Inner Child as Goddess

Published December 4, 2020 by tindertender

The child in me and I are one.

We love each other, care for each other, appreciate each other and will always belong to each other.

My inner child is not afraid.

The adolescent within me is learning Order, she can set New Boundaries.

My inner child radiates Light in the darkness, she can meet her own needs.

The child within me is sexually alive, but her sex will not be used against her.

I am resourceful in helping my inner child.

I Will move ahead when things go wrong, nothing can stop me.

I affirm the wisdom of my inner voice.

I can see clearly now. Today I will use my mind to discern between fantasy and reality.

I let go of the need to be self-critical.

Today, I will contemplate the source of my strength … the inner child.

I Am safe.

I Am secure.

I Am Top Dog, Alpha.

I Am deserving of the Love and Protection I give to others.

I Am significant.

I Am perfect, precious and valuable. I claim ALL of Me.

My inner child Will be treated well, with respect and honored.

NO aspect of the masculine is permitted to usurp Her/My Will.

WE will not be used my the masculine in the astral … no making out, no sex, no intimacy.

I can be ALL of me … Inner Child and Protectress.

I Am integrated.

I transform experiences in the astral to add Value to the inner child.

She will not be used as a fuck toy.

She will not be manipulated.

Especially in the astral.

By anyone.

She is Me.

I Am She.

We are one.

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