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Losing Authority

Published March 2, 2022 by tindertender

A couple nights ago during meditation I saw a place, covered in snow. I was outside, near the edge of a forested area, the snow was deep.

Before me appeared a masculine dragging a feminine by the parka, a very heavy coat for the cold. He was dragging her as she wiggled around.

At first I was pissed. I thought it was the violators doing their thing, harming the feminine as has been happening for generations.

Today, as I was chopping vegetables for my split pea soup, the knowledge came that this feminine is/was actually a traitor to the feminine, indeed to the HUman race, and she was being eliminated. So yes, it is true, in various dimensional realities and densities, those who have caused such severe suffering for the HUmans, the children especially, are losing their place of authority.

I do not know why I was permitted to see this, and I am grateful they did not make me watch the after effects of dragging to location. This simple fact, that I was not exposed to the suffering of that woman, makes it clear the vision was not to scare me, but to inform me …

What HUmans have perceived as ‘evil’ is being eliminated.

I share with you here, so you will know also. If you are not meditating, nurturing your relationship with the divine, or paying attention to the signs, the codes of the natural world, you may want to begin. This connection is where it is all at … the whole shebang.

The truth is not found on the tell-lie-vision.

Time to Get Serious

Published March 31, 2021 by tindertender

Men … Women … be aware of the dreams you are experiencing, for they are far more than dreams.

The 4th dimension is very near ours. It is non-physical in these moments, yet they are still able to interact with us very clearly in the astral.

I’ve heard men speaking recently of their dreams, how they are “different scenarios of sex”.

Please note: this is how the non-physical of the lower vibration gains its nutrient, by harvesting the sexual energies of the human … among other ways of gaining loosh … provided by their physical puppets and comrades.

It is important to gain control of the astral Self as well as the physical Self in these moments, of this “time”.

Begin to notice the manipulations in the dream state.

Try to see it as more than “just a dream” … for it is.

Humans are nothing more than “cattle” to these ones.

But they’ll make you feel special.

Be wary.


The war is real, and it is a battle for Consciousness, Life Force Essence, and the Primordial Light within.



Where Did I Leave My Higher Self?

Published March 31, 2021 by tindertender

The 3D realm is very much the “external” world.

The “Dream State” is very much 4D, where “words” are used and manipulation occurs. It is not our “going home” space.

The “Going Home” space does not use “words” … it is a place of “knowing”.

Ask the question, “Who got in my space today?”

Are you stuck on that?

Clean it out, remove all of it.

Stop pretending that the stories others have given you about your life are true.

You’ll find you left a little bit of yourself at all these visited points.

“Collect” yourself before going to bed.

Ask yourself, “Where did I leave myself? What have I been doing all of my day?”

Remember the vision of a Rose in your mind, command it to collect up from your space all the things that came up in your space today.

It overrides lower and slower vibrations in your space.

Explode the Rose in your mind.

Create another Rose in your mind, ask, was there anyone or anything else making presence in my life today? Place those instances in the Rose. Explode it.

Do this several times, and then create a Rose and explode it just for the fun of it a couple times.

Then ask, Where did I leave myself today? At the can of peas at the store? At a stop sign? At a particular scene in a TV show? Where did I put an imprint of myself today? Did mother call this morning?

Allow the Rose to collect all portions of yourself. When you’re all collected up, explode the Rose.

Create a visual of a Gold Sun over your head, call back all your energy into the Sun … feel it, down into your head, into your shoulders, into the body, down to the earth you stand upon, collect yourself.

And then go to sleep.

Be whole, right here, in present time.

Black Tourmaline

Published February 23, 2021 by tindertender

If you find yourself in shady places with shady people in your dream life, find some way to wear a black tourmaline crystal on your heart space, wear a bra to bed and put it there, or tape it on somehow.

Last night, (and other nights) I’ve been “placed” in spaces that are not good … in fact they are quite nasty. Last night in particular, I woke and grabbed the tourmaline off my end table and wedged it between my breats.

Although I was “placed” in other spaces afterward, they were not as “dark”.

Give it a try.

And remember, drink a LOT of water throughout the day, it’ll help “wash away” anything that has attached to you in the night. Be grateful to the water, and do not complain about having to use the bathroom quite often.

Water is our Friend.


Wisdom Gained

Published February 22, 2021 by tindertender

Wisdom comes via experience. You can read all the books and learn all the theories, but without experience, you won’t taste the sweetness of walking the inner landscapes and enriching your spirit.

~ Blessings

Art: Susan Seddon Boulet


I avow my Gratitude to The Man on The Mountain, Guardians, Master Teachers and Guides, Ascended Masters, The Blue Avian and all other benevolent ETs who work on behalf of Life here on Gaia, for being present here with me, and for Witnessing all that I am experiencing. With Great Appreciation I thank this benevolent team of mine for assisting during my conscious and subconscious states, in the manner you know is necessary so as to eliminate confusion, helping me to Rise and become my Highest and Greatest, my Fullest Potential. Thank you for Blessing me with your presence, your Care and your Love.

Thank You

Published February 19, 2021 by tindertender

Years ago I had something happen which nearly ended my life, and actually DID end life as I knew it.

For years my mind was in chaos, and only since August of 2020 has it smoothed out.

In these moments, when power is out and life has gone basic, I am finding that I Am coming more into alignment with my Soul Essence, which I have seen on 2 occasions in the astral.

Pure Love, welcoming with joy all that she sees … all that I see.

Only in the last 2 days have I really looked at my defensive nature toward things, people … seen and unseen.

I Am learning how to release that portion of self … there isn’t any need for it in the New World … the world I very much long to be a part of.

My most sincere apologies to my visitors in the astral.

I know I have not been the easiest person to visit.

It is a challenge, this transition, especially because of the way it started for me, all those years ago.

I am grateful for your persistence and patience.

I cannot promise that I have achieved a full liberation from the old me, but I am in process and looking forward very much to returning to that place of Love unconditional, in all instances.

I know it will be reciprocated.

I Am so happy you did not give up on me.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

With Great Gratitude …

Lucid Dreaming

Published January 26, 2021 by tindertender

Do you remember your dreams? Dreams are important. Most Native People believe that dreams are an extension of reality, an opportunity to travel other realms and communicate with ancestors and spirit guides. Dreamwork is highly encouraged by remembering your dreams and journaling them into a special book. Black Elk Speaks had dreams that revealed rituals for his tribe. Your dreams can be just as important.


Art by David Bradley

I’ve been testing the Blue Lotus Flower and something called Dream Herb for lucid dreaming. It seems to help. I was told smoking is the best way to get the herb into the system, but I do not like to smoke. I will try it as a tea blend instead. I am curious what tradition calls for.


Published January 5, 2021 by tindertender

As some of you may know, I have a very active astral and telepathic life. It has been an extreme challenge, for telepathy was not a natural state for me. Becoming accustomed to invisible people having judgements on behavior and lifestyle is unnerving and feels very invasive.

I spoke to someone thru DM today who gifted me with kindness, explaining to me certain things, and offered suggestions on how to reframe my thinking around specific experiences.

I am grateful.

My next challenge is to shift perspective, using techniques offered (visualization, affirmation, prayer, making requests).

What I truly loved about this communication was the respectful way the discussion was approached and maintained.

It helps me to bring a gentleness to current experience, rather than a hard-nosed rejection.

Affirmation Sampler

Published January 1, 2021 by tindertender

I’ve been noting a lack of ‘power’ while out and about in the astral.

A book I’ve been reading, “Astral Dynamics” suggests that the further away the astral body is from the physical body, the less power it is able to carry through the connection. Sort of like an electronic connection through a long vs a short cable.

I am learning about the importance in the use of Affirmations and Commands, and am excited for these written words to play out on the patterns of my mind.

I travel the astral planes and return safely with full memory.

I remember my dreams.

I love to astral project.

Take me to my friend.

Take me to the beach.

Give me Light!

Give me Clarity!

I’m feeling BIG change coming in 2021. It might feel like an avalanche … it may actually BE one.

We’ll see.

Patterns of integration most always appear as chaos first … at least, this is the current perception.

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