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A World Gone Mad?

Published October 17, 2017 by tindertender

I am sad for a world gone mad. While we were being distracted a horrible circumstance has transpired, and it is unfortunate that it is not clear, some will not even toy with the truth of it. Mentioning it does no good if those who hear have no desire to know or want to try and understand.

I sit here and think about the particle smasher, how certain people have been using our tax dollars to wind, and unwind matter. No one seems to care at the gravity this holds on the well being of life for all, so caught up in their clothes, or cars, their portrayal of self, and rather than walk away from those who cause suffering of all kinds, they remain, and war in the reality … with themselves, and with others.

War in Heaven

It seems to me that people would want to work toward harmony, yet all they do is exacerbate pain and suffering. They stay where it is, and then contribute to its maintenance.

Who is it that is crazy in this world? The ones labeled and medicated and locked up? Or perhaps it is those who have developed the labeling system, the medications which “treat” them, and the governments which pull the strings of the media and service men and women of all sectors, who then carry out the agendas given them.

It is sad, for I sit here and see more clearly than ever before. Of course there are many things hidden, yet eyes are wide open, and the knowledge of the shadow is entering the light … pulling constantly at the minds of people, attempting to break them and cause damage which cannot be undone.

The question is …

Will you stop playing the game? Will you at least acknowledge that there is one, and we are at the heart of it? Will you stop allowing your God given power of Love to be stripped from you? Look at yourself in the eyes in the mirror. Take a very long look. Try to last at least 3 minutes, heck, even one. What you will see there is not related to anything else in this world. No amount of possessions, or money can ever amount to the great wonders you will see there.

You are needed now more than ever, this battle being waged truly is not one of weapons and hate filled killing. No, it is much graver than that, more sinister than you may have ever allowed your mind to ponder. It must be noted soon.

Doing nothing will get you exactly what you’ve received.

Getting In Sync

Published October 13, 2017 by tindertender

Sound ~ as it rolls off the tongue and out of the mouth it is also echoing throughout space, the space in which you stand, out like ripples in the water. If you hum, you can feel this vibration in your body, when you talk, put your hand on your chest … feel it. This is the same as what emanates into the world. This is your creation.

The words you speak have power, the power of intention. If you are tired of the same old drama, create something new. This is your gift, you were born with it. Just make up your mind to what you would like to see more of, think on it day and night, imagine the steps you’ll take to get there, and start walking, perhaps not literal walking, but the mental steps … move forward.


Intuition is what many call inner guidance, others call it their guardian, or the angels, or even God. Whatever you think of it as, embrace it, trust it, you are guided to higher ground if you will but listen and feel it. Notice the synchronicities as they occur, notice doors of opportunity when they open, do your part … walk through into the experience if it is one that seems beneficial, one in which will cause no other person harm.

When someone with skills to teach appears, and offers a class which could open inner potential, take that class if you are able. If you are not able to at the time, remember it, grow the thought, and as soon as you are able to, do it. You owe yourself this learning, you owe yourself this opportunity to be more than you were before.


Sacred Spaces

Published October 6, 2017 by tindertender

Laying here I thought how I should start creating Sacred spaces all over the house.

I ought to create sacred spaces everywhere I go.

I should practice becoming a Sacred Space … and then, with a pause, I thought, perhaps I already AM a Sacred Space!

Eyes and mind open.

Reminders Of Love

Published October 5, 2017 by tindertender

Many factions among people teach that the animal kingdom is here for our use, as we see fit, subject to us.

I see it a bit differently.

As the human race becomes ever more desensitized to crime and the harming of one another … as animals are butchered for consumption, and lands, air and waters poisoned, prohibiting the nourishment of souls …

I see the animals as a reminder of gentle caring, unconditional love, and ever grateful presence. They need us to care. They want us to love. We see their examples of how they watch over each other, how they cry when harmed, or their ‘kids’ stripped from them shortly after birth. They are our opportunity to hold on to and nourish that love that dwells in our hearts.

It is difficult to find another human who will love us the way an animal will. Silently the four legged ones, the flying ones, and others … listen to, and love us. They are happy to be of service, longing to be near us when we hurt, easing our pain.

They remind us that love is real.

Without them, we might just forget what love is, considering the repetitive broadcasts of hate and harm and theft and foul … and the ones who act out the programming which they’ve absorbed.

Let us ponder the gracious reminder given to us ~ the beautiful souls put here on earth to keep alive in our hearts the truth that love exists, and that it is very real.

The Truth

Published October 4, 2017 by tindertender

There are many who fight so hard against the truth because they absolutely do not want to believe it is possible. In the backs of their minds it is there, and they see it, yet they deny it because it is scary … so it continues.

Falling EmpireThese situations must be addressed. The corporate poisoners must be stopped. The only way to begin is to acknowledge the sinister methods in which they operate. Once this acknowledgement occurs, each step toward dismantling it will present itself.

Do not get lost in the story of ‘we can’t do anything about it now’. We absolutely can do something about it, once we look it square in the face and say, “I see what you are doing, and it is no longer going to be tolerated.”

Step out of denial, if not for yourself, for the children.

Money really isn’t the issue people have when it comes to the elimination of evil. The real issue is our habit of participation. When we take our attention back from it, when we stop participating in it, when we make cleaner and more sustainable choices, the empire which is destroying the world will fall.

The key is to stop being defensive … and step over to offense. This does not mean to wage war, it actually means to stop participating in war … this war that the destroyer has us fighting.

Provocation In All Areas, Division Nurtured

Published September 26, 2017 by tindertender

People talk of the left and the right, blue vs red, liberals and tree huggers … the whole of the United States has become so separated, so full of blaming ‘them’, they fail to see the division that has been orchestrated so carefully by the shadow is becoming very well fixed.

If you cannot say that you are for the people, all people, then you are for division … and you will get exactly what you want. States are wanting to separate from the whole, and once they do, they will be very easy to infiltrate and take over. All of the states of America will become like Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Syria … we will become a policed state, all states, much more than you imagined it would be, and we will be obliterated … easily.

It is time. It is necessary to climb out of small thinking and see the bigger picture, to be aware of the greater agenda. Our personal lives and stories affect us, yes, however if we do not start caring about each other, if we do not get away from blaming ‘them’ for all of the ills of this country, if we do not start working together as ordinary citizens, this country is doomed.

We cannot look to the governments to fix things, for it is they who have put in place massive distraction, who have manipulated emotions and situations to get the response they seek, to create circumstances where some are willing to release more and more of their freedoms for the promise of a solution.

Every citizen in all countries must begin to shape the future they wish to see … working together without bias or greed. Not one of us is better than another, or more deserving. True, there are those who do awful things … consider that perhaps they have been brain washed and manipulated from the beginning, given pills for this and pills for that, and have access to cheap poisons called drugs which alter the chemical balance of the mind. These inexpensive chemicals have been strategically put on the street by the ones who wish to see this dark plan in effect.

There is one thing I can agree with in the Bible, and that is that we ought to forgive. For truly, I do not believe that most people know what they do.

While we are distracted by the taking of a knee in a football game, by a vocal official who stands by the prohibition of the national pledge of allegiance in school rooms, sparking outrage among those who do not recognize the complete opposites of these scenarios, division grows.

Petty … petty little jabs at our minds.
A BIG jab about to drop on our freedom … what is left of it.

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