That Which You Are

Published February 9, 2021 by tindertender

Perhaps people do not realize that they are Source.

When we give up the position of power, when we cede our authority to another, that effectively places them in control over the portion of Source which is us.

There are many powerful entities in the unseen who long to control Source … to BE god, to usurp the throne upon which we sit and essentially, take our place.

They require the Source … that which WE are.

Why do you think there are so many people inflicted with mental illness? It is not a chemical deficiency. It is an attack upon Source.

Now, some say that we all are one, even the pedophile, even the ones that the devil would say are evil.

Yet if this were true, then the Source that we are would not be under attack, would not be ensnared and entrapped.

You remember the story where the devil wanted to BE god? To claim the throne?

This throne resides in our essence. OUR human essence.

“She must be human” he states. “She has the gateway to Source” he states.

Oh how they pine for it.

They haven’t moved into the activation of their plan, for ‘survival’ of what they must do is not guaranteed … and they do not want to lose this one, or the opportunity they seek.

They claim to be from the future … to protect their future.

They feel if they find what they are looking for they can steer the results into a format they approve of … and not which is best for humanity … for those who are Soul, and the Seat of the Soul which is Source.

Yes, they call it a holy war for a reason.

Those who actually ARE helping humanity, standing back as observer and as guide, use feeling as and intuitive connection for the communication. Then there are the ones who put their voices into the mind of others, instructing them to do this, or say that, to put out specific messages to the public who cannot hear.

And they do. They essentially become the puppets spreading someone elses messages.

Same as a politician, or a religious ‘leader’.

There are people who pray to a god, or gods, or want-to-be gods, and they know that if they were to speak out about this secret agreement, they would lose everything they’ve acquired. Oh yes, they would be stripped of whatever successes they had gained thru their loyalty to the hidden rulers. I understand this as it was told to me by one who has this agreement … she stated that she provides for her family thru these agreements, and she longs to continue to provide for her family, and she knows that she would lose everything should she speak out about them.

I have no-thing … not really.

The hidden ones did a walk-thru of my house. They stated “she even has a dining table”. Apparently my life is too good, built not from their approval, but by the sweat of my chinny chin chin, thru my own trials and tribulations.

I have paid dearly for my position in this life, and it isn’t much, but it is comfortable.

I do not fit in with their system.

It is no wonder I attract so much attention.

How dare a portion of Source claim her Divine right to Create a Life for herself without prior approval?

Because I Am Source, I AM Soul, I Am the Seat of the Soul, I am Divinity in itself.

And so are my Human brothers and Sisters.

This is what they are working to eliminate.

They’ll lure you in, they’ll play nice and even sound as friend … and most ‘channelers’ relay exactly the information as told to them, they are good servants, doing as told. If they chose instead to stand on their own, they would receive massive attack from these so-called friends.

I know. And I have.

Yet I still stand.

Alive, and willing to tell you of it.

Those who have sex with you in the astral are simply tatsting your energies. Lower forms of life feed on the lower chakras … they desire to know if you are a good food Source for them … they require it to survive.

They refer to humanity as a commodity, as cattle.

It isn’t easy hearing the double-speak of these ones.

They are all beauty and care on the surface, but the reality is, they hate us with a passion … why? Because they need us. They would fade out if they were not able to feed on the Seat of the Soul, on Source. And this really pisses them off.

So they’ll make friends in order to get what they want, and once you are snared, they’ve got you and can do whatever they please … to your physical form, to your mental and energetic forms, to your life … in the past, present, and future.

To me even, yet, as the rebellious nature that I am, I speak out still.

I am sorry, many of you have been duped by the oldest form of control on this planet, AND their other-worldly masters.

Thankfully, there are more present who are listening and observing, knowing the Law of One and what Source truly is, and they fight on our behalf, even as we are convinced to play puppet to those who long to continue dominating life upon this planet, indeed, the planet herself.

Allowing another to steer you in the service to your soul is a manipulation, where you willingly give up your own authority to Live Fully, Authentically, from Source.

That which You Are.

God Source.

Goddess Source.

The most valuable currency in the Multi-verse.

Humans are the Seat of the Soul, Source itself. And they want to control Source. Can’t let us know just how special we truly are … they call us (Soul) the most valuable currency in the Multi-verse.

They KNOW that Source is LOVE and they manipulate it skillfully to achieve agreement, simply so they can continue to control it.

Awareness is step one to extraction from the binding.

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