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The Process of Awakening

Published February 22, 2021 by tindertender

Despite the madness and seemingly-increasing chaos enveloping the outside world – or rather, because of this development – I see more people experiencing an “awakening” in their lives.

At the same time, the same intensification of energies has other people getting caught in (and unconsciously aligning with) the divide & conquer agenda of the occult forces, as we currently see manifested in the shadow projections (or worship) which surrounds their latest authoritarian puppet installment, Donald Trump (and thus generating all of the resulting emotional “loosh” for the hyperdimensional puppeteers to feed upon), which I’ve written about here.

“In the big picture, it really does not matter what person is the President, what organization is spraying chemtrails, running the cabals, or financing negative alien “black op” projects.

They are a symbol of a collective “mind controlled puppet” playing out their role as the unseen force manipulates their ego’s behavior to keep the same 3D structure feeding the same vampires.

They will just pluck another dominating ego persona from the masses to play out the same fear manipulation program.”

~ Lisa Renee

How Much Are You Willing To Know?

Some people believe themselves to have finally “woken up” from the manipulation of the Matrix Control System.

However, the word “awake” seems to be a very abused and overused word these days.

What I notice is that more people are becoming aware, for the most part, of the symptoms of the Matrix on a 3D surface level (which is encouraging to see and a good start), but mistake that for having truly “woken up” in the holistic sense of the term, and therefore most of them oftentimes don’t follow up or keep “going”, especially with regards to inner self-work.

Our inner voice – stemming from the real self (“speaking” to us through a sense-embodied intuitive knowing, not via head-centric thought-injections), hidden behind the socially/cultural conditioned/programmed mask of personality we identify with – also whispers to us to go deeper, if we can hear and heed its “signals”.

These echoes are hardly recognizable at first, but become more audibly-apparent as we shed our layers of conditioning, programming and trauma/wounding.

It’s the voice of Spirit and the Divine, asking us to recognize our true nature, to keep going deeper within… to self-realize, self-actualize.

“Knowledge is the comprehensive embodiment of imagination that surfaces in observation and finally ripens through the reinforcement of experience, thereby inculcating knowledge.

This, in fact, is the short story of life.”

~ Q.M. Sidd

It should be noted that “awakening” is a process that is different for each and every one of us as we reach towards higher/broader levels of consciousness.

For example, relatively speaking, you can be “awake” to the basic 3D aspects of the Matrix, but if you get stuck there (especially when there is lack of sincere inner work taking place), you’ll still be subjected to hyperdimensional interferences and manipulation, especially when you’re caught in the external expression of shadow-projection.

Being “awake” (or “woke”, as the cool kids like to say) about the matrix and the various control mechanisms and deceptions – and based on a purely intellectual informational level – is a necessary stage of growth, but only the very beginning stage of a true Awakening …and cannot even be called “taking the red pill” from an esoteric perspective.

This stage of awareness are mere baby steps which must be taken prior to crossing the threshold towards self-realization, which entails esoteric self-work, embodiment [soul integration] and alchemical internal transformation in order to reach a higher level of being/consciousness… one that is based upon frequency vibration.

The neurological mind can’t go there, and is, in fact, an obstacle to higher awareness beyond the five senses. This is not a very pleasant process at times, especially at the beginning stage, for it results in utter disillusionment and death of the conditioned personality, which doesn’t like to give up and let go of control that easily.

For that reason, many people in their process of seeking “truth” wind up avoiding sincere inner work by constantly externalizing the “dark” (especially with regards to shadow projection) side of reality, and thus get lost in the information swamp or hooked on sensationalism, mechanical activism, or wind up locked in the tunnel vision of the 3D matrix, decorated as it is with shadows on the wall, which is a puppet-on-a-string-pulling trap in itself, and only works in favor of the occult matrix architects.

But “self-work” – to truly “Know Thyself” – is also a tricky thing, and self-deceptions in this pursuit are very common.

Some people tend to over-estimate themselves with regards to their level of being/awareness.

They claim to “know themselves” when they actually mistake “the Self” for their personality (with its more subtle programming/conditioning features)…or they talk about “living their truth”, which can also be a falsehood which misleads/distorts the actual calling of the self, and instead acts as a self-justification, a denial, and a buffer.

I also see people talking about the hyperdimensional matrix, claiming to be “free” from it, but don’t realize/see how it’s still working through them, especially when they get trapped in victim, blame, martyr, or savior consciousness archetypal programming.

It is important to understand the fundamentals of true deep self-work, especially since much of that has been corrupted and over-simplified via New Age/pop-spirituality and pop-psychology mechanisms.

The most difficult aspect to grasp in esoteric self-work is detecting and confronting the moment-to-moment lies we are telling ourselves, and the buffers/masks we create so as to avoid the internal friction that is necessary to ignite the alchemical fire of transformation within.

“Knowledge of oneself is a very big, but a very vague and distant, aim.

Man in his present state is very far from self-knowledge. Therefore, strictly speaking, his aim cannot even be defined as self-knowledge.

Self-study must be his big aim. It is quite enough if a man understands that he must study himself. It must be man’s aim to begin to study himself, to know himself, in the right way.

Self-study is the work or the way which leads to self-knowledge. But in order to study oneself one must first learn how to study, where to begin, what methods to use.

A man must learn how to study himself, and he must study the methods of self-study. The chief method of self-study is self-observation.

Without properly applied self­ observation a man will never understand the connection and the correlation between the various functions of his machine, will never understand how and why on each separate occasion everything in him ‘happens’.”

~ G.I. Gurdjieff

In Search of the Miraculous

Now, I don’t take myself out of this critical equation, and would never claim to be fully “awake”, let alone “enlightened”.

There are vastly-different levels and steps on the “spiral out”; one step cannot be claimed to be “better” or” worse” than another, it all depends upon one’s individual soul lessons/path (which includes divine timing with regards to what we’re being shown, which is not left to the impatient ego to determine), and the current condition of one’s state of being and sincerity/self-honesty.

I can see in myself how hard it is to stay truly conscious every single day, how some dormant programs still resurface, enticing me to react mechanically (under the illusion that it was actually my “true self” calling to me), how my mind tries to rationalize/justify itself at times.

I can see and sense how the occult hostile forces still try to interfere through my own mind via thought injections, tempting me with old cravings, or trying to generate a reactive response in me by working through others (who are not aware of at all that this is occurring).

It’s certainly not as severe as it was in the past – and I can see/sense it more easily – but “waking up” demands “super-efforts” (Gurdjieff)… not in terms of “doing”, but with regards to,



conscious suffering (not giving in to internalized programs)

staying grounded in the body and in the present moment

remaining calm

floating in zero-point non-reactive consciousness

intending and “working” (not forcefully),

…towards a conscious connection to spirit within as an instrument for the Divine without any sense of ambition, pride or vanity, without the egoic self-centered notion (and illusion) of the “me” personality.

This entails a basic understanding of how to observe oneself and how to do “self-work”, as well as how the matrix actually operates on the unseen levels through us – not just an intellectual understanding, but an embodied Knowing… to truly “see” it in the world, in oneself… to see the unseen.

We cannot do this work alone all the time (especially at the beginning of the process), for we all have blind spots and need “alarm clocks” from others who are also engaged in the same work – people who can provide us with “mirrors”, observations which don’t stem from their own shadow projections… people who can also offer us support and encouragement.

So, it’s tricky work to engage in, and the potential for self-deception and over-estimating one’s level of awareness (or “awakened state”) is huge.

Source: Karina

Free Documentary

Published January 29, 2021 by tindertender

It’s Time to Remember Who You Are, Why You Are Here, and Why You Have Chosen to be on Earth at this Time of the Greatest Change EVER!

I’d like to invite you on a beautiful journey…

…that answers all the questions about the biggest changes happening on our planet right now!

Director & producer Nikki Williams traveled to over 16 different countries and interviewed: ✅ Indigenous Elders ✅ Wisdom Keepers
✅ Visionary Thought Leaders sharing their knowledge and teachings…

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The 8 part documentary includes these monumental episodes:

Episode 1 – An Awakening Global Consciousness: Huge changes are happening on our planet. But how deep do they go?

Episode 2 – Healing Our Ancestral Wounds: There is a Universal Wound that connects us all, and many of us have been disconnected from our Indigenous roots.

Episode 3 – Ancient & Future Technologies: A pure energy source is still available to us today, we just need to tap into it!

Episode 4 – Sustainable Futures: Deep care comes from the heart. Is it time to return to trusteeship, to become guardians and stewards of the land? Our land.

Episode 5 – The Grandmothers Speak: We’ve collated the wisdom of the grandmothers in this fascinating episode.

Episode 6 – The Grandfathers Speak: A collection of wisdom from the grandfathers in this equally fascinating episode.

Episode 7 – Messages From The Heart: At the end of each interview, we asked every speaker who participated in the project the same critical four questions…

Episode 8 – Channeling Our Guide & Storyteller: In three parts, we firstly ask Geoffrey Hoppe, about his experience as a trance channel.

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Published January 13, 2021 by tindertender

“Ultimately, the problems we face cannot be solved at the same level at which they were created. The current problems of the world are bigger and more complex than the institutions established to deal with them. Meaningful change requires a true transformation that shifts the levels of understanding and opens the realms of possibility. Yet, there is a poverty of imagination when it comes to facing the size and depth of the problems we all face. In mistaking appearances for the real thing, people wind up with the appearance of strength, the appearance of leadership and the appearance of meaning while suffering a loss of all that is truly meaningful in the end. Genuine change, whether it be in the hearts of people or in the culture at large, is more difficult than changing the appearance of things and therefore can be a more rare occurrence. In hard times, inner changes must precede changes to outer circumstances.”

~ Michael Meade, “Awakening the Soul”

Spiritual Awakening ~ Truth Bomb

Published July 20, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

A spiritual awakening requires that one must face their shadow to become whole. You do not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The shadow must be brought to the surface of awareness, it must be actualized within consciousness, otherwise it will continue to express itself as unconscious and unguarded energy through habit, impulse and behavior. You must make the unconscious conscious, otherwise it will direct your life and you will call it fate. I believe this is what is happening to humanity finally.

We are purging the shadow. We are witnessing everything we hate and despise within ourselves and the world, and we are perceiving this through the actions and behavior of the elite cult known as the new world order.

These families are at the core of the banking system, and they control everything through money. They control all news media, hollywood, music industry, telecoms, google, amazon, facebook, pharmaceutical medical industry, military industrial complex, govt and intelligence.

They control drug cartels and trafficking rings, which is what they thrive on – human sacrifice. This is an ancient ritual which brings power to the cult. Essentially black magick: the alchemical transmutation of energy from the destruction of creation.

There is a reason why a bioweapon has been released into the world at this time. There is a reason why 5G towers are being erected throughout countries. The cabal knew this is the year of a great awakening. Billionaires know the astrology. They know the secrets of energy.

They know how consciousness works, and exactly how to condition and manipulate it. They have always known. They have divorced themselves from divinity. They are a cancer within the universe that relies on the harvest of energy through the manipulation & suffering of human beings.

There are metaphysical principles to how this works, and we wield the same knowledge, intelligence and power as these psychopaths. This is how I myself, and others can see what they are doing.

They are becoming weak now that the planetary tides are turning, now that the earths frequency is rising. They are losing strength their spells are unbinding, now that their black magick is losing its ability of concealment. This is because the light is flooding into the planet.

The light is awakening within each and every person, gradually. They cannot stop the light from exposing their shadows. They fear the light and they fear love. Love IS the vibration of the universe. Love is the vibration of God which is the Divine.

This is why they are attempting to suppress it. They have manipulated the population to lock away in their houses fearful and afraid. This is the energy of subservience. This is the energy of control. They are weaponising harmful frequencies to make us sick and disoriented.

This is how they plan to control and condition our consciousness. We are waking up to all of it now. Change will arrive. The 1% are in control There are small % who work for them to do their bidding. There are 5-10% who are truly awake and see through all the illusions.

There are 90% who are oblivious and obey everything the TV permits to them. The 1% are trying to stop the 5% from waking up the 90%. This is the war. It is a war for your mind.

Fortunately there are people in high echelons in America who are working tirelessly to stop the cabal. Regardless of what the media has embedded into your mind, Donald Trump has been working to take the cabal out from the root.

Trump and the Patriots have been on a mission to drain the swamp of corruption for years now. They have seized the central bank. They have affect the globalists supply chains across the world. Have you noticed how Trump always refers to the invisible enemy?

He is talking about them. Trump and the Patriots are working to fulfil the energy of light. They will take the illuminati out at the core, exposing the corruption and imprisoning the mob bosses within all the organisations they control.

They will dismantle the globalist control structures of this evil Pharoanic death cult. What we must do is maintain our vibration – our mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. This is how we change the planet, we raise the vibration – by not giving into fear and confusion.

The cabal have been using the media to propagate the frequency of fear and confusion to the masses. This is what keeps people conditioned and controlled. We must accept that not everybody can handle the truth right away. Simply Move on to the next person.

I have had backlash from my family and close friends, who cannot begin to comprehend what I am telling them. I understand. I understand the psychology.

The light is so blinding, it will destroy the ego, the illusions that keep people resonating in their comforted modalities and beliefs. They are completely unaware of this war. We are fighting to protect them. We are fighting for the future generations, just as our ancestors did.

World War III is a spiritual war. Its a war of spiritual energy – light vs those who have chosen dark, & it is happening silently. As we maintain our vibration, we will start to notice how it affects and encourages the intelligence to rise within those who are of the 90% asleep.

We are all playing our role on the planet right now. They want you to feel worthless, they want you to feel powerless.. but the truth is we are more powerful than them. There is a light inside of you. It’s within every human on earth.

They cannot stop the fire from rising.


Jesus didn’t say he was coming back.

He said “The Christ” was…

That’s the Energy of the Soul fully connecting to the divine through the Human Heart.

Heaven and Hell are a state of mind.

You are all here to become Christ-like.

YOU are the 2nd Coming.

Beloved Ones Of The Light!

Published July 8, 2020 by tindertender

I Hold You Closely Each Moment As You Travel This Journey!

I Call To The Angels, To God, To Our Family Of Light, To Cover All Beings And The Sacred Planet Earth, In The Highest Vibrational Frequency Of Love!

Relax Your Body Now. Breathe Deeply And Let Go Of Thoughts!

Be Still And Know You Are Completely Safe And The Emotions You Feel Are Energy And Will Dissipate Like A Cloud Before You!

You Are Living A Waking Dream That Gives You The Creative Ability Of Choices And Design.

This Is Called A ‘Waking Dream’ Because Many Believe It To Be Real And The Only Story They Have Ever Lived.

Beloved Ones, This Is An Aspect Of Consciousness, An Aspect Of Your Soul. Only Part Of Your Soul; As Other Aspects Are Completing A Waking Dream In Another Dimension.

The Merging Or Soul Integration Is Where You Find Yourself To Be Now. You Are The Highest Vibrational Frequency Of Your True Self!

HERE, NOW, On This Planet With So Many Others!

The Story Was Already In Full Force When You Entered Into A Body Form.

Many Have Left The Story As Many Others Have Entered. All Of This Activity Is On-Going And Planned Carefully By Your Soul And Soul Group.

It Is Likely That You Can Name Ten People That Have Impacted Your Life In A Powerful Way.

This Was A Role They Played For You, And You Played For Them.

Think Of Those That Harmed You In The Worse Way, The One You Loved More Than Any Other, The One That Gave You The Most, The One That Took All You Had, The One That Taught You To Give, The One That Taught You To Forgive, The One That Made You Fear And Run Away, The One That Taught You To Trust. And So Life Goes!

But Often There Is One Person Who Mirrors All Of These Lessons For You.

Everyone Has A Role And Purpose In Assisting Another To Experience Higher Consciousness And To Hold This Expansion In A Vibrational Frequency To Be Discovered In The Next Waking Dream!

You Never Lose Anything!

You Are Moving Forward Always!

Your Gift To Yourself Is To Enter And Forget! Then Discover As You Move Along, That You Are So Much More That The Story You Live!

Many Realize They Do Not Belong Here At All.

They Long To Understand Fully But There Is A Chosen Moment By The Soul To Fully Awaken From The Dream!

Many Of You Are Waking Up Now! You Know This Is Not Your Name. You Are Not From This Planet, But You Have Been Here Many Times!

Many Of You Are From Galaxies Far Away. Many Are From The Pleiades And Are Our Family And Friends!

This Is The Dream That Will Completely Awaken Everyone! This Is The Grand Shift Of The Ages That Is Upon Planet Earth!

You Have Arrived With A Sacred Ethereal Invitation To Return To Origin In Your True State Of Being!

You Are Love In Your Essence And Consciousness Has Manifested All Needed For Each Dream!

It Is Time To Awaken, Beloved Ones!

We Rise As One!



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Published June 23, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

Hello, my friends. I missed talking with you over the past few days. It’s great to be back with you. Today I will be discussing what it really means to awaken to who you really are.

The terms “awaken” and “awakening” are used for many purposes. For our discussion today, I use them to refer to the process nearly all of you are experiencing in yourselves.

That process has absolutely nothing to do with Disclosure.

Nor does the awakening process have anything to do with learning about what some believe is happening around the world. In fact, much of what many are consumed by, the conspiracy theories and tall tales, are meant to prevent your awakening by getting you to focus on the negative.

The Great Awakening that is happening now was timed to happen with the Ascension Transition period that humanity is now experiencing. It is the process of souls of human origin, as well as the souls of starseed or angel origin, realizing they are more than their human presence.

All of us, before we incarnate here, develop a life agreement with ourselves and others, to accomplish what we set out to do in each lifetime. That agreement provides for an individual path of self-discovery that no one else should interfere with.

Your Higher Self is that part of your soul that does not incarnate into your body. Each of us has souls of quantum, infinite energy. You each are able, as you gain higher consciousness, to power as many bodies as you want to use for your individual missions.

So, some of you are the only human incarnation powered by your soul. Others of you have multiple, parallel incarnations around the planet, or even all around the galaxy, serving humanity and others in the way you like to serve.

The process of awakening is when your Higher Self starts to make you aware that there is more to you than just the part that is in your human body. This process usually starts many years before you become aware that you are changing and understanding more.

Jesus, in the CHRIST LETTERS we have been discussing, describes his awakening process that took forty days in the desert. For all of us, the process is different. All who serve here, without exception, have to go through the process in every incarnation.

The most important thing I can tell you is that your Higher Self knows exactly where to take you, to help you find what you need as you awaken. Defeating your human ego is critical to being able to fully awaken. Your ego will always try to keep you happy with the status quo.

The process of awakening requires each of us to tear down the walls and the ideas that keep us from moving forward. It requires us to recognize our divine nature. It requires us to see that no human control system—like politics—has any bearing on our souls.

Awakening also requires that we heal ourselves of the trauma we all experience in our human incarnations. The reason we need to heal ourselves is that energetic residue from past events makes us physically and mentally ill, and unable to commune with our individual Higher Self.

Rather than focus your energy on what other people say to make you hate or judge the enemies of another, I hope you will see that your energy will be more productive focused on your own individual awakening. In full awakening, you can actually help humanity.

Spending time walking in nature, changing your diet to one that is healthy for you and the planet and animals, meditating, listening to high vibration music, and serving others in need, are all things that can help you figure out your path to awakening.

As you move yourself along the path of awakening, and you defeat your ego, your gifts will become more apparent and accessible to you. For instance, many of you are master healers and extraordinary leaders.

As you restore your Higher Self to its rightful position, you will have access to the knowledge and abilities you brought with you to serve humanity. You will have even better ability to use the skills and knowledge you have developed in this lifetime, as well.

As you look back on your life, while you move down your path to awakening, you will see that everything that happened in your life had a purpose. You will see how where you were, brought you to where you are now, and prepared you for your own path forward.

Always remember that where you are on your individual journey is just perfect. It isn’t a competition. No matter where you are in the process of awakening, or not awakening, you are deeply loved and valued as a soul. I, and the angelic gestalts, are here to support and help you.

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