Losing Authority

Published March 2, 2022 by tindertender

A couple nights ago during meditation I saw a place, covered in snow. I was outside, near the edge of a forested area, the snow was deep.

Before me appeared a masculine dragging a feminine by the parka, a very heavy coat for the cold. He was dragging her as she wiggled around.

At first I was pissed. I thought it was the violators doing their thing, harming the feminine as has been happening for generations.

Today, as I was chopping vegetables for my split pea soup, the knowledge came that this feminine is/was actually a traitor to the feminine, indeed to the HUman race, and she was being eliminated. So yes, it is true, in various dimensional realities and densities, those who have caused such severe suffering for the HUmans, the children especially, are losing their place of authority.

I do not know why I was permitted to see this, and I am grateful they did not make me watch the after effects of dragging to location. This simple fact, that I was not exposed to the suffering of that woman, makes it clear the vision was not to scare me, but to inform me …

What HUmans have perceived as ‘evil’ is being eliminated.

I share with you here, so you will know also. If you are not meditating, nurturing your relationship with the divine, or paying attention to the signs, the codes of the natural world, you may want to begin. This connection is where it is all at … the whole shebang.

The truth is not found on the tell-lie-vision.

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