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Transformational Co-Existence

Published April 23, 2021 by tindertender

Do not underestimate the Power of your Personal Transformation and its effect on the Planetary Mind.

Leave behind the messianic obsession. Remember the purpose and commitment in the larger pattern.

GAIA, As you awaken, I heal myself. As I awaken, you are healed.

I open to Self-Remembrance.

I claim my alignment with the Highest Wisdom!

I call forth Divine Action in all that I do!

The Light Forces Are Taking Over

Published January 14, 2021 by tindertender

This is the beginning of the establishment of an intergalactic confederation as the old system is crumbling in front of the eyes of earth’s population.

The Galactic Federation confirms that the light forces are taking over now.

We are moving into a heightened state of awakening of the masses.

The unbelievers and mind-controlled population of earth are now moving into the first stage of awakening.

For many, this will come as a shock and they will inevitably experience the dark night of the soul now.

This is necessary to process and shed layers of programming and false beliefs.

The US election 2020 has been utilized to become the greatest coup d’état in universal history.

The whole world is watching as the old system is being dismantled.

The corruption is surfacing at rapid speed.

This is the final battle and the victory of light is imminent.

Current events have been carefully premeditated, planned, and executed as a corporation between the light forces and the earth alliance.

Only a landslide of this caliber is powerful enough to Shake and Awaken the sleepers.

The events of 2020 have forced many to reevaluate their belief systems.

The political situation in the United States of America is the culmination of events that will bring the victory of light over darkness.

This marks the ultimate death of a corrupt system that does not honor earth and does not honor life.

You are now moving into the golden age of Gaia at an accelerated speed.

Do not engage in political discussions with those who still cling to their matrix programming.

It would drag you down and lower your frequency.

At this point, the tables are turning rapidly and even the MSM will soon be forced to report unbiased.

The forces of light are in full control and will begin to adjust the narrative now.

You are being asked to assist by keeping your frequency and holding on to your vision of liberty, peace, and love for the human race.

The revelation of truth is near. All darkness is coming to light. Many will be devastated and feel lost or trapped.

The programming is severe and people on earth identify with their beliefs. As these beliefs are beginning to be crushed they will be confused not knowing who they are.

This is where we need you to hold the light. You are the ones who have chosen this assignment. This is why you’re woke and enlightened so, you can be the way-showers, light-bearers, warriors of light, and galactic way-seers that your fellow earth inhabitants now need more than ever.

Many will start coming to you, asking for moral support and compassion during these stressful times.

We want to assure you that we see and appreciate all the hard work you have done to help raise the vibration of earth.

The collective consciousness is ready to receive the higher light codes now.

We continue to blast earth with photon gamma light beams. These codes carry a frequency designed to make this transition process as smooth as possible -or as the individual consciousness allows.

For those who have already gone through the process of awakening, these codes will trigger your blueprints and place you on the superhighway to 5D ascension.

The official dismantling of the old paradigm has begun as the cabal leaders have fallen into their own trap.

Rejoice, dear ones.

You will forget all the hardship you had to endure and experience harmony and love, unlike anything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Your world’s abundance will be given back to you and laid at your feet. It has begun.

We love you. We are here with you.

We are in control now.

This is the victory of light over darkness and the coming of the new dawn of Gaia.

Source: @Karina89350882

Wonderful, Happy Day

Published August 11, 2020 by tindertender

My supervisor allowed me to leave an hour early from work today. You see, it is a very special day.

I drove to my home town in the forest that lines the Columbia River Gorge and treated myself to a nice mineral bath and wrap afterward. The window was open and the birds were singing.

I thought about my Soul Brothers and Sisters … my Soul Family.

I thought how it isn’t just my birthday, it is our birthday … as Soul Family, all birthdays are ours to celebrate with each other, however that shows up.

I found myself even more grateful for them as I considered our shared beingness, our intimate connections through Soul and Spirit.

It dawned on me how large my family truly is … and I vowed to honor them all, even when I find myself annoyed, because love is what holds it all together. Even when sometimes we must love each other from a distance.

After my sweet and relaxing treat I stopped at the boat launch to watch the kite surfers. They are A-MAZ-ING! I was in awe as I saw their acrobatic moves, imagining the strength that each one of them has to possess in order to do this for sooooo looooong! They were surfing, then flying … it was really a sight to see.

Driving up the highway I stopped for a picture of the Bridge of the Gods. The trees are tall here (I am glad).

There was a plaque listing some sites to see should one wish to. Someday … I’d like to visit the Stonehenge memorial.

There was an interesting bit of history listed also, and my imagination roamed as I pondered it.

Here’s a couple more pictures from here, near the Bridge of the Gods. It certainly is a beautiful place, this planet … our GAIA.

Another site along the path back to town.

As I approached the city I literally felt the heaviness creep in. The energies here are dense and mottled.

Remaining in good spirits requires extra effort when dwelling here amid these condensed energies.

So I made a resolution, my birthday resolution. I vow to train myself in an Attitude of Gratitude. Not just for a moment, or a day, or a week … but as a new habit … one that will never need breaking or reformatting.

Thank you Creator and ALL Spirit/Soul entities who gifted me such a wonderful day today. I felt the blessing of it to my very core, filling my essence with beauty.

For this … my first day … I Am Grateful.

The Words We Choose

Published July 17, 2020 by tindertender

A beautiful member of our human family has reminded me of the importance of our words.

I’m over 50. My use of the language reflects the atmosphere I spent the majority of life in. The circles I ran in rarely spoke in a manner that was sure to be understood. There were constant misunderstandings and arguments. (I’m sure many of you can relate).

This is the First Year of Illumination for GAIA.

We must speak in a manner that is inclusive of all members of the human (and otherwise) family. Our galactic brothers and sisters are just as valuable as every single human being on this planet. They are here, helping us liberate life, and GAIA, now.

I vow to put forth more effort into ‘thinking before speaking’. I will do what is necessary to alter my speech to be inclusive, rather than separatist.

The last 17 years have been quite a challenge for me as I woke to, and became accustomed to, the reality that the unseen is very real, as are those who inhabit these spaces, and the tactics some of them use to manipulate minds.

My compassion levels have risen exponentially.

The media will tell us that we are war with each other, they will tell us of those who lack the mental prowess to be socially compatible with each other. They will tell you this in the hopes that you will prove them right.

Please note that the ones speaking of privilege, are the privileged. The majority of any one people is not that special when it comes to housing or things. The ‘leaders’ want to flip it so there still remains division between the people … between us … the worker bees.

Please consider ALL life before you buy into the speech of privilege and abuse …. Do not allow them to narrate the reality of our lives together.

Only one thing will turn this around and make it right …


Not blame.

Not a shifting of polarity.

A UNION of polarity, a meeting in the middle … for the benefit of ALL our lives, for all of our incarnated (and from beyond) brothers and sisters.

The media will consistently and constantly remind us that we are not whole. They will give us someone to blame. They’ll watch as our triggers are flipped and people respond to their hate speech.

Taking control of our mind is crucial.

Turn off the liars and their putrid broadcasts.

Listen to your heart, it speaks the truth.

Try not to let your mind be triggered … there are far too many people out there now working to be sure that our minds will never be free. We’ve got to stop swallowing in the tragedy and start building our new future … together … As One.

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