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Published January 9, 2021 by tindertender

“This world operates through polarities and pairings that both oppose and complement each other and humans are no exception. The heart beats with two sides, the lungs double up to breathe, breasts hang side by side and the testicles as well. The eyes and ears watch and listen from two sides of the same face and many have been known to speak out of both sides of their mouths. Sometimes one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing and most of us suffer inner conflicts and are often at odds with ourselves.

A person is both a unity and an opposition, so is a marriage and so are most social relationships as well. A whole society works that way, with opposing political parties and with upper classes looking down on those trying to move up in the world. Each thing carries its own shadow and the inner oppositions in people repeatedly become reflected in outer conflicts that are even harder to get a handle on. Whatever we refuse to face within us will become a collective fate in the world around us. The wise come to know their own inner conflicts, while the unwise keep insisting that all the trouble is the fault of others.”

Duality ~ A Special Game

Published December 30, 2020 by tindertender

Humanity ( and all incarnated Beings) play in 3D a “special game” and it`s called “Dark/Light. Left/Right, Good/Bad” and all the versions of “Duality. And IF you want to ascend to “somewhere! you will “face” your own deepest darkness. This “shadow” of you, the most of humans, try to avoid or even think that they have this own “uglyness…” but this is THE part of ascension from this lower dimension, you will have to deal with…..so let me tell you something about it.

Shining the Light on Shadow

Do you know that you have a Shadow in your psyche? If you do then you are one of a few. Most people are completely unaware that there is this part of their psyche that is limiting them, blocking them, sabotaging them, causing them to suffer addictions, compulsions, neuroses and all manner of other maladies of the soul. Despite the fact that EVERYONE here is afflicted with a Shadow, almost no-one knows this. And even fewer seem able to respond to their Shadow in such a way that real healing is achieved.

This is not a mistake, though. A dense Shadow is an essential ingredient in keeping us locked in these lives we are living, attached to deep duality.

But you are ready to move on now. That’s why you are here. You are ready to not only meet your Inner-Self, not only get into alignment with this great being… but you are actually ready to begin to love, heal and re-integrate your Shadow because that is the only way you are ever going to tear down the self-imposed wall of separation that you have built between the small mortal little ego-self you are currently experiencing yourself to be and the divine limitless eternal Self that you truly are.

And when you look “into the mirror” and you see ALL of what and who you are down here – also this dark, nasty beast – and then you understand all at once that you are your own darkness and your own light – you are ONE. And THEN you will also understand Ascension… and what it really takes to walk this path into the light.

Next I want to tell about the most “abused” word and entities in the Ascensions Process – LIGHTBRINGERS. I already told you that the majority on Earth right now are “Earth-seeds/souls”, not “descended” from higher Dimensions, but just about to start their Journey of evoloving consciousness. If Earth Souls are in the majority here, then Starseeds make up the majority of non-Earth Souls. But LIGHT-BRINGERS don`t belong to the Earthsouls and not “really” to starseeds – they actually make up a VERY;VERY; VERY SMALL MINORITY. here.


Light Bringers are spirit entities that did not evolve inside this reality at all. Light-Bringers are so called because they are the part of that greater being that is tasked with bringing that being’s essential energy or “Light” here to this place.

Light-Bringers are here for something very particular. But before they can enact this purpose, they first have to utterly forget their own true nature so that they might lose themselves completely in this separation reality. Without this forgetting they will not be able to find their way down to the dense depths of consciousness where incarnation takes place. Which is what the Light Bringers had intended for themselves: to carry their Light right to the deepest core of this reality.

The reason this is necessary is a little complex to explain. Essentially, if their Light is present here, then it will be possible to find it echoing throughout all the rest of the reality. So the Light Bringers first lose themselves utterly and forget all that they are and all that they know. And then, in this deep state of forgetting, they incarnate upon planet Earth (or another similar venue, deep in duality). And then their task is to find their way to sufficient healing that they might again begin to remember who they are so that they might shine the light they went to all that effort to bring into this reality.

It’s a bit difficult to make generalized statements about Light-Bringers since they are not “a group”. Each one is a manifestation of a completely unique entity. And that, perhaps, is the only real unifying characteristic: When you meet a Light-Bringer you will quite likely be struck by the awareness that this person is “one of a kind”. That they are quite unlike anyone else you have ever met. The awakening Light-Bringer will also begin to show their Light. As they find it, so they express it. And this will inevitably result in them somewhat standing out in any crowd. You’ll notice a Light-Bringer when you meet one!

Light-Bringers find their way to this level of reality via all manner of possible paths. And so we encounter the notion of beings coming here “from the angelic realms” or via a few incarnations on other planets (making those Light-Bringers also seem to be Starseeds) and so on.

The possible permutations are too varied to contemplate. But when one comes to understand the origin of the soul, Light Bringers are different from other beings in that they first descended into this reality before finding themselves. They first fragmented themselves before beginning to reintegrate themselves. Earth-Souls and Starseeds, by contrast, originated spiritually from within this reality.

So – differently to a Starseed a Lightbringer has not a “special mission” but in healing him/herself and “re-gain” all the deepest wisdom, Lightbringers “do their mission” in just BEING – keep and hold the Light for all the others on the path of ascension and bring the knowledge.

All come from the Oneness and all return, eventually, to the Oneness. So there is certainly no sense in which any of these paths are “better” than any other. No sense in which one is “more valuable” than any other. Each path is merely one way in which consciousness can find its way to this here and now.

What is important is that YOU are here now. You have your “boots on the ground”. You have made it to planet Earth at this pivotal time of the planetary spiritual evolution. And, right on cue, you are awakening. What is REALLY important is how you now make your way forward.

Next I want to tell you about THE ascending timeline – and we are all here for THIS one!!!!

The Ascending Lifetime

Excepting for special circumstances, each soul really only has one ascending lifetime. You see, no matter where you come from or how you got here, we all have this in common: Every single person born on Earth is born into duality. That is to say, as our spirit being integrated with the new tiny baby body when we were born, we brought with us a belief that there was nothing divine about ourselves. To be born into this duality reality we all had to have separated ourselves utterly from our own true god-like nature.

We had to believe that we were small, weak, vulnerable, mortal and powerless. We had to believe that we were victims. In THAT state of “original sin” we were born here. Which is really why almost everyone here believes the truth is outside of themselves.


So we all have the same starting point. Perfect forgetting and absolute victimhood. That is the level of consciousness you must bear to be born into a duality reality such as this one. And you can maintain that level of awareness for as long as you like. You can attach yourself to the illusion for many lifetimes. Some manage to do this for thousands of lifetimes. Some, like myself, are not quite so robust and aim for awakening in the minimum number of lifetimes. But, again, neither many nor few lifetimes is “better”. It’s just whatever is right for you.

The point is, when you do begin to awaken spiritually, you begin to let go of the illusion. You begin to find your truth. You begin to heal. You begin to see your own light, your own magnificence, the beauty of your own soul. You begin to remember and fall in love with that which you truly are.

And this means, of course, that you raise your vibration. You transform yourself. You elevate your consciousness. And so, if you then leave this mortal life, you do not again return here. Because you are then no longer of this level of awareness. You either leave incarnation behind entirely or you move on to a different kind of life in a different kind of reality. A kinder, more loving, place. A place of less destructiveness. A place of greater harmony with your own true nature.

And here is the CRUCIAL point I am getting at:

You can have a thousand lives on the wheel of reincarnation if you like, returning to this level of reality over and over again. But you can only have ONE ascending lifetime. And, since you are reading this, I am assuming you are engaged in your ascending lifetime. You are on your way up and out of this place.

Yes, you WILL be able to return here as a teacher or a master if you choose. That does happen. It’s a hard path, but some feel such love and compassion for this place and its people that they choose that. But that’s a choice. Which is a very different thing than HAVING to come back, over and over again, because that is the level of consciousness you are stuck at!

What I am saying here is: you have THIS LIFE to strike out from the deep, deep depths of consciousness you were born with and to reach as far and as high as you can. Because you will still be here on this Earth with your “boots on the ground” while you do so. You will, in THIS lifetime, be able to bring to bear all the light and beauty and grace that your soul has to offer. To give your gift. To shine your light. To sing your song. So that, when you are done here and you walk away, you will do so with a heart brimming with joy and satisfaction that you did “right by yourself”.

I find, as I do this, it is my joy and my self-created purpose to shine my Light in such a way that others are pointed to their own hearts. That others see their own true nature. That others are awakened to their own beauty, perfection and divinity.

So – let the sunshine in!

This is the “funny” stuff I like in 3D

Isn`t it on some days ? *smile

There you are – pure light on the journey to bring love…

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Harmony With Shadow

Published November 17, 2020 by tindertender

It’ll be easier on your spirit if you live in harmony with your shadow, rather than trying to be all light.

You cannot try to eat one part of yourself, and still expect yourself to feel full. We’re dualist beings, co-exist with yourself.

Like the Ashanti proverb: Siamese crocodiles share one stomach, yet they fight over food.

Some people can’t coexist with the parts of themselves they don’t even like, how can we expect them to coexist with another person different than them?

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