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Published March 15, 2021 by tindertender

In The Four Agreements, Ruiz writes about the domestication of the human by means of punishment and reward. “The domestication is so strong that at a certain point in our lives we no longer need anyone to domesticate us”, Ruiz explains and lays out how we create a comfort zone of lies to uphold this domestication. We rather go in denial, he suggests, than giving up the lie which would mean death. The solution? According to Ruiz, we agreed to the domestication and lies. Hence, the way out is new agreements.

The first agreement: Be impeccable with your word. Speak from love, integrity, joy, harmony. No self rejection. No self judgement.

Braiding Sweetgrass

Published December 22, 2020 by tindertender

Check out the book one of my co-workers gifted me for Christmas!

I’m going to LOVE this one!!

In winter, when the green earth lies resting beneath a blanket of snow, this is the time for storytelling. The storytellers begin by calling upon those who came before who passed the stories down to us, for we are only messengers.

In the beginning, there was the Skyworld …

Remote Viewing Secrets

Published November 30, 2020 by tindertender

… and it’s danger.

Anything and everything we experience in connection with the paranormal has both minor and major impact on our philosophic or theological belief. It therefore changes our very nature. It alters the way we respond to crises, changes the very foundation of our understanding or belief in how conscientiousness operates, the way we relate to others, how we think about right and wrong, and it most definitely causes us to rethink the basic tenets surrounding cause and effect.

Self-delusion is seriously threatening to mental stability, especially when it begins to modify behavior.

~ Remote Viewing Secrets, Joseph McMoneagle

The Four Agreements

Published August 28, 2020 by tindertender

Have you read The Four Agreements?

It’s a quick, and honestly life-changing read. One of the agreements is essentially that nothing someone else does or says is about you.

It just isn’t.

Someone trying to cut down your dreams? Most likely, they’re projecting their fear of pursuing their own dreams onto you. Remember this the next time someone tries to talk you out of what your heart desires.

It’s not about you … ever.

Is there a Self?

Published May 11, 2020 by tindertender

The mysterious “Over-self”?

The point where the intellect is transmuted into intuition = The Realm of Illumination.

To save the world is the Path of Salvation.

Dedicated service is the Hallmark of a Revealed Soul.

Alice A. Bailey, Forward in “The Secret Path” by Paul Brunton

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