The Mind

Published September 29, 2020 by tindertender

I can be sitting here minding my own business and something will happen to make me think “you should be careful of what you say” … “you should not say that” … “you have no idea what is going to happen to you” ….. or some such chatter.

And I think … are these really MY thoughts, or an impersonator, or imposter, trying to implant suggestions which cause paranoia, or fear of retribution, simply for being me?

So I kick back, usually rebel, and think more of the same … at first. Then I listen to what I am saying. Is it beneficial to me? Am I just chattering away to hear my self talk? Do I ever think before I speak? Who is listening … really?

Surely by now all of us are aware there is always someone listening, even if they are invisible. No thing goes unnoticed, no thing is hidden.

The question is, if these ones are sitting in a seat of judgement, without the unobstructed introduction of self and status, or authority, should any of it be taken seriously? Any instilled sense of doubt?

I’m currently of the mind that if it doesn’t go against my own moral code, then no … however, perceptions change, and so does that code, so being open to new ways of thinking is critical for growth …

Even if the listeners are still only just invisible.

Call them angels … demons … aliens … or the more common (I believe) psychics …. having been around for millennia, secretly ruling the world from behind veils … which are now lifting for a better view … for them … and for we.

Perhaps I am not the only one who has wondered these things.

Maybe you too have been receiving visitors in astral land, what some still call ‘dream time’.

Being as conscious in the subconscious and unconscious as we are during the waking states is difficult … or is it really any different, given the many distractions we are constantly chasing around?

Oh the mind … a crazy, crazy thing so few know much about … even the so-called professionals.

How often are our actions intentionally drawn up, and coordinated? How often are we willy-nilly flipping through the channels of life until we land on something interesting, a distraction for a time?

Sounds like a dream.

Even while awake.

Here for a moment, and in an entirely different place in the next. If not physically, then inside the mind.

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