Time to Get Serious

Published March 31, 2021 by tindertender

Men … Women … be aware of the dreams you are experiencing, for they are far more than dreams.

The 4th dimension is very near ours. It is non-physical in these moments, yet they are still able to interact with us very clearly in the astral.

I’ve heard men speaking recently of their dreams, how they are “different scenarios of sex”.

Please note: this is how the non-physical of the lower vibration gains its nutrient, by harvesting the sexual energies of the human … among other ways of gaining loosh … provided by their physical puppets and comrades.

It is important to gain control of the astral Self as well as the physical Self in these moments, of this “time”.

Begin to notice the manipulations in the dream state.

Try to see it as more than “just a dream” … for it is.

Humans are nothing more than “cattle” to these ones.

But they’ll make you feel special.

Be wary.


The war is real, and it is a battle for Consciousness, Life Force Essence, and the Primordial Light within.



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