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What If …

Published March 9, 2020 by tindertender

What if a group of humans discovered how to transfer consciousness from body to body? What if they’ve mastered the cloning method?

What if these same people could transfer this consciousness, but cannot transfer the human soul, the Krystic Spark?

They can live forever, but that Divine Spark, they had to agree to give it up.

Millenia go by. One clone after the other, they step into like a new suit. Remaining conscious and aware of who they are, millennia, after millennia.

They amass wealth, utilizing the blood sweat and tears of those who are too poor to even consider this ‘forever life’. So lacking privilege, they aren’t even told the truth of it.

No one told these living dead that without the Krystic Spark their consciousness would deteriorate. No one told them they would need to steal the vibrancy from youth in order to function. No one told them that “someone” could one day determine they are no longer fit for re-body. They would be stuck here, no body, no soul.

No way home.

Now, it seems the innocence of divine light they stole spark from … children, youth and others … are trapped here, because of the theft.

Is it possible to rise without the Krystic Spark?

Or do these souls who were ‘sacrificed’ to the ‘feeders’ need to merge with a human who still has it? So they can be freed from their captors? (Keeping them trapped, lifetime after lifetime, for food. Chemical, energetic, theft … by dead men walking.)

If a child’s soul was tormented to the point of fracture, is that the point they steal the Krystic Spark? To prolong their own functioning, while sentencing the new soul to eternity on planet without body?

The clones need to go in for their ‘upgrades’ periodically. You will see them with bloody eye, or black eye. Some don’t sweat … “birth defect” … just ask Prince Andrew.

Trouble is, these insane, soulless creatures are staying around for far too long, collecting far too much power.

When we regular folks get onto their scheme, that’s when they create crisis and panic … to keep us distracted, and give them an excuse to covertly kill thousands.

Die in the know?

Live in the dark?

Bury head in sand?

Who do you suppose that “devil” is whispering in your ear? Oh, and the angel too … playing left and right hemisphere of the mind against each other, watching as you squirm … trying to control yourself.

This squirming releases energy they feed on.

It’s their game.

Be led and pushed and prodded and killed, or …

Get into it like nobody’s business and take the reins.

They’re doing it, and have been for a very long time. The news they give you is only the tip of the iceberg. You will never, transparently from gov, hear it.

Mistakes ….

They’ve told you of only a select few of the animals. They won’t tell you about the human clones … watch the politicians. Many of the prominent ones, those that have been here longest, are malfunctioning.


This is why the “harvest”.

They need significant upgrade.

Looks like this living forever … at least the way the imposter has it set up … requires a huge amount of upkeep effort … at the cost of our lives and our welfare. Not to mention our planet.

Clones … they’ve all been doing it.

Nicki Minaj Collection – Kmart commercial (2013)

Hidden in plain sight?

Or it could be something like this special technology, shared amongst the rich and powerful … “The hybridization process used by the aliens artificially enhanced the capacity of physical species on this planet to connect with Godhead through their aerials. However, as this enhancement was artificial, it could not provide for the evolution of soul back to prior states of superior, more godly expression. Quite the converse was true. These artificial manipulations of genetic lines interrupted the natural soul track back to Godhead for those who received them. Thus interceptions made it more difficult for soul lines to return to prior states of grandeur. At the same time, they made it easier for soul lines that were intrinsically closer to those prior states to exist within and incarnate into a physical universe. Any apparent evolution, in terms of behavior or reasoning ability, was thus purely the result of more coherent, more reasoning soul lines coming into physical species when the scope was provided for them to do so.” ~ Grey Aliens and the Harevesting of Souls, by Nigel Kerner

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