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Hope vs Power

Published November 18, 2020 by tindertender

“Hope” is the “drug” of all believe-systems, to make humans feel that they are “powerless” and depending always on an exterior god(s). But we are INTERDIMENSONAL BEINGS, just using this body for a “micro-second” of our immortal/eternal journey of experiences. Which we also create by OURSELVES. The lie about death keeps humans in fear. Yes – the bodies die, but we are pure energy/consciousness. The next problem is that humans think Earth is sooo special. No, there are trillions of similar planets . Some with different lifeforms, some similar to us.

Some millions of years more advanced, some millions of years less. But we have to understand that humans are one really “basic” in their evolution. 3rd dimension is the lowest level of experiencing absolute polarity, division, to be “separated” from Source. And therefore it`s imperative to understand that HUMANITY has to overcome this and to get into balance in remembering who they REALLY are and why they are here….

You are the ONE who can forgive yourself and others in all timelines, dimensions, realms and come to the conclusion: “Lesson learned. I am GOING ON”!!!

We are all our own creators. Sometimes we create love and bliss, and other times chaos and drama. But they are always just lessons we want to learn. And we will repeat over and over again – until we “got” it…

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Harmony With Shadow

Published November 17, 2020 by tindertender

It’ll be easier on your spirit if you live in harmony with your shadow, rather than trying to be all light.

You cannot try to eat one part of yourself, and still expect yourself to feel full. We’re dualist beings, co-exist with yourself.

Like the Ashanti proverb: Siamese crocodiles share one stomach, yet they fight over food.

Some people can’t coexist with the parts of themselves they don’t even like, how can we expect them to coexist with another person different than them?

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Dream-Time Travelling

Published October 12, 2020 by tindertender

Last night during astral travel I was sitting in my room and saw the corner of the ceiling lift and light was showing through. I mentioned it to my roommate and he said, “We shouldn’t talk about that.” I said, “What? Shouldn’t talk about it! Someone is peeking into our living space and we shouldn’t talk about it?!?!”

I proceeded to investigate.

I rose somehow to this place. People were there. They rested in their specific states of polarity, just as we do here, some ‘gentle’ and some ‘not so gentle’.

I was told by a gal that the higher you go in these worlds, the bigger the boogey-man is. To me, this means that the polarity is more extreme the higher you travel in these worlds, which is why it is so important to always be in a state of loving kindness.

I saw two men in front of me. They were of the gentler energy, and another came up behind me putting his hands on my hips and then letting one hand wander a bit to which I was not too happy about. We wound up on sitting on the floor where he summoned a puppy, who slinked to him with tail between its legs, a sure sign of fright. I then played with the puppy for just a short time.

Later, the kind man I saw at first was there in front of me and a woman wearing a sort of clown mask (although I am inclined to think it was the look of her species) came up behind him and seemed to have injected his body with an energy that made his eyes roll in his head and he fainted. She was very pleased with herself.

Another woman was in the process of repainting the place. She had a darker blue for the doors and a grayish looking blue for the trim. The flooring was red brick and she claimed she was going to repaint it also but that it was going to be a different color than the doors and trim. I stated it was the floor, and it ought to be a different color.

Astral travelling these days has gotten interesting.

Some experience nightmares … in the light or in the shadow. I’ve had them, they come up occasionally. Others will experience planes such as what I’ve just described. Indeed, they may experience higher planes also, or lower.

Polarity … an interesting subject, especially when considering different dimensions and their potency, their extremes.

Years ago I would have said “It’s only a dream, whew!” These days I understand it is so much more than that. Worlds are literally merging.

To experience Descending or Ascension …

Which world we wind up in and with whom remains to be seen. Will we sink to lower levels or will we rise? What is your energetic vibe right now? Are you eating a bunch of flesh, processed foods, and sweetened drinks or sodas? Are you eating organic fruits and vegetables, drinking a lot of clean water, flushing the system? Do you drink tea or coffee, or do you drink alcohol, smoke and do drugs? Do you practice stilling the mind in meditation, or is your mind always running here and there in a sort of chaotic fashion?

ALL of these things affect the vibration and energy of the body.

Cultivating kindness in heart and mind is of great value these days. If we cultivate a warring mentality, the likelihood we encounter such in the astral increases. Truly, if we desire peace, we need grow its specific traits in our heart and mind. It will affect our lives in the seen, and in the unseen to a greater or lesser degree.


Published July 9, 2020 by tindertender

You should be noticing right about now polarity resting very close to each other.

Emotions swing from sadness to gladness, so quickly you could swear they had smashed right into each other.

Same for all other emotional states.

We see it in the media … one minute they are demanding the economy remain closed, and on the other hand they are complaining about unemployment and jobless claims.

Yes … the media is having its own smashup of polarity.

Begin to notice it, in yourself, and in all things you are viewing currently.

Eventually, polarity ought to meet, and then begin to distance from each other once more.

Do your utmost to maintain a calm mind. (I have difficulty taking this advice, personally).

Alcohol and other substances will throw you into a spiral, a spiral from which you will not be able to clearly define anything.

Choice …

We determine how difficult we will make this on ourselves.

It WILL be difficult, regardless.

Stubborn Will says, “I can do whatever I want to do.”
Followed by, “Why did I do that, or continue to do that?”

Yes … my dilema too.

I keep wondering when Stubborn or Strong Will transforms into Skillful Will.

It seems my mind is not quite done messing with me yet.

Powers that be, please let the Will be transformed soon.

In the mien time, I keep saying …

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When Time Stops

Published February 5, 2020 by tindertender

I imagine polarity will meet in the middle and all things will be everything, at the same time.


Crying sad, and laughing at the absurdity.

The human mind will go on the fritz.

People will have aneurisms and fall over, no longer in body.

Cities will have to incinerate bodies there will be so many.

Fortunately, polarity will only pass each other once … for another however many millennia.

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