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The Bodies

Published December 30, 2020 by tindertender

Received my new book today.

It is fascinating to learn about the different energy bodies and what they bring with, or leave behind during OBE.

I was just wondering about the variances that seemed to be present between the conscious mind and the astral mind, the subconscious.

I wondered at the level of WILL one has the authority over when “dreaming” or as we know often as “astral travel” and experiences.

Seems there are certain traits, or characteristics we simply don’t take with us at specific levels of presence.

Well, perhaps the incorporation of all aspects of self we are experiencing as a collective will have an affect on the way energy is currently being distributed between the bodies.

I am very grateful for the teachers, the writers, those who share knowledge and technique so certain practices can be studied.

Inner Child as Goddess

Published December 4, 2020 by tindertender

The child in me and I are one.

We love each other, care for each other, appreciate each other and will always belong to each other.

My inner child is not afraid.

The adolescent within me is learning Order, she can set New Boundaries.

My inner child radiates Light in the darkness, she can meet her own needs.

The child within me is sexually alive, but her sex will not be used against her.

I am resourceful in helping my inner child.

I Will move ahead when things go wrong, nothing can stop me.

I affirm the wisdom of my inner voice.

I can see clearly now. Today I will use my mind to discern between fantasy and reality.

I let go of the need to be self-critical.

Today, I will contemplate the source of my strength … the inner child.

I Am safe.

I Am secure.

I Am Top Dog, Alpha.

I Am deserving of the Love and Protection I give to others.

I Am significant.

I Am perfect, precious and valuable. I claim ALL of Me.

My inner child Will be treated well, with respect and honored.

NO aspect of the masculine is permitted to usurp Her/My Will.

WE will not be used my the masculine in the astral … no making out, no sex, no intimacy.

I can be ALL of me … Inner Child and Protectress.

I Am integrated.

I transform experiences in the astral to add Value to the inner child.

She will not be used as a fuck toy.

She will not be manipulated.

Especially in the astral.

By anyone.

She is Me.

I Am She.

We are one.

Be Quiet, Be Small

Published November 18, 2020 by tindertender

There are many in the seen and unseen who wish for you to shrink, to be quiet, to remain small.

They threaten to exercise their ‘authority’ over you, they’ll ruin you, punish you in ways that’ll make you regret your life, for eternity.

They touch you in ways intrusive, they take privileges not granted, they demand you be the ignorant ‘lamb’ you’ve been your whole life.

They will find their way into the depths of your soul and they will twist your innards, flip flopping your energies, commanding your very presence.

They’ll suggest you must pay for the sins of humanity.

What do you do?

In the physical it is easier because often you can simply walk away and never look back.

In the unseen … well, that is different.

The unseen is where those who exercise their Will to create change in the seen dwell. They are not happy when one intrudes into their space.

They demand that you be silent, or everything good will be stripped from you, replaced by shit. They are quite pleased with themselves.

They’ll tell you your attitude is not acceptable, they’ll tell you to fight is only going to bring increased harshness to your world.

This whole “shine your light” business is a method of finding the strongest among us. Those that vibrate high and have Power.

Their plan is to eliminate these ones.

What will remain are those who can be controlled easily, the ‘flock’.

Do you believe as a Light Bearer you will be granted a place at the table? Think again. They view you, me, WE as long term cattle … we are not allowed at the table.

Stop doing their work for them.

Make them earn it.

If they mean to remove the strong from this plane so they can create a Utopia, a Utopia where they are the only ones ‘awake’ and all others are ‘sleeping’ due to their genetics being altered by a vaccine and other toxins in the food, well … that’s just crap.

They are not your friends.

You may think that there are two factions … the good and the bad … you may even believe there is no such thing as bad … that all is one.

Well, it is, in a way, one. Polarity is everywhere.

This world, believe it or not, is the ‘good’, while the other I’ve been exposed to is the polar opposite. You think its awful here?

Don’t get on board a ship.

Do your best not to get sucked into a wormhole, a portal, which they can open anywhere, anytime.

Some say, “Stand your ground”. HA

Exercising ones Will requires a quiet determination.

Ranting and raving only expends the energies quickly.

Stay calm.

Just as every physical being does not have your highest interest at heart, it is the same with the unseen. Not all cherish your life for anything other than the Power they can syphon off you. You’ve already been exposed to this by ‘humans’ we call energetic vampires … they are everywhere, here, and there.

My hope is that the good guys wind up in my life, in your life. That those who intend harm are washed away. The challenge has been great, and ramping up now.

Prepare yourself.

Remember … if we were truly as nothing, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to possess our soul.

The Multi-dimensional Self

Published November 8, 2020 by tindertender

I’ve noticed that while in the astral my “attitude” is non-existent. Things there are simply as they are. I don’t try to fight there. Although, there have been a couple incidents of ‘saving’ ones that I love.

In the astral there is an ‘acceptance’. In the seen world, there seems to be a battle, battle battle … of any kind, physical, mental, emotional … the two awarenesses are completely different.

I never go on offense in the astral. If there is fighting to be done, it is because someone attacks me and I go on defense.

I wonder to myself why I do not go on offense …

Perhaps it is because in this life I never looked for a fight. I never sought to dominate another. Yet I was often on the receiving end of those who do, and embody, aggressive behaviors.

It is the same in the astral as it is in the physical.

What we see happening in this world is already happening in the aethers.

Much like the physical body finally developing physical ‘symptoms’ of an illness already happening in our energetic form.

Essentially, human life, indeed ALL sentient life, is under a constant barrage of manipulation by those who dwell in the hidden realms.

Certain energetic damages leave scars in the psyche … some of them are raised and thick and dense. These are they which cause the human to create energetic barriers, invisible ‘walls’ in the attempt to shield and protect ones self.

It is clear all this generates is more seclusion.

So I say to those who inhabit the astral, those sorcerers who dwell in the world where the Will is dominant and overwrites much of the reasoning mans creations … please stop fighting. Stop fighting so we can experience Peace … here, and there.

Chaos cannot ever create peace, only a mimicked representation of it … a show, a copy of the real deal.

Isn’t it time to be authentic with these shows of peace? Or is it really that difficult to release the need for power and dominance over humanity and all other life?

Dream-Time Travelling

Published October 12, 2020 by tindertender

Last night during astral travel I was sitting in my room and saw the corner of the ceiling lift and light was showing through. I mentioned it to my roommate and he said, “We shouldn’t talk about that.” I said, “What? Shouldn’t talk about it! Someone is peeking into our living space and we shouldn’t talk about it?!?!”

I proceeded to investigate.

I rose somehow to this place. People were there. They rested in their specific states of polarity, just as we do here, some ‘gentle’ and some ‘not so gentle’.

I was told by a gal that the higher you go in these worlds, the bigger the boogey-man is. To me, this means that the polarity is more extreme the higher you travel in these worlds, which is why it is so important to always be in a state of loving kindness.

I saw two men in front of me. They were of the gentler energy, and another came up behind me putting his hands on my hips and then letting one hand wander a bit to which I was not too happy about. We wound up on sitting on the floor where he summoned a puppy, who slinked to him with tail between its legs, a sure sign of fright. I then played with the puppy for just a short time.

Later, the kind man I saw at first was there in front of me and a woman wearing a sort of clown mask (although I am inclined to think it was the look of her species) came up behind him and seemed to have injected his body with an energy that made his eyes roll in his head and he fainted. She was very pleased with herself.

Another woman was in the process of repainting the place. She had a darker blue for the doors and a grayish looking blue for the trim. The flooring was red brick and she claimed she was going to repaint it also but that it was going to be a different color than the doors and trim. I stated it was the floor, and it ought to be a different color.

Astral travelling these days has gotten interesting.

Some experience nightmares … in the light or in the shadow. I’ve had them, they come up occasionally. Others will experience planes such as what I’ve just described. Indeed, they may experience higher planes also, or lower.

Polarity … an interesting subject, especially when considering different dimensions and their potency, their extremes.

Years ago I would have said “It’s only a dream, whew!” These days I understand it is so much more than that. Worlds are literally merging.

To experience Descending or Ascension …

Which world we wind up in and with whom remains to be seen. Will we sink to lower levels or will we rise? What is your energetic vibe right now? Are you eating a bunch of flesh, processed foods, and sweetened drinks or sodas? Are you eating organic fruits and vegetables, drinking a lot of clean water, flushing the system? Do you drink tea or coffee, or do you drink alcohol, smoke and do drugs? Do you practice stilling the mind in meditation, or is your mind always running here and there in a sort of chaotic fashion?

ALL of these things affect the vibration and energy of the body.

Cultivating kindness in heart and mind is of great value these days. If we cultivate a warring mentality, the likelihood we encounter such in the astral increases. Truly, if we desire peace, we need grow its specific traits in our heart and mind. It will affect our lives in the seen, and in the unseen to a greater or lesser degree.

The Mind

Published September 29, 2020 by tindertender

I can be sitting here minding my own business and something will happen to make me think “you should be careful of what you say” … “you should not say that” … “you have no idea what is going to happen to you” ….. or some such chatter.

And I think … are these really MY thoughts, or an impersonator, or imposter, trying to implant suggestions which cause paranoia, or fear of retribution, simply for being me?

So I kick back, usually rebel, and think more of the same … at first. Then I listen to what I am saying. Is it beneficial to me? Am I just chattering away to hear my self talk? Do I ever think before I speak? Who is listening … really?

Surely by now all of us are aware there is always someone listening, even if they are invisible. No thing goes unnoticed, no thing is hidden.

The question is, if these ones are sitting in a seat of judgement, without the unobstructed introduction of self and status, or authority, should any of it be taken seriously? Any instilled sense of doubt?

I’m currently of the mind that if it doesn’t go against my own moral code, then no … however, perceptions change, and so does that code, so being open to new ways of thinking is critical for growth …

Even if the listeners are still only just invisible.

Call them angels … demons … aliens … or the more common (I believe) psychics …. having been around for millennia, secretly ruling the world from behind veils … which are now lifting for a better view … for them … and for we.

Perhaps I am not the only one who has wondered these things.

Maybe you too have been receiving visitors in astral land, what some still call ‘dream time’.

Being as conscious in the subconscious and unconscious as we are during the waking states is difficult … or is it really any different, given the many distractions we are constantly chasing around?

Oh the mind … a crazy, crazy thing so few know much about … even the so-called professionals.

How often are our actions intentionally drawn up, and coordinated? How often are we willy-nilly flipping through the channels of life until we land on something interesting, a distraction for a time?

Sounds like a dream.

Even while awake.

Here for a moment, and in an entirely different place in the next. If not physically, then inside the mind.


Published September 2, 2020 by tindertender

Last night in the Astral I saw the woman who had an affair with my first love and ultimately married and had three children by him (she had died a few years ago). I was surprised, because there was no animosity … I SAW her BEAUTY, and it was good.


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