The Words We Choose

Published July 17, 2020 by tindertender

A beautiful member of our human family has reminded me of the importance of our words.

I’m over 50. My use of the language reflects the atmosphere I spent the majority of life in. The circles I ran in rarely spoke in a manner that was sure to be understood. There were constant misunderstandings and arguments. (I’m sure many of you can relate).

This is the First Year of Illumination for GAIA.

We must speak in a manner that is inclusive of all members of the human (and otherwise) family. Our galactic brothers and sisters are just as valuable as every single human being on this planet. They are here, helping us liberate life, and GAIA, now.

I vow to put forth more effort into ‘thinking before speaking’. I will do what is necessary to alter my speech to be inclusive, rather than separatist.

The last 17 years have been quite a challenge for me as I woke to, and became accustomed to, the reality that the unseen is very real, as are those who inhabit these spaces, and the tactics some of them use to manipulate minds.

My compassion levels have risen exponentially.

The media will tell us that we are war with each other, they will tell us of those who lack the mental prowess to be socially compatible with each other. They will tell you this in the hopes that you will prove them right.

Please note that the ones speaking of privilege, are the privileged. The majority of any one people is not that special when it comes to housing or things. The ‘leaders’ want to flip it so there still remains division between the people … between us … the worker bees.

Please consider ALL life before you buy into the speech of privilege and abuse …. Do not allow them to narrate the reality of our lives together.

Only one thing will turn this around and make it right …


Not blame.

Not a shifting of polarity.

A UNION of polarity, a meeting in the middle … for the benefit of ALL our lives, for all of our incarnated (and from beyond) brothers and sisters.

The media will consistently and constantly remind us that we are not whole. They will give us someone to blame. They’ll watch as our triggers are flipped and people respond to their hate speech.

Taking control of our mind is crucial.

Turn off the liars and their putrid broadcasts.

Listen to your heart, it speaks the truth.

Try not to let your mind be triggered … there are far too many people out there now working to be sure that our minds will never be free. We’ve got to stop swallowing in the tragedy and start building our new future … together … As One.


3 comments on “The Words We Choose

  • Thank you for such a beautiful comment. ❤️ Choosing words more thoughtfully is my next self prescribed lesson. I’m sure it will require great focus and intention. The beauty is, focus and intention are keys to manifesting, so goes hand in hand with purposefully creating more understanding and loving in relationship. Happy birthday this year, my 40’s is when clarity poked its nose at me. Been nurturing it ever since. 🙏🏼 Bless you.

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