The Bodies

Published December 30, 2020 by tindertender

Received my new book today.

It is fascinating to learn about the different energy bodies and what they bring with, or leave behind during OBE.

I was just wondering about the variances that seemed to be present between the conscious mind and the astral mind, the subconscious.

I wondered at the level of WILL one has the authority over when “dreaming” or as we know often as “astral travel” and experiences.

Seems there are certain traits, or characteristics we simply don’t take with us at specific levels of presence.

Well, perhaps the incorporation of all aspects of self we are experiencing as a collective will have an affect on the way energy is currently being distributed between the bodies.

I am very grateful for the teachers, the writers, those who share knowledge and technique so certain practices can be studied.

5 comments on “The Bodies

  • My dear, all that is required is yourself. This is a personal journey. Our souls do all the “work” and decide where and how. I didn’t even realize I was astral projecting when it first occured. Now as a master shaman I have learned more about my alternate states of being.

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