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That Which You Are

Published February 9, 2021 by tindertender

Perhaps people do not realize that they are Source.

When we give up the position of power, when we cede our authority to another, that effectively places them in control over the portion of Source which is us.

There are many powerful entities in the unseen who long to control Source … to BE god, to usurp the throne upon which we sit and essentially, take our place.

They require the Source … that which WE are.

Why do you think there are so many people inflicted with mental illness? It is not a chemical deficiency. It is an attack upon Source.

Now, some say that we all are one, even the pedophile, even the ones that the devil would say are evil.

Yet if this were true, then the Source that we are would not be under attack, would not be ensnared and entrapped.

You remember the story where the devil wanted to BE god? To claim the throne?

This throne resides in our essence. OUR human essence.

“She must be human” he states. “She has the gateway to Source” he states.

Oh how they pine for it.

They haven’t moved into the activation of their plan, for ‘survival’ of what they must do is not guaranteed … and they do not want to lose this one, or the opportunity they seek.

They claim to be from the future … to protect their future.

They feel if they find what they are looking for they can steer the results into a format they approve of … and not which is best for humanity … for those who are Soul, and the Seat of the Soul which is Source.

Yes, they call it a holy war for a reason.

Those who actually ARE helping humanity, standing back as observer and as guide, use feeling as and intuitive connection for the communication. Then there are the ones who put their voices into the mind of others, instructing them to do this, or say that, to put out specific messages to the public who cannot hear.

And they do. They essentially become the puppets spreading someone elses messages.

Same as a politician, or a religious ‘leader’.

There are people who pray to a god, or gods, or want-to-be gods, and they know that if they were to speak out about this secret agreement, they would lose everything they’ve acquired. Oh yes, they would be stripped of whatever successes they had gained thru their loyalty to the hidden rulers. I understand this as it was told to me by one who has this agreement … she stated that she provides for her family thru these agreements, and she longs to continue to provide for her family, and she knows that she would lose everything should she speak out about them.

I have no-thing … not really.

The hidden ones did a walk-thru of my house. They stated “she even has a dining table”. Apparently my life is too good, built not from their approval, but by the sweat of my chinny chin chin, thru my own trials and tribulations.

I have paid dearly for my position in this life, and it isn’t much, but it is comfortable.

I do not fit in with their system.

It is no wonder I attract so much attention.

How dare a portion of Source claim her Divine right to Create a Life for herself without prior approval?

Because I Am Source, I AM Soul, I Am the Seat of the Soul, I am Divinity in itself.

And so are my Human brothers and Sisters.

This is what they are working to eliminate.

They’ll lure you in, they’ll play nice and even sound as friend … and most ‘channelers’ relay exactly the information as told to them, they are good servants, doing as told. If they chose instead to stand on their own, they would receive massive attack from these so-called friends.

I know. And I have.

Yet I still stand.

Alive, and willing to tell you of it.

Those who have sex with you in the astral are simply tatsting your energies. Lower forms of life feed on the lower chakras … they desire to know if you are a good food Source for them … they require it to survive.

They refer to humanity as a commodity, as cattle.

It isn’t easy hearing the double-speak of these ones.

They are all beauty and care on the surface, but the reality is, they hate us with a passion … why? Because they need us. They would fade out if they were not able to feed on the Seat of the Soul, on Source. And this really pisses them off.

So they’ll make friends in order to get what they want, and once you are snared, they’ve got you and can do whatever they please … to your physical form, to your mental and energetic forms, to your life … in the past, present, and future.

To me even, yet, as the rebellious nature that I am, I speak out still.

I am sorry, many of you have been duped by the oldest form of control on this planet, AND their other-worldly masters.

Thankfully, there are more present who are listening and observing, knowing the Law of One and what Source truly is, and they fight on our behalf, even as we are convinced to play puppet to those who long to continue dominating life upon this planet, indeed, the planet herself.

Allowing another to steer you in the service to your soul is a manipulation, where you willingly give up your own authority to Live Fully, Authentically, from Source.

That which You Are.

God Source.

Goddess Source.

The most valuable currency in the Multi-verse.

Humans are the Seat of the Soul, Source itself. And they want to control Source. Can’t let us know just how special we truly are … they call us (Soul) the most valuable currency in the Multi-verse.

They KNOW that Source is LOVE and they manipulate it skillfully to achieve agreement, simply so they can continue to control it.

Awareness is step one to extraction from the binding.


Published January 5, 2021 by tindertender

As some of you may know, I have a very active astral and telepathic life. It has been an extreme challenge, for telepathy was not a natural state for me. Becoming accustomed to invisible people having judgements on behavior and lifestyle is unnerving and feels very invasive.

I spoke to someone thru DM today who gifted me with kindness, explaining to me certain things, and offered suggestions on how to reframe my thinking around specific experiences.

I am grateful.

My next challenge is to shift perspective, using techniques offered (visualization, affirmation, prayer, making requests).

What I truly loved about this communication was the respectful way the discussion was approached and maintained.

It helps me to bring a gentleness to current experience, rather than a hard-nosed rejection.

Occult Trespass

Published December 22, 2020 by tindertender

A group who has introduced themselves as “the satan” proclaiming to be from the future, here, to protect their future, are seeking a female who they call ‘savior’.

Apparently, she has a powerful, psychic energy which will be utilized in assisting in the creation of a very nice life for those who are with her. (They say she is brunette, about 35, and very sweet … they like her body and her energy, but most of all, they want to command her so this future they have foreseen does not come to pass).

Recently, they’ve honed in on a 17 year old young woman. They like her strength, and of course, they are drooling over her body … and her energy. Only problem? She’s terrified.

They have provided me knowledge of their need to feed on human soul energy.

They have actually excited my own sexual energy, they call me a “live one” and insinuate that I am ‘for sale’. They perceive humanity as a commodity.

There are some in this group who are trying to convince others that I am ‘the one’ … they want my energy source, my essence. It makes me happy that so many of them are opposed to my ‘fleshiness’. HAHA, looks like the masculine from the future thinks with their penis. Perhaps this is where this habitual pattern originated from in the first place, infecting minds.

Those who have decided not to ‘consummate’ have decided instead to pull the energy from the soul. Yes, they’ve recently done this to me. The energy came out, and tears were pulled through my eyes, by force, by another form of trespass.

Last night I heard one aspect of this masculine group say “I can’t”.

I thought, “Can’t”?

This is very good information to have.

This means that there are certain aspects in this one that even he cannot control … exposing a weakness, while they promote being strong.

I am not the only female they are siphoning sexual energies off of.

Many women are experiencing “astral sex”. I am sorry to inform you ladies, this is not your soul mate, and it is not love … it is a tasting of you to see whether they want to possess you. A trying out of your sensitivites.

Would you just have relations with any old joe who walked into your house and took liberty with your body? With your energy? Probably not.

These occult ones are very adept at making the feminine feel good. They know that if they do, you’ll just lay there and enjoy it … I know, I’ve been there, I am there.

Some of these masculine’s were having conversation about my attitude, concerned I would fight them if they try to consummate a ‘marriage’. One of them said, we’ll make her feel good, it’ll be fine.


We have been told to forgive those who trespass against us. We have been told to meet aggression with love. We have been told that our righteous anger needs to be harnessed and shed, all the while, we are tread upon, over and over, and we are told it is our choice. Which it is, if we do what they say and remain docile receivers of trespass.

F*uck that.

We are HU-man beings.

We are NOT doormats for the unseen to walk all over.

No, no, no … we are Sovereign, we are Divine, and these ones feast on Divinity, which is why they have trained us to be so docile in the face of abuses … abuses that often feel good.

They are not lovers, they are not friends. They are invisible kids in a candy store out here testing the energies that they want most to feast upon.

Stand your ground.

Reject it … just as you would a rapist who breaks into your house, and abuses your body.


You say it would be an acceptable thing as long as the rapist makes you feel good?

Hahaha … I didn’t think so.

They have the ability to speak sweetly. They know what we like to hear. It is a show. They say what they need to in order to gain compliance. If one is NOT compliant, they turn on the foulness. Oh yes … they’ll say you’ll be prostituted, they’ll tell you to be very careful of what you say, what you think. They’ll say and do whatever necessary to create fear in the mind.

They have the ability to perform psychic surgery. They’ll mess with your heart, with your blood flow. They’ll pressurize your skull and even put you at risk of stroke. They’ll have you believing you’re about to have serious physical ailment … it is possibly, and likely, energetic.

They say they have plans for this planet.

Well, I do too.



Published November 17, 2020 by tindertender

Telepathy is an umbrella term used to describe the ability to mentally receive and transmit information from one mind to another internally and silently, or to communicate without physical external speech through vocalization.

Telepathy is the transfer of information between individuals or groups through intelligent energy interaction made between the consciousness or mental bodies that are intending to communicate.

The exchange of information made between parties is not bound by time, space or location and in many cases transcends multiple species languages into the one Universal communication.

This can be simply demonstrated through sincere heart felt prayers that are private and later thought to be answered, by revealing specific information or a pathway that is shown to you.

What intelligent force heard the silent prayers through contact being made with you through telepathic communication? These are not random coincidences.

To understand the existence of the many forms of Telepathy, the basic foundation is that all energy is intelligent and conscious, everything and everyone has an energetic signature composed of frequencies that are arranged in instruction sets.

The human body is composed of vibrating energy with moving atoms flashing in and out of the fabric of space time. The information that is contained in the energetic signature of thoughts, things or consciousness bodies is a substance or cellular record imprint in the instruction set of a larger system of unified energy fields. Those energy fields can be interpreted by the telepathic user in a variety of ways that may involve reading, projecting, communicating and even manipulating thoughts through transference, by implanting thoughts.

Telepathic communication can take place during any state of consciousness, while awake, asleep, dreaming and through hypnosis. Additionally, the eyes act as the window to the presence of soul or Soullessness.

How many times have you heard someone say, they looked into his or her eyes and no-one was home, or at a great distance exclaim that person looks “off” or even frightening. The identification of vacancy in a person’s eyes is a quick way to identify a person in a state of shock or trauma, soul fractured, soullessness or even in the grips of Possession by a nonhuman force. This is a basic form of Telepathy, in which thoughts are energetic substances that can be read or felt and this sensory perception is not limited to physical Brain function.

Source: @TheHannSolo


Published November 12, 2020 by tindertender

Let`s brings some knowledge about the GALACTIC FEDERATION and Lord Asthar…..

The Luciferian Annunaki collectives made further agreements with those that had been tasked by the Sirian Council to help protect the planetary Stargates and the developing and evolving angelic human races, and this particular group is the Galactic Federation. Annunaki members that were enlisted in the Galactic Federation wanted to gain control over the Giza Stargate, and to expand their expeditions beyond their current access levels in order to claim more territory in the outer domain for themselves. Thus, it was the members of the Galactic Federation in alliance with the Thothian Groups that were the primary factions responsible for the total destruction and cataclysm that ensued, which thrust planet earth into the dark ages and was an orchestrated agenda of intentional angelic human genocide.

Further, they have been responsible for directly concealing the knowledge of this fact, through the continual manipulation and intentional falsification of written history and the purposeful eradication of human historical records that reveal the genuine existence of the Atlantian colonies and the highly advanced technologies that were commonplace in human society during this timeline. The true and accurate hidden historical records provide the scientific and factual evidence for the direct involvement of these non-terrestrial Luciferian groups, in which they banded together as the Snake Brotherhood Kings during Atlantis. They made a secret pact called the Luciferian Covenant for the purpose of the total annihilation of the historical timelines and cellular memories of humanity, to wipe out all records of highly technological human civilizations that were naturally evolving and advancing human consciousness and authentic human culture. The eradication of all of the technology, memories, histories and identities during the advanced civilization of the Atlantian colonies on the earth, is a conspiracy enacted through a blood covenant made with the Illuminati hybrid humans that make up the Power Elite and answer to the Thothian Luciferian groups.

And now let`s introduce the true Commander Asthar….

The most famous of television broadcasts occurred in England on 26th November, 1977, on Southern ITV which covered London, the South, and South East. The time was 5:12 pm and the message (audio only) interrupted the evening news.

Saturday 26 November, 1977, must have seemed like a normal Saturday. Southern TV’s news anchor Andrew Gardner was relating the day’s headlines, which included the latest happenings from what was then Rhodesia. The day before, there’d been violent clashes between the security forces and the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army guerrillas, led by a certain Robert Mugabe.

At ten minutes past five, the TV picture wobbled slightly and the sound of Andrew Gardner’s professional delivery was silenced, to be replaced by a distorted voice delivering a quite remarkable message for almost six minutes. The newsreader appeared completely oblivious to the situation and continued as usual, while the voice spoke slowly and calmly, as if echoing through water.

Here comes the bad stuff about the “Lord Asthar” and I know soooo many are following this path in blindness…

Infiltrating the New Age Movement

When it became clear that there was no way to stop the planetary Ascension Cycle that would commence in early 2000, more friendly enemy deals were made. This allowed the Thothian Groups to expand their resources towards directly targeting awakening Starseeds and Indigos, as well as begin to infiltrate and hijack the growing New Age Movement. As the platinum ray and higher frequency transmissions were streaming into the planetary grid network, simultaneously the Thoth Group enlisted the support of the Galactic Federation crew to oversee the entire New Age Channeling movement, in which transmissions were intercepted and infiltrated as faux greeting teams from supposedly friendly ET’s. The heads of the Secret Space Programs joined in with their versions, attempting to infiltrate key whistleblowers with accurate information that revealed the Milab programs and their involvement with the galactic slave trade.

Thoth groups formed strategic alliances using the popular moniker of the Galactic Federation, making contact with selected members of the cabal, government and Illuminati Bloodlines, who then started to widely infiltrate the secret societies (Free Masons, Knights Templar) and the spiritual communities.

The propaganda of the Galactic Federation as a pro-human ET group is used to derail spiritual Awakening people and route them into the New Age movement. This is a bait and switch tactic, moving people into their respective Mind Control and assorted fear-based belief systems that make them compliant for subjugation. Many popular spiritual energy healing systems have been infiltrated by the Galactic Federation in order to track and tag participants for astral implants in the New Age population. The New Age movement, which includes Channeling information from an assortment of supposed Ascended Masters, is primarily dominated by the Luciferian Sirius A groups using the affiliation with the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command as their most common signature.

Source: @Karina89350882

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