phase of evolution requires synthesis through embodiment to keep us connected to this realm without prematurely bypassing. This is how we anchor and emit our frequency into the planetary grid to assist with the planetary ascension.

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