Where Did I Leave My Higher Self?

Published March 31, 2021 by tindertender

The 3D realm is very much the “external” world.

The “Dream State” is very much 4D, where “words” are used and manipulation occurs. It is not our “going home” space.

The “Going Home” space does not use “words” … it is a place of “knowing”.

Ask the question, “Who got in my space today?”

Are you stuck on that?

Clean it out, remove all of it.

Stop pretending that the stories others have given you about your life are true.

You’ll find you left a little bit of yourself at all these visited points.

“Collect” yourself before going to bed.

Ask yourself, “Where did I leave myself? What have I been doing all of my day?”

Remember the vision of a Rose in your mind, command it to collect up from your space all the things that came up in your space today.

It overrides lower and slower vibrations in your space.

Explode the Rose in your mind.

Create another Rose in your mind, ask, was there anyone or anything else making presence in my life today? Place those instances in the Rose. Explode it.

Do this several times, and then create a Rose and explode it just for the fun of it a couple times.

Then ask, Where did I leave myself today? At the can of peas at the store? At a stop sign? At a particular scene in a TV show? Where did I put an imprint of myself today? Did mother call this morning?

Allow the Rose to collect all portions of yourself. When you’re all collected up, explode the Rose.

Create a visual of a Gold Sun over your head, call back all your energy into the Sun … feel it, down into your head, into your shoulders, into the body, down to the earth you stand upon, collect yourself.

And then go to sleep.

Be whole, right here, in present time.


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