Portal of Chaos

Published July 3, 2022 by tindertender

Friends Of Light!

Buckle Up As I Share News Of The Darkness! Have No Fear, As You Are The Light!

Many Of You Have Heard Of CERN. For A Few Years, The Word Was Front And Center.

Then It Was Shut Down With No Reasonable Explanation. Many Understood Even Then, There Was An Evil Intent. After Three Years, CERN’s Particle Accelerator Is Starting Up With Full Force!

Be Warned! Never Fear!

Upgrades To The Large Hadron Collider Will Increase The Number Of Collisions Of Particles That Will Open What Humans Would Refer To As ‘The Gates Of Hell’.

In Attempting To Reveal Secrets Of The Universe, Many Scientists Are Quite Aware That Many Of The So Called Secrets Are Of Darkness And Evil.

Receiving Data For Four More Years Allow Portals To Open Energetically In Areas Of The Universe And In The Darkest Of Densities Around The Earth.

Scientists Always Move Forward In Seeking Knowledge And Not All Are Convinced Of The Impending Dangers Of Toying With Entities Thriving In The Non-Physical Aspect Of Life.

Moving Forward In Their Work, They Ignore The Data Already Gathered Of Entities Seen On Camera As Well As Many Humans Gathering For Dark Rituals As They Call The Entities To Come Forward.

This Is Not What You Want. Let Me Assure You!

First Allow Me To Lovingly Warn You Of Psychic Attacks. These Are Dark Energy Forms That Are Able To Enter Your Field And Cause Many Problems. Without Meditating, Cleansing Your Aura And Field Daily, You Acquire Tears And Openings.

Place White Light Around Your Body At A 3 Feet Range. Then Go Further To 20 Feet As You Command All Darkness To Leave.

These Entities Can Cause Stress, Nightmares And Depression. Their Intent Is To Destroy You But They Only Have Power When Allowed Access.

You May Not See Them, But Live As Though You Do. Protect Your Body And Mind.

What Do They Look Like? We Discussed This Before Addressing This With You, As Our Intent Is To Provide Information Without Causing You Fear.

If You Feel That Reading Further Would Be Upsetting, Skip To The End Of The Message.

These Entities Rush Through Portals When Allowed. They Are Massive. Some Are 12- 20 Feet Tall. Most Are Very Wide Compared To Their Height. They Are 6-8 Feet Wide.

They Are A Pinkish Grey Color. They Have No Body Definition. The Edges Are Round, Jagged And Torn. Their Faces Are Quite Hideous. They Attempt To Mimic A Human And Project Abstract Features Of Openings For Eyes With Dripping Liquid and Tissue.

A Moving Nose That Contracts And Expands In Grotesque Manners. A Mouth That Is Moving And Changing Sizes As It Drips Tissue. To Seers, This Is Just Another Moment Of Darkness. They See Beings Of Light As Well.

The Purpose Of Sharing This Information Is To Allow You To Know This Operation Will Create Thousands Of Portals That Dark Entities Will Quickly Scurry Through. You Have Nothing To Fear Physically. Emotionally And Psychically, You Are Open For Attacks.

We Are Dispersing Light And Frequencies That Will Destroy Many Of These Entities By Tearing Their Bodies Into Pieces And Suctioning Them Into A Portal We Have Designed. They Cannot Survive This.

The Intention Of Darkness Is To Prevent Or Detain The Shift.

Remember That Light Always Prevails. Meditate And Find Unity In Light!

We Have Your Back! We Have Your Being!

You Are Our Beloved Ones!

I Love You So!


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