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The Process of Awakening

Published February 22, 2021 by tindertender

Despite the madness and seemingly-increasing chaos enveloping the outside world – or rather, because of this development – I see more people experiencing an “awakening” in their lives.

At the same time, the same intensification of energies has other people getting caught in (and unconsciously aligning with) the divide & conquer agenda of the occult forces, as we currently see manifested in the shadow projections (or worship) which surrounds their latest authoritarian puppet installment, Donald Trump (and thus generating all of the resulting emotional “loosh” for the hyperdimensional puppeteers to feed upon), which I’ve written about here.

“In the big picture, it really does not matter what person is the President, what organization is spraying chemtrails, running the cabals, or financing negative alien “black op” projects.

They are a symbol of a collective “mind controlled puppet” playing out their role as the unseen force manipulates their ego’s behavior to keep the same 3D structure feeding the same vampires.

They will just pluck another dominating ego persona from the masses to play out the same fear manipulation program.”

~ Lisa Renee

How Much Are You Willing To Know?

Some people believe themselves to have finally “woken up” from the manipulation of the Matrix Control System.

However, the word “awake” seems to be a very abused and overused word these days.

What I notice is that more people are becoming aware, for the most part, of the symptoms of the Matrix on a 3D surface level (which is encouraging to see and a good start), but mistake that for having truly “woken up” in the holistic sense of the term, and therefore most of them oftentimes don’t follow up or keep “going”, especially with regards to inner self-work.

Our inner voice – stemming from the real self (“speaking” to us through a sense-embodied intuitive knowing, not via head-centric thought-injections), hidden behind the socially/cultural conditioned/programmed mask of personality we identify with – also whispers to us to go deeper, if we can hear and heed its “signals”.

These echoes are hardly recognizable at first, but become more audibly-apparent as we shed our layers of conditioning, programming and trauma/wounding.

It’s the voice of Spirit and the Divine, asking us to recognize our true nature, to keep going deeper within… to self-realize, self-actualize.

“Knowledge is the comprehensive embodiment of imagination that surfaces in observation and finally ripens through the reinforcement of experience, thereby inculcating knowledge.

This, in fact, is the short story of life.”

~ Q.M. Sidd

It should be noted that “awakening” is a process that is different for each and every one of us as we reach towards higher/broader levels of consciousness.

For example, relatively speaking, you can be “awake” to the basic 3D aspects of the Matrix, but if you get stuck there (especially when there is lack of sincere inner work taking place), you’ll still be subjected to hyperdimensional interferences and manipulation, especially when you’re caught in the external expression of shadow-projection.

Being “awake” (or “woke”, as the cool kids like to say) about the matrix and the various control mechanisms and deceptions – and based on a purely intellectual informational level – is a necessary stage of growth, but only the very beginning stage of a true Awakening …and cannot even be called “taking the red pill” from an esoteric perspective.

This stage of awareness are mere baby steps which must be taken prior to crossing the threshold towards self-realization, which entails esoteric self-work, embodiment [soul integration] and alchemical internal transformation in order to reach a higher level of being/consciousness… one that is based upon frequency vibration.

The neurological mind can’t go there, and is, in fact, an obstacle to higher awareness beyond the five senses. This is not a very pleasant process at times, especially at the beginning stage, for it results in utter disillusionment and death of the conditioned personality, which doesn’t like to give up and let go of control that easily.

For that reason, many people in their process of seeking “truth” wind up avoiding sincere inner work by constantly externalizing the “dark” (especially with regards to shadow projection) side of reality, and thus get lost in the information swamp or hooked on sensationalism, mechanical activism, or wind up locked in the tunnel vision of the 3D matrix, decorated as it is with shadows on the wall, which is a puppet-on-a-string-pulling trap in itself, and only works in favor of the occult matrix architects.

But “self-work” – to truly “Know Thyself” – is also a tricky thing, and self-deceptions in this pursuit are very common.

Some people tend to over-estimate themselves with regards to their level of being/awareness.

They claim to “know themselves” when they actually mistake “the Self” for their personality (with its more subtle programming/conditioning features)…or they talk about “living their truth”, which can also be a falsehood which misleads/distorts the actual calling of the self, and instead acts as a self-justification, a denial, and a buffer.

I also see people talking about the hyperdimensional matrix, claiming to be “free” from it, but don’t realize/see how it’s still working through them, especially when they get trapped in victim, blame, martyr, or savior consciousness archetypal programming.

It is important to understand the fundamentals of true deep self-work, especially since much of that has been corrupted and over-simplified via New Age/pop-spirituality and pop-psychology mechanisms.

The most difficult aspect to grasp in esoteric self-work is detecting and confronting the moment-to-moment lies we are telling ourselves, and the buffers/masks we create so as to avoid the internal friction that is necessary to ignite the alchemical fire of transformation within.

“Knowledge of oneself is a very big, but a very vague and distant, aim.

Man in his present state is very far from self-knowledge. Therefore, strictly speaking, his aim cannot even be defined as self-knowledge.

Self-study must be his big aim. It is quite enough if a man understands that he must study himself. It must be man’s aim to begin to study himself, to know himself, in the right way.

Self-study is the work or the way which leads to self-knowledge. But in order to study oneself one must first learn how to study, where to begin, what methods to use.

A man must learn how to study himself, and he must study the methods of self-study. The chief method of self-study is self-observation.

Without properly applied self­ observation a man will never understand the connection and the correlation between the various functions of his machine, will never understand how and why on each separate occasion everything in him ‘happens’.”

~ G.I. Gurdjieff

In Search of the Miraculous

Now, I don’t take myself out of this critical equation, and would never claim to be fully “awake”, let alone “enlightened”.

There are vastly-different levels and steps on the “spiral out”; one step cannot be claimed to be “better” or” worse” than another, it all depends upon one’s individual soul lessons/path (which includes divine timing with regards to what we’re being shown, which is not left to the impatient ego to determine), and the current condition of one’s state of being and sincerity/self-honesty.

I can see in myself how hard it is to stay truly conscious every single day, how some dormant programs still resurface, enticing me to react mechanically (under the illusion that it was actually my “true self” calling to me), how my mind tries to rationalize/justify itself at times.

I can see and sense how the occult hostile forces still try to interfere through my own mind via thought injections, tempting me with old cravings, or trying to generate a reactive response in me by working through others (who are not aware of at all that this is occurring).

It’s certainly not as severe as it was in the past – and I can see/sense it more easily – but “waking up” demands “super-efforts” (Gurdjieff)… not in terms of “doing”, but with regards to,



conscious suffering (not giving in to internalized programs)

staying grounded in the body and in the present moment

remaining calm

floating in zero-point non-reactive consciousness

intending and “working” (not forcefully),

…towards a conscious connection to spirit within as an instrument for the Divine without any sense of ambition, pride or vanity, without the egoic self-centered notion (and illusion) of the “me” personality.

This entails a basic understanding of how to observe oneself and how to do “self-work”, as well as how the matrix actually operates on the unseen levels through us – not just an intellectual understanding, but an embodied Knowing… to truly “see” it in the world, in oneself… to see the unseen.

We cannot do this work alone all the time (especially at the beginning of the process), for we all have blind spots and need “alarm clocks” from others who are also engaged in the same work – people who can provide us with “mirrors”, observations which don’t stem from their own shadow projections… people who can also offer us support and encouragement.

So, it’s tricky work to engage in, and the potential for self-deception and over-estimating one’s level of awareness (or “awakened state”) is huge.

Source: Karina

Listen to Your Own Voice

Published January 20, 2021 by tindertender

There are many in the seen world who like to tell us who we are, what we ought to do, who we ought to permit ourselves to be … and no more than that!! Many who place limitations on our personal advancement.

What many do not know, and I understand many DO, is that this world is managed by those in the unseen. The Planetary Management Team.

When an individual wakes up to themselves, becomes telepathic, these managers recommend you take medicine to make your own mind quiet. You see, they have a cozy little relationship with each other, and we pesky humans coming into telepathy disrupt their haven.

They’ll sabotage you, and then tell you it is YOU sabotaging self. They love to blame others for the actions they themselves choose to take.

You see, they are not only the planetary managers, they manage all life upon this planet. Humans and the animals are seen as nothing more than a commodity.

They “hook” you, they’ll hypnotize you in the astral and let someone sexually exploit you. Yes, they believe they OWN you, own WE, and perhaps they do, perhaps they have for millenia.

As an individual who accidentally barged into their world, I have, and still do, experience all sorts of invasiveness, and the shifting of blame … they try to get me to carry responsibility for their actions toward me.

I will not.

I am responsible for my own actions.

And I will continue to chant every night, raising my vibration. I will meditate and practice the HA Breath. I will do my affirmations and I will also practice my pendulum healing techniques.

I will continue to see the love in people and in myself, as often as my mind is being dragged into unworthiness … I know I have every right to grow into my gifts.

I will be all that I can be.

And I will not shrink because an invisible, or visible, entity tells me I actually haven’t the freedom to be whole.

In this now moment, I am free.

In this now moment, I birth peace and will not make decisions based on fear.

In this now moment, I embrace all that I am, all that I am becoming, and all that I will be.

I will not be silent.

I choose to grow into fulness.

It would not be so bad if they had chosen to teach more than just a selected, privaledged few to managed their personal abilities in fulness, if they had taught us how to be in alignment with actual values rather than slimy lies and smoke screens.

Maybe it was because humans are actually quite powerful, and they worried that an enlightened and empowered populace might mess with the ‘system’ … that others might try to gain control using these powers.

My brother has accused me of having thoughts of cheating him out of an inheritance (that might not ever come for either of us) … and I understand he accuses me of these things because that is what resides in his own heart, he’s using me as a mirror.

Those who long to control feel there is always someone coming to strip them of this control … not because anyone would, especially if trained in the proper ways to manage ones own sources, but because this is what they would do … what they do.

Apparently, freedom isn’t what I’ve always thought it was …. yet I will cling to my perception of it, just the same.

Competition for Control

Published December 22, 2020 by tindertender

Indeed, we are in a battle for control of our conscious and subconscious mind.

One of the occult’s favorite things to do to me is make me listen to the cries of children while I sleep.

They are trying to program my subconscious mind toward suffering.

They are trying to program my subconscious mind toward slavery.

Indeed that is what they are doing to all of us … in the waking hours through the media and movies … in the night, through subliminal suggestion and rote training via ‘dreams’. (Which are not dreams at all, but visitations from the occult, trespasses in the highest).

They love to repeat themselves. I guess they believe if they say something often enough I (we) will believe it.

It’s worked this far, hasn’t it?

It is time to be the programmers of our own mind.

Through affirmation, through the repetition of a particular phrase, we can begin to create neural pathways in our own mind, overwriting the occult’s efforts.

Take charge of your mind.

It is difficult, for subconsciously, most of us are innocent children and easily manipulated in the astral.

Lucid dreaming may be a good practice to get in to, in order to actually have some control during these trespasses.

Do it now, for time is short … and it takes time to create new thought avenues in mind.

This is the world war three we weren’t expecting, even tho we were warned.

Ephesians 6:12 ~ King James Version

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Charming Abuser

Published December 7, 2020 by tindertender

Anyone who has been involved in an abusive relationship can tell you that it started out beautifully.

All the right things were said.

They portray that they want your highest good, and even assist you in gaining it.

After time, usually about a year, the real soul begins to show.

They may even warn you about it …

Saying some verbiage, or action may appear unloving, judgmental, or even offensive.

And it will be.

This is how it begins …

They “hook” you by telling you all the things you want to hear. Then they’ll turn on you. Tearing down your foundation so they can reconstruct it as they wish.

They will be all the things they warn you about, all the while saying it is coming from a place of love.

The sugar begins to waver between abuses. The sugar is used just enough to make you believe in the love … abuse, love, abuse, love … keeping you off balance.

The sweetness they lured you with becomes tainted.

You’re “hooked” now.

They’ll drag you around, tearing you down, and insist there is a loving reason for it all.

They’ll attempt to reformat your mind, your way of being.

They’ll re-create you … to their liking.

All you must do is cede your Will.

Be subservient.

Take on their instruction as tho they are lord.

Question them?

You’ll get a verbal lashing at the least.

A physical beating, and sometimes worse, also … if they are able.

It’s manipulation in the highest.

A common trait among many.

Be aware.

There are some on these social media sites who have been pumping you up, making you think you have power … and now, as I observe, some are entering the “tear you down” phase. They’ve even warned you about it.

Manipulation in the finest.

Although I’d like to save you the pain of it, the torment of having your mind reformatted, I cannot.

This is an observation and choice you must make on your own.

All I can do is spell it out, so you’ll have something to base your intuition on when it starts to feel quite ugly.

It feels ugly because it is.

Drop these ones like a hot potato.

If they “build” you, they can “claim” you.

Stand in your own authority.

Leave these ones behind.

They all have an agenda.

And it is NOT your highest interest …

It is theirs.

Many of these ‘gurus’ on social media are channelers. They receive a certain message, and they push it onto the public. They are the messengers. Obeying their instruction. Requesting you do the same.

They may receive a seat at the table if they get enough to follow the message.

It’s a hierarchy. They are striving to move on up, by getting followers, by becoming your ‘leader’.

Many of these messages nowadays are coming from non-human entities.

Working to format your internal hardware, rewire it to their liking.

Choose your path.

Exercise your Will.

Stand in your Sovereignty.

Leave them to play the game by themselves.

It’s about collecting souls.

Those who obey, and those who rebel.

The categorization is taking place now.

Protect your Mind, Spirit and Soul.

Don’t give these manipulators control over your mind.

The occult have their puppets in the open, working to snare you …

And making you think you deserve it.

Out of love.

Delusional Illusions

Published October 10, 2020 by tindertender

I’m just a poor girl from a poor family. Spare me my rights and allow me my dignity.

Using effort to cause harm. ‘Some’ must be proud of themselves and their skillset.

Seeking a version of Utopia where everyone is bound/controlled, except them.

Delusions are something we impose upon ourself. Illusions are what becomes of it. Two or more suffering the same chosen delusion create an illusion which is powered by the combined delusion. Some all it an Egregore.

Essentially, illusion is delusional.

Where did sanity go?

Did it ever exist?


Accidental Transparency From The Occult

Published July 2, 2020 by tindertender

The Masculine: “All we have to do is get her to commit.”

The Feminine: “She can hear you.”

Yes … they seem surprised at my reach. They forget I have control and influence as to the depths I travel.

I should have known the sweet talk were all lies, attempts to ensnare.

They speak sweetly. They play to ego, saying how beautiful you are, how smart, how strong. They’ll say how they love you, how they can’t help themselves. They will call you “tantalizing”. They want you to be open and vulnerable to suggestion, they want you to believe their schpeel.

But it is false … after all, they dwell behind scenes, influencing thought and action. This is their reality and thus far they have been very successful, influencing individuals, and groups.

Their favorite words thus far for 2020 are “Sacrifice” your soul, and “Sacrilege” … yes, they would like all people to believe they are ‘sinners’ while the hidden causes so much influential destruction. They’ll blame you for this destruction. They’ll attempt to make you guilty for it.

They use fear should the false ‘love’ talk be not enough. They will tell you how they will make you suffer, how they will break you. They will ‘warn’ you as to the wording you choose, they will tell you it’s for your ‘safety’.

Good cop, bad cop, scrambling your mind …. do they like me? or do they hate me?

Probably both, but mostly, they probably fear you.

They fear that you will get wise to the tactics. They fear you will stand your ground and not succumb to their manipulations. They fear you will ‘commit’ to a higher order or purpose.

They fear losing control of your inner power.

They fear someone else might influence you, to their detriment.

They will try to get you to harm self, or others.

They will attempt to ‘reboot’ your existence through death. They do not want you here interrupting or influencing their control efforts.

Claim your Sovereignty.

Stand in your Power.

Control Your Mind.

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@khouser01

What If …

Published March 9, 2020 by tindertender

What if a group of humans discovered how to transfer consciousness from body to body? What if they’ve mastered the cloning method?

What if these same people could transfer this consciousness, but cannot transfer the human soul, the Krystic Spark?

They can live forever, but that Divine Spark, they had to agree to give it up.

Millenia go by. One clone after the other, they step into like a new suit. Remaining conscious and aware of who they are, millennia, after millennia.

They amass wealth, utilizing the blood sweat and tears of those who are too poor to even consider this ‘forever life’. So lacking privilege, they aren’t even told the truth of it.

No one told these living dead that without the Krystic Spark their consciousness would deteriorate. No one told them they would need to steal the vibrancy from youth in order to function. No one told them that “someone” could one day determine they are no longer fit for re-body. They would be stuck here, no body, no soul.

No way home.

Now, it seems the innocence of divine light they stole spark from … children, youth and others … are trapped here, because of the theft.

Is it possible to rise without the Krystic Spark?

Or do these souls who were ‘sacrificed’ to the ‘feeders’ need to merge with a human who still has it? So they can be freed from their captors? (Keeping them trapped, lifetime after lifetime, for food. Chemical, energetic, theft … by dead men walking.)

If a child’s soul was tormented to the point of fracture, is that the point they steal the Krystic Spark? To prolong their own functioning, while sentencing the new soul to eternity on planet without body?

The clones need to go in for their ‘upgrades’ periodically. You will see them with bloody eye, or black eye. Some don’t sweat … “birth defect” … just ask Prince Andrew.

Trouble is, these insane, soulless creatures are staying around for far too long, collecting far too much power.

When we regular folks get onto their scheme, that’s when they create crisis and panic … to keep us distracted, and give them an excuse to covertly kill thousands.

Die in the know?

Live in the dark?

Bury head in sand?

Who do you suppose that “devil” is whispering in your ear? Oh, and the angel too … playing left and right hemisphere of the mind against each other, watching as you squirm … trying to control yourself.

This squirming releases energy they feed on.

It’s their game.

Be led and pushed and prodded and killed, or …

Get into it like nobody’s business and take the reins.

They’re doing it, and have been for a very long time. The news they give you is only the tip of the iceberg. You will never, transparently from gov, hear it.



Mistakes ….




They’ve told you of only a select few of the animals. They won’t tell you about the human clones … watch the politicians. Many of the prominent ones, those that have been here longest, are malfunctioning.


This is why the “harvest”.

They need significant upgrade.

Looks like this living forever … at least the way the imposter has it set up … requires a huge amount of upkeep effort … at the cost of our lives and our welfare. Not to mention our planet.

Clones … they’ve all been doing it.

Nicki Minaj Collection – Kmart commercial (2013)

Hidden in plain sight?


Or it could be something like this special technology, shared amongst the rich and powerful … “The hybridization process used by the aliens artificially enhanced the capacity of physical species on this planet to connect with Godhead through their aerials. However, as this enhancement was artificial, it could not provide for the evolution of soul back to prior states of superior, more godly expression. Quite the converse was true. These artificial manipulations of genetic lines interrupted the natural soul track back to Godhead for those who received them. Thus interceptions made it more difficult for soul lines to return to prior states of grandeur. At the same time, they made it easier for soul lines that were intrinsically closer to those prior states to exist within and incarnate into a physical universe. Any apparent evolution, in terms of behavior or reasoning ability, was thus purely the result of more coherent, more reasoning soul lines coming into physical species when the scope was provided for them to do so.” ~ Grey Aliens and the Harevesting of Souls, by Nigel Kerner

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