Sexual Energy ~ The Key to Our Enslavement

Published March 31, 2021 by tindertender

Just before waking this morning I found myself in the astral, being “servant” to a masculine as he entertained his other masculine friends.

It was followed by a sort of interview.

He wanted me to clean the house, to be servant to his wife, and to “open doors” for him should he be on high sex mode, so that his wife did not have to see it.

I woke to reiterate to these ones that my astral self does not have my permission or the authority to enter into any agreements with anyone other than my benevolent team.

Since I know there are some in the unseen realms who feed on the sexual energies of the feminine AND masculine, I say NO to opening doors to them for their sexual needs and feeding.

Any of you having astral sex with an invisible are not special beyond being a source of energy … food … for the insatiable galactic.

Stop yourself from taking pleasure in it. Shut it down.

I walked out to the kitchen, poured myself the morning kombucha, and went to the living room for a seat on the couch. I opened the internet and the first thing I saw was this.

Of course, since this is a free-will planet, it is your choice to accept this information. I know it will be extremely difficult for many of you, so prepare yourselves, please.

Excerpt out of it: ……”The RULES say they must tell you (in some form) of what they intend to do here – lest they be cast down by Prime Creator himself – for not showing you what they are attempting to do.

But it goes far, far deeper, and in order to walk through all of this you are going to need a very strong stomach indeed, because the LIE IS SO BIG – that it will be difficult to assimilate at first.

The hidden Mass, where the ACTUAL mass happens, is usually held in sub-sub basements under major churches or major cathedrals, and this is where there is a true and real BLOOD SACRIFICE! It is the occult version of what they are doing above ground! (as above, so below – as below, so above).

In that “hidden mass” – which is the true and real reason for the allegorical blood sacrifice that the mass(es) are participating in above ground – they actually do lay out young, helpless, and naked little children on a large stone alter – both boys and girls – usually between the age of 2 years to 6 years old, and then first sexually rape them to produce within that child the thoughts, the ideas, and the strong emotions of “sex” (sssek -sssssssss) – just before those unfortunate kids are ritualistically sacrificed!

At this time, the participants of this “hidden” MASS, are allowed (or perhaps even required) once again, to “eat of the body” and “drink of the blood”! However this is not imaginary body and blood – it is all TOO REAL.”

Do you know why we have all the “SCI-FI-Films”, Horror Movies and strange A-Listers like Lady Gaga, Led Zeppelin, Beatles and thousands more??? Because the cosmic RULES say they must tell you (in some form) of what they intend to do here – lest they be cast down by Prime Creator himself – for not showing you what they are attempting to do.


The shutting down of the churches makes sense. It is a battle between “powers” unseen by us, unknown, unheard of, occult.

When the churches fail and their sacrificing comes to an end … who will then be “in charge”? Do you think it will be humans? Nah … humans are doing nothing to protect themselves or their children …

It will be other galactic entities.

Still holding humanity and all other life upon this planet as slave.

Different, yet the same.

Fear … and the willingness to be so loose sexually feeds this system of slavery.

This is the “core of the problems” in this 3D realm – humans are responsible for all of this and as long humanity is not willing to see that they themselves are “the monsters” too …. Highest Councils are not “pleased” how humanity as a whole has “developed” – and not just because of obvious crimes like murder or rape. Also about all the nasty stuff- ongoing – greed, lust, sexual “habits”, no compassion and empathy for others just for themselves, always judging somebody ….. and the list is endless. NO cosmic event will change this. This is already the 4th human earth seed after three catalytic events of annihilation – all caused by the human race. I am really sorry for this words – but this is how it is. And the only “rescue mission” is to work on ourselves – no higher power will rescue humanity. ~ Karina

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