The Multi-dimensional Self

Published November 8, 2020 by tindertender

I’ve noticed that while in the astral my “attitude” is non-existent. Things there are simply as they are. I don’t try to fight there. Although, there have been a couple incidents of ‘saving’ ones that I love.

In the astral there is an ‘acceptance’. In the seen world, there seems to be a battle, battle battle … of any kind, physical, mental, emotional … the two awarenesses are completely different.

I never go on offense in the astral. If there is fighting to be done, it is because someone attacks me and I go on defense.

I wonder to myself why I do not go on offense …

Perhaps it is because in this life I never looked for a fight. I never sought to dominate another. Yet I was often on the receiving end of those who do, and embody, aggressive behaviors.

It is the same in the astral as it is in the physical.

What we see happening in this world is already happening in the aethers.

Much like the physical body finally developing physical ‘symptoms’ of an illness already happening in our energetic form.

Essentially, human life, indeed ALL sentient life, is under a constant barrage of manipulation by those who dwell in the hidden realms.

Certain energetic damages leave scars in the psyche … some of them are raised and thick and dense. These are they which cause the human to create energetic barriers, invisible ‘walls’ in the attempt to shield and protect ones self.

It is clear all this generates is more seclusion.

So I say to those who inhabit the astral, those sorcerers who dwell in the world where the Will is dominant and overwrites much of the reasoning mans creations … please stop fighting. Stop fighting so we can experience Peace … here, and there.

Chaos cannot ever create peace, only a mimicked representation of it … a show, a copy of the real deal.

Isn’t it time to be authentic with these shows of peace? Or is it really that difficult to release the need for power and dominance over humanity and all other life?

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