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Portal of Chaos

Published July 3, 2022 by tindertender

Friends Of Light!

Buckle Up As I Share News Of The Darkness! Have No Fear, As You Are The Light!

Many Of You Have Heard Of CERN. For A Few Years, The Word Was Front And Center.

Then It Was Shut Down With No Reasonable Explanation. Many Understood Even Then, There Was An Evil Intent. After Three Years, CERN’s Particle Accelerator Is Starting Up With Full Force!

Be Warned! Never Fear!

Upgrades To The Large Hadron Collider Will Increase The Number Of Collisions Of Particles That Will Open What Humans Would Refer To As ‘The Gates Of Hell’.

In Attempting To Reveal Secrets Of The Universe, Many Scientists Are Quite Aware That Many Of The So Called Secrets Are Of Darkness And Evil.

Receiving Data For Four More Years Allow Portals To Open Energetically In Areas Of The Universe And In The Darkest Of Densities Around The Earth.

Scientists Always Move Forward In Seeking Knowledge And Not All Are Convinced Of The Impending Dangers Of Toying With Entities Thriving In The Non-Physical Aspect Of Life.

Moving Forward In Their Work, They Ignore The Data Already Gathered Of Entities Seen On Camera As Well As Many Humans Gathering For Dark Rituals As They Call The Entities To Come Forward.

This Is Not What You Want. Let Me Assure You!

First Allow Me To Lovingly Warn You Of Psychic Attacks. These Are Dark Energy Forms That Are Able To Enter Your Field And Cause Many Problems. Without Meditating, Cleansing Your Aura And Field Daily, You Acquire Tears And Openings.

Place White Light Around Your Body At A 3 Feet Range. Then Go Further To 20 Feet As You Command All Darkness To Leave.

These Entities Can Cause Stress, Nightmares And Depression. Their Intent Is To Destroy You But They Only Have Power When Allowed Access.

You May Not See Them, But Live As Though You Do. Protect Your Body And Mind.

What Do They Look Like? We Discussed This Before Addressing This With You, As Our Intent Is To Provide Information Without Causing You Fear.

If You Feel That Reading Further Would Be Upsetting, Skip To The End Of The Message.

These Entities Rush Through Portals When Allowed. They Are Massive. Some Are 12- 20 Feet Tall. Most Are Very Wide Compared To Their Height. They Are 6-8 Feet Wide.

They Are A Pinkish Grey Color. They Have No Body Definition. The Edges Are Round, Jagged And Torn. Their Faces Are Quite Hideous. They Attempt To Mimic A Human And Project Abstract Features Of Openings For Eyes With Dripping Liquid and Tissue.

A Moving Nose That Contracts And Expands In Grotesque Manners. A Mouth That Is Moving And Changing Sizes As It Drips Tissue. To Seers, This Is Just Another Moment Of Darkness. They See Beings Of Light As Well.

The Purpose Of Sharing This Information Is To Allow You To Know This Operation Will Create Thousands Of Portals That Dark Entities Will Quickly Scurry Through. You Have Nothing To Fear Physically. Emotionally And Psychically, You Are Open For Attacks.

We Are Dispersing Light And Frequencies That Will Destroy Many Of These Entities By Tearing Their Bodies Into Pieces And Suctioning Them Into A Portal We Have Designed. They Cannot Survive This.

The Intention Of Darkness Is To Prevent Or Detain The Shift.

Remember That Light Always Prevails. Meditate And Find Unity In Light!

We Have Your Back! We Have Your Being!

You Are Our Beloved Ones!

I Love You So!


As I See It

Published February 12, 2022 by tindertender

The fallen have been in war with the heavenly realms for a very long time. Their goal is to make heaven their throne, with the earth as their footstool.

This realm is the garden.

The garden has been pillaged.

The womb of the feminine is the Stargate thru which the heavenly incarnates.

The fallen have done everything they can to corrupt this Stargate.

Abortion keeps SOL family from incarnating, rape that goes unprosecuted, hysterectomies that were not necessarily needed, viruses injected into the body to cause infertility, bpa lining in all canned products causes reproductive difficulties for male and female, plus a plethora of other chemicals in the foods, water, and various products.

Their goal is to stop the female and male human from being able to procreate … meaning no more in the heavenly realms would be entering thru the womb portal into this world, which effectively means the fallen own this domain.

That’s the real war.

Those with nefarious intentions will fail tho, yet again. Human bodies will be brought back to optimum health, procreation will continue.

The reward for this attempt will not be planetary domination by those who do not honor the sacred, but they will instead be stripped of a life which includes the primordial light of source creation.

Their world will be dark. (I’ve seen it).

No more innocent souls to fragment so they can more easily “walk-in” to the body and live the innocent’s life instead.

No more pilfering of the lights consciousness waves of love, or the attention and energy behind creative emotion, which has been stolen and utilized for mutations of the sacred., based on fear.

From the destruction of primordial light will come the karmic experience of living without this source.

The Universal Laws apply to all.

Even those who know how to wield great power, manifesting whatever their selfish needs require.

Those who have been tormented, energetically and otherwise feasted upon, used in many different ways, WILL receive justice and restitution for what was stolen from them, and the abuses which have been done to them.

At some point an individual, and collective, must accept responsibility for their actions.

It is time for the shit to stop rolling downhill.

It is time for the violator to be known.

There is a very significant purpose and reason for each individual to be here at this time.

Let’s turn up the volume Guides, Guardians, Ancestors, Star Nation, psychic friends and family!

I look forward to co-creating the abundant fullness of health and wealth of our planetary system with you!


As the greatest Collective that ever has been.

Image: Public Domain

Be Quiet, Be Small

Published November 18, 2020 by tindertender

There are many in the seen and unseen who wish for you to shrink, to be quiet, to remain small.

They threaten to exercise their ‘authority’ over you, they’ll ruin you, punish you in ways that’ll make you regret your life, for eternity.

They touch you in ways intrusive, they take privileges not granted, they demand you be the ignorant ‘lamb’ you’ve been your whole life.

They will find their way into the depths of your soul and they will twist your innards, flip flopping your energies, commanding your very presence.

They’ll suggest you must pay for the sins of humanity.

What do you do?

In the physical it is easier because often you can simply walk away and never look back.

In the unseen … well, that is different.

The unseen is where those who exercise their Will to create change in the seen dwell. They are not happy when one intrudes into their space.

They demand that you be silent, or everything good will be stripped from you, replaced by shit. They are quite pleased with themselves.

They’ll tell you your attitude is not acceptable, they’ll tell you to fight is only going to bring increased harshness to your world.

This whole “shine your light” business is a method of finding the strongest among us. Those that vibrate high and have Power.

Their plan is to eliminate these ones.

What will remain are those who can be controlled easily, the ‘flock’.

Do you believe as a Light Bearer you will be granted a place at the table? Think again. They view you, me, WE as long term cattle … we are not allowed at the table.

Stop doing their work for them.

Make them earn it.

If they mean to remove the strong from this plane so they can create a Utopia, a Utopia where they are the only ones ‘awake’ and all others are ‘sleeping’ due to their genetics being altered by a vaccine and other toxins in the food, well … that’s just crap.

They are not your friends.

You may think that there are two factions … the good and the bad … you may even believe there is no such thing as bad … that all is one.

Well, it is, in a way, one. Polarity is everywhere.

This world, believe it or not, is the ‘good’, while the other I’ve been exposed to is the polar opposite. You think its awful here?

Don’t get on board a ship.

Do your best not to get sucked into a wormhole, a portal, which they can open anywhere, anytime.

Some say, “Stand your ground”. HA

Exercising ones Will requires a quiet determination.

Ranting and raving only expends the energies quickly.

Stay calm.

Just as every physical being does not have your highest interest at heart, it is the same with the unseen. Not all cherish your life for anything other than the Power they can syphon off you. You’ve already been exposed to this by ‘humans’ we call energetic vampires … they are everywhere, here, and there.

My hope is that the good guys wind up in my life, in your life. That those who intend harm are washed away. The challenge has been great, and ramping up now.

Prepare yourself.

Remember … if we were truly as nothing, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to possess our soul.


False King of Tyranny

Published August 1, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/Karina89350882?s=21

The old energy purging on planet could be described as the “patriarchal exorcism” of the False King of Tyranny, and this theme would be synonymous with the events that have transpired from the choices made since the Atlantian Timelines that split the brotherhoods of humankind.

If we follow that timeline, the Atlantian Cataclysms is where we had a catclysmic shift in consciousness that propelled humanity into a fallen state, the descension spiral and break between the Universal knowledge and the level of multidimensional consciousness. Humanity and other races along with us, became fully lost in the duality and separation consciousness with an Negative Ego filter. The Ego Filters were Mind Controled by the NAA (intruder races) to control the planetary mind through the patriarchal dominion, greed, warring culture, along with culling genetic preferences made through DNA manipulation.

The Atlantian brotherhood conflict is still playing out its karmic patterns in the contemporary world at this time. There are multidimensional levels, pinnacles of conflicts in the middle east, Iran Gate that are fighting over energies and control in ancient inter-dimensional portal gateways going back to the Lyran Wars.

These gateways (or Stargates) were dormant and have not been activated in our recent history; these matrices are forming in accordance to the ascending planetary quantum mechanics of which as a result, these ancient portals are being reconnected or becoming more active. As these Planetary Gates open access into other dimensions of time and space, as this is happening on earth now, most humans still remain asleep to these events, and as such there are massive conflicts of power (wars, bloodshed, etc) over who is working with accessing those Stargates and commanding those energies.

Taran Genetic Digression

Over many millions of years, two distinctly opposing seed cultures emerged as infected by the AI programming of the neighboring Bourgha, the Victim-Victimizer software, which was designed to amplify extreme forces of polarity that were particularly effective for harvesting Loosh energy. The Law of Polarity was governed by the Gemini constellation, which down stepped mental body creations that were being generated from the AI mutations forming to reverse polarity signatures. Mutations started to form in which one group of Tarans started to be genetically slanted towards more aggression, domination over others and Service to Self. This group formed into what eventually played out as the Atlantians, a patriarchal dominating culture that was very mentalized and scientific.

The other culture was much more passive, spiritual and willing to capitulate through Service to Others. This group formed into what eventually played out as the Lemurians, a matriarchal culture that was very balanced with nature and was following the Law of One.

CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research 1954 LHC Large Hadron Collider

Published March 4, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/tammiesawakenow

The worlds largest and most powerful particle accelerator and largest machine man has ever made. Located in Saint-Genus-Poilly, Switzerland. The town where CERN is located was called “Appoliacum”.

In Roman times where a temple existed in honor of Apollyon the Destroyer (Apollo), where the Romans believed was a gateway to the underworld. LHC was designed to smash sub-atomic particles together at or close to the speed of light in order to break them apart.

And find the original particle that ignited or started the universe a fraction of a second after the Big Bang, the so called “God Particle”.

July 12, 2012, CERN scientists announced the discovery of that was later confirmed to be the Higgs boson. The “God Particle”. Are these scientists trying to access their inter deminsional doorway, as the director of CERN, Bertolucci said.

“Large Hadron Collider could open a doorway to another dimension, and out this door might come something, or we might send something through it.” The scientist at CERN believe in the existence of another parallel and alternative dimension (physics dictate that there are at least 11 of them (think of the movie Stranger Things) and they believe that in recreating the conditions of the Big Bang, scientists can rip open the veil that separates the two.

CERN & Revelation 9:1-3 “To Him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit…. and there came out locusts open the earth… Bottomless pit translated abussos in Greek, literally means the shaft of the abyss (so it’s not just a pit, but rather a tunnel – the tunnel to the abyss). The idea of a tunnel (wormhole) leading to another dimension, or black hole is very much the heart of CERN. scientists often use “bottomless pit” to describe wormhole. Apollyon is the angel of the bottomless pit, the king of the demonic “Locusts” that we’re unleashed. The statue of the Hindu god Shiva, the “god of Destruction” or called “the destroyer” is displayed outside the LHC.

CERN id the birthplace of the World Wide Web (WWW). The Hebrew equivalent to our “w” is the letter “vav” or “waw” which has the numerical value of 6. So the English “www” translated in Hebrew is “vav vav vav” or 666.

Many of CERNs experiments are demonic. SATAN (Solar Axion Telescope ANtenna), DELPHI (DEtector with Lepton, Photon and Hadron Indentification) which was a sanctuary of Apollo, HADES (High Acceptance Di-Electron Spectrometer) which is the name of the underworld and ALICE ( A Large Ion Collider Experiment), which is another name for Lucifer. You can verify these and other examples on http://home.cern

Strange objects appearing in the machine during tests, Sanskrit writing (which is the language of the ancient gods) on panels inside of CERN and earthquakes coinciding with the activity.

All these coincidences, symbols and patterns of occult rituals suggest it is without a doubt a portal to the demonic realms.

Beyond the Higgs: What’s next for LHC https://youtu.be/edvdzh9Pggg. Large Hadron Rap https://youtu.be/j50ZssEojtM. Particle Fever (2013) CERN

South Park

3/14/15 Symmetry Video https://youtu.be/Cllqr1nmdYk

There’s so much to learn about CERN. This is just the beginning of the horror. Check out this link and then explore how powerful antimatter is, how it effects humans and animals, how it provokes paranormal activity. Reality is stranger than fiction.


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