Be Quiet, Be Small

Published November 18, 2020 by tindertender

There are many in the seen and unseen who wish for you to shrink, to be quiet, to remain small.

They threaten to exercise their ‘authority’ over you, they’ll ruin you, punish you in ways that’ll make you regret your life, for eternity.

They touch you in ways intrusive, they take privileges not granted, they demand you be the ignorant ‘lamb’ you’ve been your whole life.

They will find their way into the depths of your soul and they will twist your innards, flip flopping your energies, commanding your very presence.

They’ll suggest you must pay for the sins of humanity.

What do you do?

In the physical it is easier because often you can simply walk away and never look back.

In the unseen … well, that is different.

The unseen is where those who exercise their Will to create change in the seen dwell. They are not happy when one intrudes into their space.

They demand that you be silent, or everything good will be stripped from you, replaced by shit. They are quite pleased with themselves.

They’ll tell you your attitude is not acceptable, they’ll tell you to fight is only going to bring increased harshness to your world.

This whole “shine your light” business is a method of finding the strongest among us. Those that vibrate high and have Power.

Their plan is to eliminate these ones.

What will remain are those who can be controlled easily, the ‘flock’.

Do you believe as a Light Bearer you will be granted a place at the table? Think again. They view you, me, WE as long term cattle … we are not allowed at the table.

Stop doing their work for them.

Make them earn it.

If they mean to remove the strong from this plane so they can create a Utopia, a Utopia where they are the only ones ‘awake’ and all others are ‘sleeping’ due to their genetics being altered by a vaccine and other toxins in the food, well … that’s just crap.

They are not your friends.

You may think that there are two factions … the good and the bad … you may even believe there is no such thing as bad … that all is one.

Well, it is, in a way, one. Polarity is everywhere.

This world, believe it or not, is the ‘good’, while the other I’ve been exposed to is the polar opposite. You think its awful here?

Don’t get on board a ship.

Do your best not to get sucked into a wormhole, a portal, which they can open anywhere, anytime.

Some say, “Stand your ground”. HA

Exercising ones Will requires a quiet determination.

Ranting and raving only expends the energies quickly.

Stay calm.

Just as every physical being does not have your highest interest at heart, it is the same with the unseen. Not all cherish your life for anything other than the Power they can syphon off you. You’ve already been exposed to this by ‘humans’ we call energetic vampires … they are everywhere, here, and there.

My hope is that the good guys wind up in my life, in your life. That those who intend harm are washed away. The challenge has been great, and ramping up now.

Prepare yourself.

Remember … if we were truly as nothing, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to possess our soul.

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