Wonderful, Happy Day

Published August 11, 2020 by tindertender

My supervisor allowed me to leave an hour early from work today. You see, it is a very special day.

I drove to my home town in the forest that lines the Columbia River Gorge and treated myself to a nice mineral bath and wrap afterward. The window was open and the birds were singing.

I thought about my Soul Brothers and Sisters … my Soul Family.

I thought how it isn’t just my birthday, it is our birthday … as Soul Family, all birthdays are ours to celebrate with each other, however that shows up.

I found myself even more grateful for them as I considered our shared beingness, our intimate connections through Soul and Spirit.

It dawned on me how large my family truly is … and I vowed to honor them all, even when I find myself annoyed, because love is what holds it all together. Even when sometimes we must love each other from a distance.

After my sweet and relaxing treat I stopped at the boat launch to watch the kite surfers. They are A-MAZ-ING! I was in awe as I saw their acrobatic moves, imagining the strength that each one of them has to possess in order to do this for sooooo looooong! They were surfing, then flying … it was really a sight to see.

Driving up the highway I stopped for a picture of the Bridge of the Gods. The trees are tall here (I am glad).

There was a plaque listing some sites to see should one wish to. Someday … I’d like to visit the Stonehenge memorial.

There was an interesting bit of history listed also, and my imagination roamed as I pondered it.

Here’s a couple more pictures from here, near the Bridge of the Gods. It certainly is a beautiful place, this planet … our GAIA.

Another site along the path back to town.

As I approached the city I literally felt the heaviness creep in. The energies here are dense and mottled.

Remaining in good spirits requires extra effort when dwelling here amid these condensed energies.

So I made a resolution, my birthday resolution. I vow to train myself in an Attitude of Gratitude. Not just for a moment, or a day, or a week … but as a new habit … one that will never need breaking or reformatting.

Thank you Creator and ALL Spirit/Soul entities who gifted me such a wonderful day today. I felt the blessing of it to my very core, filling my essence with beauty.

For this … my first day … I Am Grateful.

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