The Funhouse

Published March 2, 2022 by tindertender

Driving this morning I was shown an image symbolizing how our reality was hijacked in perception by the dark forces. The truth of our reality was purposely shifted to be like the mirrors in a funhouse. As we looked at ourselves our true identity was distorted and was reflected back to us in a way that was not authentic.

The illusionary mirrors have now been broken. As we step forward on our path upon the broken glass of shattered illusion we are being assisted by our galactic family to move forward into the new world.

This morning I felt the presence of representatives of many galactic races, a council of light in a ship above me as I drove. They are beaming down powerful diamond frequencies to earth.

These clear and purified mirrors reflect and anchor in the perfection of ourselves. The quanta, discrete packets of diamond DNA light are of divine harmonic vibrations aligning us to our true selves.

From this energetic alignment we are able to construct a new reality, one of infinite potential mirroring in the most beautiful reality possible, heaven on earth.

Author: @lightworker4441

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