Still, I Rise

Published March 31, 2021 by tindertender

From youth the feminine has been trained to see the masculine as provider, leader, caretaker, boss … she has been taught to relinquish her personal authority to him.

Often, she discovers that the roles we are told belong to him are poorly managed, leaving us to fulfill the roles ourselves, yet not getting the recognition of authority, regardless.

Personally, my conscious self has determined to hold the position of Head-of-Household, I pay the bills, I make the decisions.

Yet in the astral, my young, trusting, innocent self is holding on to the position of subservience.

Oh how she challenges me!!

I hereby decree that any masculine or feminine of the 4D astral or any dimension seeking control, the magician who hypnotizes and manipulates into subservience the human being, has NO AUTHORITY here!

The astral me does NOT have my conscious permission to enter into ANY agreement which is less that empowering to Self, which brings harm or abuses to Self, or ANY of my relations with my human family, ANY other life form, or to the planet and that which lives here … I avow this across all timelines, past, present, future and parallel, and beyond time, ALL dimensions, ALL universes, All planetary systems AND the void.

I’m stepping in, and She of Me in the Astral will fall in line with MY wishes, embracing HER authority.

I will untrain her, bring her forth into her Sovereignty and Divinity … leaving behind subservience and the gifting of personal Will to any other.

By the determination of my Conscious Self, I vow this to be true.

Do not think that because she agrees to anything in 4D or other realms it be valid, for I have told you … she does not have the authority in her current state to make these agreements, I forbid it.

You Voyers, Violators and Manipulators have given me a run for my self … in a way, I thank you, for it is with these challenges, I Rise.

She/Me WILL command our own presence …

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