The Oracle Says … 2-13-2022

Published February 13, 2022 by tindertender

Expect meetings and interviews. Now is the time for negotiations. Communications are positive. Many voices together are louder than one.

Fondness and affection fuel your passions and devotions. An enduring love may be born of this time. There is present a promise of love and commitment. A marriage may even develop, whether personal, or between various groups, corporations and other businesses.

Luck and happiness are on the horizon. Difficulties transform into opportunities. There is purity in the movement, all is well.

12 ~ Focus on your divine life purpose and also on your soul mission. This number is related to your inner wisdom and inner strength. You have to use your wisdom and your sensitivity in order to achieve your goals.

7 ~ Completeness and perfection. Do not let road blocks disturb you too much. You’re about to have all the information you need. 7 represents the sacred union between the universe and God.

24 ~ Great diplomats who know how to settle disputes and differences between battled sides and restore harmony and balance.

11 ~ Associated with spiritual awakening. Use your leadership qualities to benefit yourself and those around you. Your destiny is up to you.

2 ~ Harmony, balance, consideration and love. Believe in energies that exist in the Universe. Cooperation and peace, so many good things are on the way.

6 ~ Related to nurturing, service to other people, protection, peace and selflessness. Be prepared for new responsibilities that you will get in the near future. Keep your thoughts positive.

Here we have two pairs of winged ones. The owls, king and queen of the nighttime skies, and swans, graceful swimmers. The first of the air and the night, the second of the day and the water. These are pairs, partners, mates, in both realms.

Owl symbolism and meanings include wisdom, intuition, supernatural power, independent thinking, courage and protection and observant listening. Owls see what others do not.

Message of Owl: Withstand the mob mentality.

The meaning of swan is grace, beauty, love, trust, and loyalty. Swan symbolism is also linked to inner beauty and self love. A pair of swans represent soul mates for life.

Clover is a symbol of good luck, prosperity and inner strength.

“If you find an even ash or a four-leaved clover, rest assured you’ll see your true love ere the day is over”. This is a verse taken from an old magical charm from North England.

Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand

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