As I See It

Published February 12, 2022 by tindertender

The fallen have been in war with the heavenly realms for a very long time. Their goal is to make heaven their throne, with the earth as their footstool.

This realm is the garden.

The garden has been pillaged.

The womb of the feminine is the Stargate thru which the heavenly incarnates.

The fallen have done everything they can to corrupt this Stargate.

Abortion keeps SOL family from incarnating, rape that goes unprosecuted, hysterectomies that were not necessarily needed, viruses injected into the body to cause infertility, bpa lining in all canned products causes reproductive difficulties for male and female, plus a plethora of other chemicals in the foods, water, and various products.

Their goal is to stop the female and male human from being able to procreate … meaning no more in the heavenly realms would be entering thru the womb portal into this world, which effectively means the fallen own this domain.

That’s the real war.

Those with nefarious intentions will fail tho, yet again. Human bodies will be brought back to optimum health, procreation will continue.

The reward for this attempt will not be planetary domination by those who do not honor the sacred, but they will instead be stripped of a life which includes the primordial light of source creation.

Their world will be dark. (I’ve seen it).

No more innocent souls to fragment so they can more easily “walk-in” to the body and live the innocent’s life instead.

No more pilfering of the lights consciousness waves of love, or the attention and energy behind creative emotion, which has been stolen and utilized for mutations of the sacred., based on fear.

From the destruction of primordial light will come the karmic experience of living without this source.

The Universal Laws apply to all.

Even those who know how to wield great power, manifesting whatever their selfish needs require.

Those who have been tormented, energetically and otherwise feasted upon, used in many different ways, WILL receive justice and restitution for what was stolen from them, and the abuses which have been done to them.

At some point an individual, and collective, must accept responsibility for their actions.

It is time for the shit to stop rolling downhill.

It is time for the violator to be known.

There is a very significant purpose and reason for each individual to be here at this time.

Let’s turn up the volume Guides, Guardians, Ancestors, Star Nation, psychic friends and family!

I look forward to co-creating the abundant fullness of health and wealth of our planetary system with you!


As the greatest Collective that ever has been.

Image: Public Domain

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