Spiritual Awakening ~ Truth Bomb

Published July 20, 2020 by tindertender

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A spiritual awakening requires that one must face their shadow to become whole. You do not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The shadow must be brought to the surface of awareness, it must be actualized within consciousness, otherwise it will continue to express itself as unconscious and unguarded energy through habit, impulse and behavior. You must make the unconscious conscious, otherwise it will direct your life and you will call it fate. I believe this is what is happening to humanity finally.

We are purging the shadow. We are witnessing everything we hate and despise within ourselves and the world, and we are perceiving this through the actions and behavior of the elite cult known as the new world order.

These families are at the core of the banking system, and they control everything through money. They control all news media, hollywood, music industry, telecoms, google, amazon, facebook, pharmaceutical medical industry, military industrial complex, govt and intelligence.

They control drug cartels and trafficking rings, which is what they thrive on – human sacrifice. This is an ancient ritual which brings power to the cult. Essentially black magick: the alchemical transmutation of energy from the destruction of creation.

There is a reason why a bioweapon has been released into the world at this time. There is a reason why 5G towers are being erected throughout countries. The cabal knew this is the year of a great awakening. Billionaires know the astrology. They know the secrets of energy.

They know how consciousness works, and exactly how to condition and manipulate it. They have always known. They have divorced themselves from divinity. They are a cancer within the universe that relies on the harvest of energy through the manipulation & suffering of human beings.

There are metaphysical principles to how this works, and we wield the same knowledge, intelligence and power as these psychopaths. This is how I myself, and others can see what they are doing.

They are becoming weak now that the planetary tides are turning, now that the earths frequency is rising. They are losing strength their spells are unbinding, now that their black magick is losing its ability of concealment. This is because the light is flooding into the planet.

The light is awakening within each and every person, gradually. They cannot stop the light from exposing their shadows. They fear the light and they fear love. Love IS the vibration of the universe. Love is the vibration of God which is the Divine.

This is why they are attempting to suppress it. They have manipulated the population to lock away in their houses fearful and afraid. This is the energy of subservience. This is the energy of control. They are weaponising harmful frequencies to make us sick and disoriented.

This is how they plan to control and condition our consciousness. We are waking up to all of it now. Change will arrive. The 1% are in control There are small % who work for them to do their bidding. There are 5-10% who are truly awake and see through all the illusions.

There are 90% who are oblivious and obey everything the TV permits to them. The 1% are trying to stop the 5% from waking up the 90%. This is the war. It is a war for your mind.

Fortunately there are people in high echelons in America who are working tirelessly to stop the cabal. Regardless of what the media has embedded into your mind, Donald Trump has been working to take the cabal out from the root.

Trump and the Patriots have been on a mission to drain the swamp of corruption for years now. They have seized the central bank. They have affect the globalists supply chains across the world. Have you noticed how Trump always refers to the invisible enemy?

He is talking about them. Trump and the Patriots are working to fulfil the energy of light. They will take the illuminati out at the core, exposing the corruption and imprisoning the mob bosses within all the organisations they control.

They will dismantle the globalist control structures of this evil Pharoanic death cult. What we must do is maintain our vibration – our mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. This is how we change the planet, we raise the vibration – by not giving into fear and confusion.

The cabal have been using the media to propagate the frequency of fear and confusion to the masses. This is what keeps people conditioned and controlled. We must accept that not everybody can handle the truth right away. Simply Move on to the next person.

I have had backlash from my family and close friends, who cannot begin to comprehend what I am telling them. I understand. I understand the psychology.

The light is so blinding, it will destroy the ego, the illusions that keep people resonating in their comforted modalities and beliefs. They are completely unaware of this war. We are fighting to protect them. We are fighting for the future generations, just as our ancestors did.

World War III is a spiritual war. Its a war of spiritual energy – light vs those who have chosen dark, & it is happening silently. As we maintain our vibration, we will start to notice how it affects and encourages the intelligence to rise within those who are of the 90% asleep.

We are all playing our role on the planet right now. They want you to feel worthless, they want you to feel powerless.. but the truth is we are more powerful than them. There is a light inside of you. It’s within every human on earth.

They cannot stop the fire from rising.

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@maxim_tajer

Jesus didn’t say he was coming back.

He said “The Christ” was…

That’s the Energy of the Soul fully connecting to the divine through the Human Heart.

Heaven and Hell are a state of mind.

You are all here to become Christ-like.

YOU are the 2nd Coming.

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